Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Even Southpark Hates Fartstep

Totally freaking hilarious! Can't wait for this episode.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Die Antword - Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Thanks Christ, just as I was about to die of boredom, here comes this banger remix by ill.Gates of "Fish Paste" by Die Antword. As you may know Die is a the nerdcore zef-side phenomenon from Capet-Town Africa. They blew-up in 2010, and yeah maybe it's a little on the hipster side, but I'm ok with that. What we got is Some familiar Beastie Boys-styled edits paired up with a throbbing synth bass, and the sickest raw spitting and lolita melodies from Die Antword crew. Fish Paste you might remember popping off back in '10, and this has got some new wild-style energy for the remix, exactly the kind of shit I want hear after really losing fucking interest in most of the tunes circulating the lats few months. Ok, I'm awake now, what next? Gimme something hot.
Die Antword - Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Die Antwoord - Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix) by ill.gates