Friday, April 30, 2010

Slackk - Eski House Mix

Eski House? WTF? Well I confess I'm a bit in the dark about some of these mutant strains of house happening at the moment, but from what I can tell it's a bit of a clash up w/ UK Funky and Grime. There's a bit of soca riddim (sometimes 2-step), grime stabs/synths, the womp bass, and a few horns blasts. That's Eski House. Don't know if the DJ coined it, or some blogger or what. Don't really car to be honest. I originally found it by stumbling on this blog, so if you are interested in more details check it out, because I probably explained it all ass-backwards: Dot Alt. The mix itself does a good job weaving the funk and the grime into a sweet little piece of ear candy, only occasionally dipping into the top-40 sounding swag.


stream/dl page

Pony (Slackk vs Bok Bok Hands Riddim RMX)- Ginuwine
Crank- Slackk
Carnival- Wiley
Amazon's Night- Mista Bee
Crippled Sublow Assassin- Geo
Fire Flies- Slackk
Master At Work (Lucky Basterd Mix)- Freddy Fuori
Toothache- DJ Oddz & Eastwood
Marching- Slackk
HeartBreaka- Thunder Frix
Roach- Moony
Sea Monk (Slackk's Drum Jam Remix)- Grimbo
Peru- Slackk
Zen On- Paper Boi
Abacus- Slackk
Funky Bit- Doc Daneeka
Untitled- Jam City
Candy Floss- Spooky
Menace (Unfinished)- Slackk

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Total Science - DOA Mix April

April belongs to Total Science. Take a journey with this lush sci-if mix, into the deep recesses of epic cinematic DNB. You won't be sorry, the one's near flawless. Matchstick by Nymfo is one of the best best booty-shaking sci-fi tune I've heard in a long time. Running! Check more of his tunes here Nymfo Myspace. Some of my faves are Three of a Kind, Proton Pack, and Social Isolation.


1. Ulterior Motive - Dependant [Subtitles]
2. S.P.Y - Xenomorph [Metalheadz]
3. FD & Script - Whitehorse [Deepkut]
4. Total Science & S.P.Y - Ploc Monster
5. Rockwell - Keep Calm [Critical]
6. Total Science - Legion [Metalheadz]
7. Lenzman - Flamethrower [Soul:R]
8. Ulterior Motive - 2098 [Subtitles]
9. Code 3 - Response Call [Exit]
10. Enei - Slow Motion [C.I.A]
11. Total Science & S.P.Y - Narrow Margin [Subtitles]
12. Nymfo - Matchstick [Commerical Suicide]
13. S.P.Y - Distant Street Lights [Subtitles]
14. Bladerunner - Back to the Jungle [Critical]
15. System - Hold It [Digital Soundboy]
16. Total Science feat. Riya - Redlines [Critical]
17. Jubei feat. dBridge – Patience [Metalheadz]
18. BTK & S.P.Y - Save Me [C.I.A]
19. Gridlok - Bottomfeeder (Remix) [Project 51]
20. Zero T & Bailey - Robots (Ulterior Motive Remix) [C.I.A]
21. Break – Mason [RUN DNB]
22. Krakota & Judda - Solid Shout [Deepkut]
23. Invaderz - Jungle Zone
24. Total Science & S.P.Y - Gangsta [Shogun Audio]
25. S.P.Y - Hotspot

Monday, April 26, 2010

EL-B - Through the years Mix

I like this, taking it back 10 years retrospective on on Dubstep's pioneers. Much respect out to El-B, shit still holds up!

Download: EL-B - Through the years Mix

Listen: EL-B - Through the years Mix

BLOG LINK: EL-B - Through the years Mix

1. El-B feat - Buck n Bury – Tempa

2. Groove Chronicles – Shattered – Groove Chronicles

3. Groove Chronicles – 1999 – Dat Pressure Records

4. El-B – Amazon – Tempa

5. J Sweet – Gutter (El-B remix) – Sweet Beatz Recordings

6. El-B – Breakbeat Science – Bison Recording

7. Groove Chronicles – Holiday Da Vybe (Vocal Mix) – Groove Chronicles

8. Groove Chronicles – Masterplan – Groove Chronicles

9. El-B – The Club - Ghost

10. Groove Chronicles – Mary JB Remix (Vocal Mix) – White Label

11. El-B – Express - Ghost

12. Groove Chronicles – Dru Hill, How Deep Is Your Love (Vocal Mix) – White Label

13. El-B – Celebrate Life (Remix)

14. El-B – When I Fall In Love (Vocal Mix) – White Label

15. El-B – Lyrical Tempo – Ghost

Tutorials ruined Dubstep

I'm not taking this piss or being ironic here. This is garbage. Just say no!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plastician - April 12th Rinse FM

Plastician returns to form and knocks a great radio show. Plastician April 12th, Rinse FM. Highlights: new Kromestar, D Double, 16 Bit, Skream clap your hands giveaway tune, Teen Wolf, and Stinkerbell "Ghetto Funk Step". Great mix of heavy, grime, epic, deep, and top-40 fire.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zinc - April Crack House Mix 2010

Zinc unleashed another firing April Crack House mix. I still rock last years in my iPod and I'm sure this one will have the same lasting power. I've always been a big fan of Zinc as a DJ and back in his DNB heyday, I thought he was easily among the top-5 DJs around. Right now, I would say he is the absolute king of crack house, and the only house DJ I actually go out of my way to listen to. Selection is second-to-none, and his mixing is flawless, what more could you want. go bonkers and grab this: or

no TL yet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Skream & Benga - Rinse FM March 10th

This session is bare riddim and jokes.  Lots of syncopated tunes, and new dubs before they headed off to WMC. Let me tell you, I only caught a handful of tunes at Skreams set at the Smog/Basshead party but it was running, wish I would've caught more. But thats another story. Anyways this get pretty silly towards the end, but a fun listen and refreshing return to riddim driven dubstep. Crusader by Emalkay is the big stand out, old school jungle vibe track with a warm hoover bass. Check it all out. Skream & Benga March 10th 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Ears are Tired

Right now I'm a bit rinsed out on the noise-step, battle droid diarrhea. I'm going to rightfully catch a lot of heat for this. I know I was pretty enthusuastic about the experimental aggro nature of producers pushing the dubstep sound to the outer limits of it's breaking point, and I still support that. However, I feel like Dubstep is going thru it's '98 tech-step phase, and is danger of drowning in a glut of derivative homogenized noise-step.

It makes perfect sense, of course, that Dubstep would go through some of the same growing pains as Drum N Bass. As speed garage took over in popularity in '98 DNB took a dark underground turn with Bad Company leading the charge with "The Nine", followed by Dom&Roland, Ram Trilogy, Ed Rush & Optical and all the rest. That was the year I actually really got into full-on into DNB, mostly because of the tech-step tear-outs actually. I'm sure Dubstep will go through a similar swelling of the ranks as all this metal noise-step attracts new recruits. In that respects it's not a bad thing that there more people involved. The real danger lies further down the road. I think if you examine how close DNB really came to be being snuffed out and losing it's soul to the darkness, when girls fled the scene in droves, and the macho-nerd take-over began, you'll see how much it really hurt DNB. Arguably, it took nearly 5 years to recover from '98 techstep. Quite frankly i don't want to see Dubstep go through the same mistakes as DNB, although it most likely will. It's like warning your little brother not to drink too much too fast even though you know he just will not listen to you and end up puking anyways. I'm just not going to let it get on my shoes, or mop it up.

Dubstep is growing and mutating so exponentially fast, that newcomer producers are being influenced by the current flavor of the month, and just churning out tunes with the same sound palette, same wobbled change-ups every 8 bars, and same noise sputtering, and halting special effects and edits. It's regurgitation of 3rd generation imitations. What was once the unique sound of Excision, Datsik, Claw, NumberNin6 and Borgore, is literally the same sound of 40 other producers. Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with originators, just the hordes imitators (even though Borgore would like to take claim for ruining dubstep). While this cycle of monkey-see monkey-do production has been happening since the inception of dubstep (and dance music for that matter), with the help of the internet and websites like Soundcloud, it has never been so fast and widespread. As this sound becomes more prevalent you can expect some of the same things that happened to DNB during it's dark years: Homogenized sound, more aggro dance, girls leaving the club, elitist snobbery, and a resentment of OG Dubstep producers and DJs against newcomers. All I can do at this point is sort of climb on the backlash band wagon and say my piece on this here blog. I'm late to party on this. I didn't give a rats ass when everyone was slagging wobble on Dubstep Forum. Nor did I bat an eye-lash at the derisive "Brostep" label, which I actually thought was really funny. But now it's time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of my fellow dubstep crumudgeons, and yell at all you noisey-producers "Get Off My Lawn!!!". And stop smoking crack while you are at it. My ears are freaking tired and need quite the rest after only a half of a night at WMC (it was about all I could stomach). So please, deep, heavy, dubby and groovy DJs and producers, send me your stuff to blog up...