Monday, November 21, 2011

Critycal Dub feat Level 2 - Touch the Sky VIP

Critycal Dub feat Level 2 - Touch the Sky VIP BBH018 by VRECORDS

This EP should be on soon on Chronic (V Recordings sub-label) and oh my god does this go off. Big old school flavors are flowing heavy in this bombastic dance floor stormer. Easily one of my favorite tracks at the moment as it brings up all the great elements I like about good drum and bass.

A warm intro with lush pads and mellow keys set the stage for the for this bait and switch mood swing. It devolves quickly into a rocketing white noise. Samples of "Touch the Sky" get tortured through a Matrix filter and pulse in tandem with the noise and a 2-step stomping break, rising until we get the drop. Gunshot, gunshot! Glorious old-school bass thunder erupts from the heavens to tear shit up. It a slammin' distorted 808 and Dillinja-esque in all the right ways. This tune is a runner that take off like a cruise missile, and only pauses on the change-up for a little cheeky tweak, before it dives back into it's dirty stonking driving kicks. A unrelenting anthem with grab bag full of old school tricks with new school sensibilities. I will always love that combination when done the right way.

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