Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SMOG on Standard Snowboard Show // 8PM on Fuel TV tonight!


Catch the Standard Snowboard Show on Fuel TV

Featuring music from SMOG artists such as DLX, 12th Planet, and DJ Evol

DLX - 8bit Vampire @ 5:20
12th Planet - 68th @ 8:20
Evol - Invaders @16:40 - dude pops out shoulder

Monday, November 17, 2008

Interweb Dubs

slow on the mixes to start off the week, so I scoured the net for some more dubs to check. I do try to showcase the unsigned stuff but I'm not really sure what is out and making the rounds at shops now. So if it's been out for a longtime don't get huffy, I just think it's a good tune. Anyway here's my reco:

Dub Crookz - Monkey
Dub Crookz - Fungus

Subscape - Badman (in shops now)

Rogue Star - Forsaken

Hostile - Bring The Danger

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 11-10-08

finallay back after what seems like ages. Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 11-10-08 No Tracklist ATM, but it's fire. Dunno what's up w/ Rinse FM these days, as there blog hasn't been updated all that frequently and when it does, it's kinda random pods. Maybe the need some more online staff? Anyways enjoy this one, I did.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some dubs you should check

just floated around on Myspace for a bit, and stumbled across a few dubs to check..

Excision - Pendulum Remix
Excision - Force feat. Noise

Emalkay - 2Fingers WhatUKnowAbout Remix
Emalkay - Explicit (this one is HUGE!!! I beat MotherFuckers!!!)
Emalkay - Heroics

Noiz - Scorched Humanity feat. Dekode

12th planet - Contril ft. EMU SKREAM rmx

DJ Evol ft. Sintonic - Welcome to Hell

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stand Up

Monster Musick on Myspace Check out DJ Evol's - Stand Up, an Obama/MLK inspired tune. Bit of a funky roller, which I think is kinda rare in d-step, but I dig it. That organ intro is tops. Let me know what you guys think of it, I've dropped it at least everyday since my brother sent it to me. Definitely got me pumped for the election.

Proud of the USA

For getting out to vote with your hearts and minds instead of hate and fear. Finally we can live in the new millennium with our heads held high.

Monday, November 3, 2008


big mix from Excision. A lot of the neurofunk/ tech vibe on this one. Some of it almost industrial at points (check Audio - Warehouse VIP ). Fun, dirty and glitchy in all the right spots. the track list is massive...

1- Excision - System Check
2- Excision & Ultrablack - Bear Trap
3- Ill Bill Bachelor - The Demons
4- Noah D & No Thing - Unknown suspect
5- Roommate & Spl - Gangster
6- Suspicious Stench - Ghost Town
7- Skream - Oskilatah
8- Cotti & Cluekid — The Legacy
9- Bassnectar - Dubble Step
10- Antiserum - Rambo Style
11-12th Planet - 28 Hours Later
12-Ohmwerk - Dubcore
13-Vex'd - Angels
14-Vista - Exit Wound
15-Excision & Noiz - Do it Now
16-Excision & Redline - Square 1
17-Stenchman - Sounds of the Future
18-Trillbass & Bro Safari - Fist Pump
19-DZ - Oooh
20-DZ - The Fireman
21-Ill Bill Bachelor & B.U.N. - Yorkshire Pudding
22-Ultrablack - UBGW
23-12th Planet - Open Your Eyes
24-Excision & Noiz - Force
25-Audio - Warehouse VIP
26-Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix)(Excision Edit)
27-Jackal & Cheshire - Newtown Sounds
28-Bar 9 - Shaolin
29-Nero - This Way
30-12th Planet - C sick (Excision Edit)
31-Babylon System - Our Moment
32-Excision & The Subdivision - Hypothermic
33-SPL - Cobalt
34-Excision & Endophyte - Aliens
35-Ohmwerk - Templar
36-12th Planet - Lighters
37-B.U.N. & Ill Bill Bachelor - Choppa
38-Five Oh One - Get Back
39-DZ - Down
40-Nero - Workout
41-Corrupt Souls - 1138
42-Mistabishi - Pleasures
43-Skream - Sandsnake (Excision Edit)
44-Excision - Serious business
45-Reso - If you Can't Beat 'em
46-Computer Club - Load Rocket
47-Excision - More Obvious
48-Stenchman - What the Future Holds VIP
49-Bar 9 - Pussyhole
50-Excision - Wasted
51-Nero - Night Thunder