Friday, September 19, 2008

LIVE - Benga, Caspa & Rusko - 10 Days Off, Belgium

from the pages of dubstep forum some crazy big mixes from Rusko, Caspa and Benga. a couple of really fresh new bits, plus the usual wobble and mayhem. Caspa and Rusko Benga Decent enough quality.

update: been listen the fuck outta the Caspa and Rucko mix, just gotta comment on what a fucking stormer that "Making Dirty Music". An absolute guilty pleasure. Anyone got a track ID on that hit me up, or if you can sort out a tracklist, even better. Will post it up if I'm able. cheerz. what a fun party this must have been. check out the video posts at inYourbass for some live footage of the event.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Argon Radio 14 September 2008

Argon Radio 14 September 2008 Man I really dig the sounds coming from SF these days. Always pushing forward but never forgetting the roots of the music. On one hand you got some slamming heavy b-lines processed, wobbled and distorted to fuck and on on the other you have some lush and thoughtful atmospheric samples sprinkled with ragga and hyphy snippets. Steel drums, horns, guitars, and lonely vocals. And somehow it never sounds cheesy or forced. And it always sounds like a shout from the future. Big big ups to Nicky Argon and Babylon System, forever raising the bar. Enough of my waffle, here's the tracklist:

nick argon:
1. floetry - say yes (distinction remix)
2. tes la rok - belong remix
3. konnek deep - honest
4. jack sparrow - general remix
5. l-wiz - lavender wedding
6. stevie wonder - jammin' (6blocc remix)
7. unknown - ghost town remix
8. desto - bounce - forthcoming boombap
9. jack sparrow - shadings
10. l-wiz - disco feeva
11. dj madd - vibez
12. wascal - all i need
13. von d - so many faces (vip mix)
14. liquid stranger - crush groovin
15. liquid wicked - dub war
16. kulture blak & ilodica - highgrade
17. liquid wicked featuring warrior queen - moon eclipse
18. black sun empire - hypersun
19. redemption & twisted - ill dire
20. twisted - robots (j:kenzo remix)
21. dutty ranks - greasy mits
22. unknown - phat planet remix
23. bar 9 - midnight
24. kion and murda - dubman fadeaway remix

babylon system:
25. babylon system ft. candy vox - hyphy (unfinished)
26. ekaj - other worlds
27. emalkay - heroics
28. bar 9 - bakin bred
29. liondub & shaketek feat jahdan - the general (noah d remix)
30. babylon system & antiserum - cali style - forthcoming argon
31. enei - war
32. ruf - raw love
33. ekaj - tetsu
34. chasing shadows - the end
35. emalkay - explicit
36. benny page & zero g - trigger finger
37. benny page - original killa
38. alborosie - police polizia (noah d & roommate remix)
39. matt u - peyote
40. matt u - free me
41. satori - time to kill
42. osc - dreadlock
43. noah d vs roommate - the bassman
44. mayhem & whisperlink - untitled
45. babylon system vs spl - hypnosis
46. babylon system & noah d - examination of time (vip mix) - forthcoming argon
47. reso - onslaught
48. black sun empire - cold crisis
49. damian marley - it was written (chasing shadows remix)
50. dz - break it down
51. babylon system vs spl - on fire

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New DJ Evol Tunes

Hey I got some new dubstep tunes from my bro, I can't release any teasers ATM but they are killer. If you are in the LA area you might be able to catch him droppin' them at a SMOG or Pure Filth night. Keeps ears peeled for the arcade bass roller, politically charged Obama (complete with killer MLK samples). Beyond Dis World is freaky sci-fi terror dub. The bassline is basically war of the worlds styled death rays. FInally No Mercy must have been inspired by that BBQ we had at Knifedreams, when we all got drunk and threw chinese stars at guns targets taped to a tree. Flute melody, Kung-fu samples, stomping b-lines, it's like he channeled the RZA circa 36th Chambers era. All quality tunes. Look out for his label Monster Musick, dropping some serious shit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Take Your Money" M.I.A. "Paper planes" dubstep rmx by The Grizwalds

Pretty much the samples are the only thing that keeps this interesting, as a tune on it's own, it's kinda sub-standard. I actually dread the day dubstep becomes just another dance music format to remix popular songs into, as it can really stand on it's own two feet. Vacation sample is jokes tho.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Crazy DNB Religious Vid - Limewax Zombie vs. Zombie

I think this one has jumped the shark, to be honest, but it's pretty crazy and spooky in the beginning.