Monday, October 25, 2010

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

Behold the glory of low-poly violence! This is a uplifting little drumstep/electro kind of tune, and fits right at home with Warp Records camp. It's a bit different from the normal Flying Lotus dubstep that you might be used to, as it's filled with all kinds of electro bit-crushed beeps and twisted casio sounds. And it's a message I can relate to. Kidding! The best part is you can download all 3D character files free at​resources.php
And upload your own works using them at​groups/​flyinglotus

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Panacea - Knitefever Mix

I found a wicked Panacea mix today, trolling thru If you don't know, it's one of the best mix search engines out there, specifically in the DNB/Dubstep genres. Anyways this an unapologetic hardcore rave mix. If that ain't your bag, you might as well skip out, as this is pretty full-on. It's got some of the best energy I've heard in a mix in a long time. While it's got some of usual rave staples, it does go quite a bit off the rails in spots to counterpoint some of the jump-up cheese. Funny little story about Panacea, I used to run a Carracho server back in the hotline days, called Raw N Rare, and he popped up on there using the alias Metal Heart. I asked him some questions only he would know about the gigs he played in Chicago, and as far as I can tell it was definitely him. Interesting character, I did a interview with for a local magazine, and he was kind of the fist persons to talks about the cuts and klicks scene, which sort of became glitch, glitch-hop and it's derivative genres. He was using it to score some indie film, apparently. Good to see he's still kicking out some bangers and throwing down some heavy beats.

Panacea - Knitefever Mix

1. dj scud & nomex - total destruction (panacea rmx) (amex)
2. dj fresh - colossus (ram)
3. total science - prozac (q-project rmx) (c.i.a.)
4. submerged & anubis - el topo VIP (ohm resistance)
5. mason - my sound (bad habit)
6. morphy - bottoms up (direct)
7. cybin - no more lies (tov)
8. dj zinc - super sharp shooter (ganja)
9. zen - conundrum (formation)
10. blaze - kill (flammable)
11. dj zinc - so damn fresh (ganja)
12. nightwalker - program 2 kill (signal)
13. purple unit - dreamtime (step 2 zero)
14. defcon one - time is the fire (mac 2)
15. seeed - music monks (wea)
16. counterstrike - bloodline (outbreak ltd)
17. dj damage - 10 degrees of separation (outbreak ltd)
18. the panacea - wintermute (kniteforce)
19. nightbreed - pack of wolves (pendulum rmx) (ram)
20. dj wildchild - forbidden fruit (drumsound & simon "bassline" smith
rmx) (wildstyle)
21. illskillz & concord dawn - watch me know (illskillz)
22. amit - village folk (commercial suicide)
21. dj fresh - submarines (pendulum rmx) (breakbeat kaos)
22. scott brown - make the beat drop (evolution)
23. loxy & dylan - fraggle rock (raiden rmx) (renegade hardware)
24. clsm - drifting away (clsm)
25. baron - the hitsquad (baron inc.)
26. future prophecies - dreadlock (breakbeat kaos)
27. the panacea - lawless (kniteforce)
28. dj scud - lonely soldier VIP (amex)
29. digital & irie j - crazy girl (v recs)
30. the usual suspects - doorway (gridlok rmx) (renegade hardware)
31. xample & sol - disfunctional (l-plates)
32. j.majik & wikkaman - you distgust me (spider)
33. bong-ra - warhead (clash)
34. remarc - bad no bloodclart (planet mu)
35. dj s**tmat - rougher babylon (planet mu)
36. bertie - styler style (kniteforce)
37. remarc - thunderclap (whitehouse)
38. amit - changing lanes (function)
39. dumonde - human (illskillz rmx) (bulletproof)
40. pascal - p-funk 2004 (moving fusion rmx) (tru playaz)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skism - Down With The Kids promo vid

Wow, now this how to promote a release. To be honest I'm not even really all into Skism or super over-tweaked noise-step, but I gotta post this up. It's a clever pisstake promo in sort of Spinal Tap kind of way. "Rise of the Idiots" indeed.