Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MRK1 Freebies

Here's a whole mess of MRK1 freebies and remixes. From synthy epic vibes, to grimed-up dancehall, and trance-out pop, he's got multi-flavors running. Not very typical stuff you'd expect from MRK1. Personally I dig the dancehall and grime vibes, not a big fan of his trancy champaign dubstep cash-in's. MRK1 - Revival (free download) by MRK1 Dukebox - REPLAY EQ'D [DKS] free download! (MRK1 and Doctor) by MRK1 Lady Gaga - Telephone (MRK1 Booted it Rmx) free download by MRK1 Rossi B and Luca feat FLODAN - Shooter (MRK1 remix) by MRK1

1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss 2011-11-24 Upfront Mix There’s new music from Nero, Wilkinson, Fred V, Grafix on this one. It's a proper mix n blend and sampling of the current state of drum n bass from a guy that's literally grown-up doing this. Crissy Criss really knows his shit and you can tell he's got mad passion for this music. It's always a pleasure hear his latest mixes, have a listen. Sorry no TL.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Critycal Dub feat Level 2 - Touch the Sky VIP

Critycal Dub feat Level 2 - Touch the Sky VIP BBH018 by VRECORDS

This EP should be on soon on Chronic (V Recordings sub-label) and oh my god does this go off. Big old school flavors are flowing heavy in this bombastic dance floor stormer. Easily one of my favorite tracks at the moment as it brings up all the great elements I like about good drum and bass.

A warm intro with lush pads and mellow keys set the stage for the for this bait and switch mood swing. It devolves quickly into a rocketing white noise. Samples of "Touch the Sky" get tortured through a Matrix filter and pulse in tandem with the noise and a 2-step stomping break, rising until we get the drop. Gunshot, gunshot! Glorious old-school bass thunder erupts from the heavens to tear shit up. It a slammin' distorted 808 and Dillinja-esque in all the right ways. This tune is a runner that take off like a cruise missile, and only pauses on the change-up for a little cheeky tweak, before it dives back into it's dirty stonking driving kicks. A unrelenting anthem with grab bag full of old school tricks with new school sensibilities. I will always love that combination when done the right way.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kraddy - "Black Box" Video

Here's the video for the free Kraddy track I posted up a few months ago, you check out the review here for what I had to say on the tune: To paraphrase I basically said it was a breakbeat strip club grinder. The video pretty much confirms the sexualized intention of this tune.

It's a slow motion hipster party, interrupted by times jitters. There's drunken revelers in goofy party hats drinking out of glass skull sifters, doing coke off a scratched cd. Smoking joints in the hallways of an unassuming house party.

Until she gets there. The crazy platinum blond with a ratted out dye-job sticking out of her knitted hat, looking like a White Zombie roadie. She struts through the party on a mission and finally stumbles into her arch enemy. That bitch with the black hair and red lipstick. BOOM! Throwdown time. These two chicks break into an epic cat fight. Hairs is pulled, bongs are thrown, cocaine is spilled, and tables are knocked over. There is a bunch of shoving, falling down and groping. After they tear through the party in a whirlwind brawl. Meanwhile the beat is grinding, sputtering and throbbing it's way to it's peak. The video climaxes with them somehow landing in the hot tub for a full blown make-out session. It's actually kind of predictable really since you never seen a punch being thrown, or anyone catching an elbow in the eye or a boot to the gut. But there you go.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Plastician on Rinse FM 2011-10-30

Man, haven't posted much from Plas in a minute,so here's his birthday show. Not much has changed to be honest, his usual bag of ticks and treats include: straight top-40 bangers, hard-edged dubs, the occasional synthy love and grime and 2-step anthems. There's a couple of nice double drops and long riding blends, and some background chatter. A few technicals pop up later in the mix, the mike lead gets real spotty, but it never derails the mix or the vibes. That's what the radios show is all about isn't it? Pure vibes. And with that, the Plastician formula works well, what can you say. Happy Birthday Plastician, sounds like you had a good one!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - "Shipwreck"

Wonderfully sublime tune from Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke. Warm moog-y pads flood the main builds ups while York floats mysterious vocals on a sound bed of galloping, skippy breaks and rolling subs. Fuzzy, dubby, and sunny with a sense of dread and panic lurking in the distance, and another tune I find hard to pigeon hole, which is fan-fucking-tastic.

The video feels like what Hanna would have been in the short form. Some texured dark near-future, with a kid running from a large dog, scrounging for batteries, so he can go to sleep with the lights on. It's simple, tactile, and whimsical. Also cold, and kind of lonely in the vein of Where The WIld Things Are. While it looks and sounds great, I'm a bit over this kind of look and story. Can we move on from the dirty sweaters, twigs, sunny ruins, and wild lost kids?

Great Scott vs Transmissions - Mad Hydraulic Bounce / My World Mashup FREE Mp3

Great Scott vs Transmissions - Mad Hydraulic Bounce is lush aural gltichscape with a mid tempo breakbeat. Safe enough to be used as a film soundtrack, but interesting enough not to make it on the radio. It's a freebie and being used to promote:

Glitch.FM Founder Great Scott Drops New EP on Muti Music + Freebie and Music Video "Glorious Dystopia" Now Available on Addictech + Music Video for "Looking Good" feat. Dual Core

Link to: GLORIOUS DYSTOPIA on beatport.