Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Dubstep Supercut' Cyberoptics//D-Jahsta//Lifecycle

Admittedly this is full on bro-step robot madness and I would normally pass over. But where other bro-step fails, this succeeds. It's not just a bass sound collage there's actually rhythm and a proper dance-floor vibe with the tunes mashed up in here. Not to mention the video is just pure eye-candy sickness. A horror vacui super-cut blast beat montage of the biggest fx and oh-shit shots from blockbuster movies. Here's some further info on it:
'Dubstep Supercut' will be a series of videos where I work with 2-3 Dubstep Artists and create a visual representation of their audio. The visual's will all come from Trailers and public previews of films and games over the past 20 years. This will be a running series with hopefully 1 every 2-3 months. Inspired by many other editors here on YouTube. No copyright infringement intended. This is purely for fun.

This episode features Cyberoptics//D-Jahsta//Lifecycle Tracks used in order.

(1st) Cyberoptics & D-Jahsta - TX-55

(2nd) Cyberoptics - Geisha

(3rd) Lifecycle - Zero X





Monday, April 9, 2012

Benga - I will Never Change Teaser - Vinyl Soundwaves

Quick little cool an clever tease for Benga's "I will Never Change" directed by US. I'm assuming this will be a full video at some point and Ilook forward to see what kind of twist and change-ups that we'll see with this visual motif. I love the stop-motion vinyl coming on a soundwaves.
Us pressed, hand labeled, hand numbered, polished, and animated 960 unique records in their latest for Benga. - via Motiongrapher
I wonder if that bought their own dubplate lathe or vinyl cutter for it? And is there audio on it? Meanwhile you can buy Benga's track here:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chase and Status - Live USA Tour Documentary - I Remember When I Used to Feel Something

Here's a little slice of tour life with Chase & Status, Mc Rage, Delilah and their drummer Andy Gangadeen. It's a bit of a pretty fluff piece, with little to no over arching story, but if you like their tunes and want to check out what they are like on tour, here's your chance.

Mostly what I got from it; it looks like they put on a hell of a live show with DJ mixed real instruments on certain tunes. How they sound, not too sure as they only put the audio from their studio tracks over most of their performance. It would have sick if you got to actually hear the live show, you know, it is a live tour documentary after all. You get a little bit of a taste at the 26 minute mark, and it sounds pretty good. The soundboard audio is obviously not the best as it's mixed down for a live show, but hey I'll take what I can get! There is a few funny Raver Parking Lot bits, ala Heavy Metal Parking Lot. And lots and lots of pretty festival footage and venues going ballistic. Without a doubt it visually reflects the energy and vibe of their tunes.