Friday, April 25, 2008

Say No to Bad Art

I don't normally post anything too negative up on the blog, but I feel compelled to by series of bad art. By now most you have heard via the internet of the emaciated dog displayed as art. It's pretty horrible, be warned. Petition Against bad shock art.

I read on a blog somewhere that the artist fed the dog food and gave him water between showings. He took him from the streets near the art gallery. I'm not saying it's art mind you, its not. It's a statement, sure but not particularly insightful or artistic IMO. (Art does not equal a political statement and a political statement does not equal art.) Something a college student would do to shock and provoke.

Update: now it's rumored to be a hoax. The point being is to see how gullible people are and spread internet petitions and rumors. Wow, how insightful. Still say its bad art... now it's just bad hoax art. Or maybe not. Frankly I don't want to spend anymore energy to find out the truth of the matter. Sorry, but anytime an artist view the audience as a target or enemy, you have to seriously question their integrity and intent. Three words to describe this "piece": Boring, insulting and sophmoric.

The abortion Yale girl is a an absolute hoax... or at least Yale is refusing to display it without the artist labeling it as a work of fiction. Basically a girl artificially insemenated herself a bunch of times and forced a miscarriage on herself multiple times

There's some other horrible performance piece recently as well. I'm not even going to go into the details, its fucking terrible.

Thing is this shit is kinda played out. I mean there were so many terrible and extreme performance artists dating back to the 60's
And all that crap that came out of New York. Ugh...points like this have been made before, It's not new, it's not poignant, interesting, insightful, forward thinking or inspiring... It's just a cheap play for press coming from a frustrated and boring/failed artist(s) that needs to shock because of the lack of skill and imagination to create anything meaningful. Whatever point they are trying to get across is immediately overshadowed by the completely tacky shock methods/proccess, which practically invalidates their statement. All I'm saying is at least GG ALlin had some funny songs to show for it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Clipz - Ugly ft. Hollie G

Pretty dope/crude video exploring projected backgrounds, facepaint and crazy b-lines. It kinda works for me as it drives home the concept of ugly, dunno. I like Clipz on occassional, not a better one of his tunes, but nice still to see it all come together. Snagged it from the Dubplate blog.