Thursday, September 29, 2011

Azealia Banks - 212 Free Track


Here's an odd counterpoint to the Iggy Azealea tune that I found on this rad UKG blog Bangers And Smash. It's a crack house work-out banger with Azealia hawking up some vile taunting bars in a nasally So-Cal voice. And soulful singing on the break downs. Screaming distorted like Prodigy, "I'm going to ruin you cunt".Whoa.

Angry, appealing and somewhat less narsty than that Iggy tune. Two sides of the same coin, I suppose, but if for some weird reason I have to decide I'm down with Banks and the 212. It's got a proper underground club vibe and a familiar dirty garage beat that I can get down to. Strong female MC's keep on bringing it, you all are murdering it lately. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunchase - One Another

The ever-evolving Alexander Pavlenko (aka Sunchase) keeps it fresh with this slow-burning roller, released on up-and-coming UK label Dubzilla Recordings.

Sunchase's backstory seems like that of many dubstep/dnb heros currently killing the scene: wunderkind producer sits in his bedroom churning out bangers on his Playstation before gaining widespread notoriety with major releases on labels such as Moving Shadow and Citrus. However, unlike Bristol-based Joker or Skrillex coming out of LA, Sunchase grew up in snowy Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. He didn't ride a musical movement or, he was Ukraine's movement. From such humble beginnings, the Ukraine is now home to a blossoming dnb scene which exports almost as many musical heavyweights as it brings into Kiev's clubs.

Here, Sunchase has branched out from his roots in breaks to create an infectiously dance-able masterpiece. A bassline reflecting 2-step influences underpins layers of accelerating synth and a croaking, looped sample of the track's title 'One Another'. It's a genuine slow-burner that will get you out of your seat and throwing shapes in no time...unless you have a swivel chair like me, in which case you'll just spin round, and round, and round.

For obvious reasons, this joyous, playfully-choreographed sequence from the movie 'Breakin'' reminds me of the classic Volkswagen 'Singing in the Rain' advert; it deserves to be watched at least twice. I defy anyone to have more fun with a broomstick than this guy; his broomstick magic puts anything Quidditch-related to shame.

ps. Please support Dubzilla Recordings on the Facebooks, Twitters and record shops so this young label keeps letting tracks like this see the light of day. Big ups to Dubzilla.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

George Lenton - Inform EP

Inform EP by georgelenton

George Lenton's got a new EP out on the glitchier side of house/electro/breaks."Inform" is a bit of a 2-step crack rocker with some fidget stylings, a random piano line, and some gated snippets. Pretty standard "rock-the-club" elements, but mixed up and arranged with a fresh perspective. I find the Brazillian dancehall vibe to be really capitvating on this. The flip side of that coin is "Why Not" which is absolutely loose in the cage. Glitch house disco squelched out of what could easily be some poor DJ's laptop after a beer has been spilled on it. I like it though, it's experimental enough for me get past the disco guitar which is normally hard for me to stomach. It's a bit beat juggle-y and broken-down, and junked-out in the right kind of way. Computer glitch fx and downsampling can get pretty annoying when overused, but restraint and taste are flexed properly in this instance.

"Believe" isn't my steez, so I'm gonna skip. "RDD" wraps this one up with some warm synthy love in a vein similar to Joker or Stinkahbell. It's a more dubstep 4-on-the-floor, than the other house beats on here. DJ's like N-Type and The Others should be all over it.

Kraddy - Black Box Free Track

Kraddy - Black Box (Free Track) Got this in an email yesterday saying
BLACK BOX is the first single off of the upcoming album ANTHEMS OF THE HERO out on Oct. 10, 2011.
This is a strip club grinder. A heavy break-beat tune with a sweaty throbbing bassline, perfect for some throw-down action. Like Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" but without the lame samples and S&M overtones. This squeals digital sex appeal. It screams in bit-crushing glory with guitar distortion wails and marches to a stomping Zepplin beat. Simple, dope and free. Say thanks for the freebie in the comments.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lioness - Don't Tell Me

Great little grime-step number by Lioness. The video is boring club crap, and I hate the trancey breakdown, but the meat of this tune is something I can deal with. That's what counts anyways right? Lioness roars some fierce bars on top of a thick dubstep bed. The mechanics are all Rusko spare parts, circa 2009 with a random wobble thrown in for good measure.Actually not sure who is on the buttons to be honest,if anyone can ID please comment below. But I like the vibe. There's a certain unity to the delivery that makes sense, neither the dubstep nor the lyrics are an afterthought. It's thoughtful, aggressively independent and almost kind of feminist. Not in a long armpit hair kind of way, but just in the strong female sense. Lioness isn't objectifying herself, sexualizing or trying to make an "ism" out of some bullshit. It's kind of refreshing.

Neurofunk Mondays

Here's a brief little DnB Neurofunk mix, that will wash away those Monday blues (or accentuate them if you have no soul.) It's a spotify playlist so I guess it's not really a mix in the traditional sense. Meaning there's no actual mixing or beat matching or blends etc. It's more like a tracked out mixtape for a friend. I've been going back in to DnB in a big way these days, and listening to The Risky's Drum N Bass Arena podcast on the regula and it's inspired me to share some classic tuneage. There's heaps of Ed Rush & Optical on here, so really you can't go wrong, give it a listen: NEUROFUNK MONDAYS on @Spotify

What happened to You Dun Know?

You Dun Know was a great little blog/music 'zine site that covered dubstep, UKG and grime. They gave away freebies, hosted mixes, did interviews, held contests and generally did everything they could to promote the sounds and style of bass culture. The hosted up lot's of exclusive mp3's, I think I got wind of Skream's first Freeism release here as well as Rusko's lost dubs. I re-posted quite a few things from them. And now it's gone. I'm not sure what happened, but a really on-the-spot blog, went and disappeared and now links to some god awful UK fashion blog called Look I'll be honest, I haven't check You Dun Know in a minute, and so my finger may not exactly be on the pulse the corpse seems pretty cold on this, but what the fuck? Trading bass for Fashion just seems, I dunno, kinda wack. Sorry, I realize this is not much of a eulogy, but pour one out for You Dun Know, R.I.P. And remember to comment on the blogs you like so they don't all wither up and die like You Dun Know, give back some love. BTW If anyone knows the full scoop, please feel free to share and comment on this post.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alex Clare - Up All Night (Skream's behind closed doors remix)

I'm keeping on a darker, break-heavy dubstep tip for a quick minute to bring you a little bit of Alex Clare this Thursday. Croydon's finest, Skream, has worked his particular brand of bass magic to create a rolling blend of unsettling synth loops and growling bass which evolves into slowed-down breaks (I think it's the Funky Drummer break). The final product is the musical equivalent of a hungover moment of clarity; bringing back memories you'd much rather have lost in the sloppy alcoholic haze of the night before.

If you think you've heard this tune before, you're almost right; it bears more than a passing resemblance to Skream's massive remix of 'In for the Kill' which was #5 in NME's list of 'Best ever remixes'. Alex Clare's plaintive, powerful vocals take this latest tune to places that La Roux, for all her talent, could not go; the guilt in his voice is almost palpable as hints at hungover lies covering a host of drunken sins; the line 'oh no, she don't know what I do in my spare time' reverberates through the track like the artist's unforgiving conscience.

I was lucky enough to watch Alex perform to a crowd of roughly 12 people in Oxford in mid-June, the man is ridiculously gifted and my tip to break out of the whole Ed Sheeran/Jamie Woon pack of young British talent; I expect great things. Check his soundcloud here and make your own minds up.

ps. If anyone wants to get at me with new music or their thoughts on any posts, I'm available at

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rico Tubbs – Madness (The Killabits remix)

Finland’s infant terrible Rico Tubbs’ (Bass=Win) latest work with Toronto’s serial remixers The Killabits proves yet again why industry heavyweights Sinden, Switch and Annie Mac are backing both producers for superstardom.

A gritty industrial past and exuberant, genre-bending musical present gives Rico's hometown of Tampere the nickname ‘The Manchester of Finland’ – this monster of a track reflects both sides of its creator’s city. Relentless high-hat breaks and air-raid sirens bring demented rave energy to a dark bassline overlaid with rolling arpeggiated synth and breathless vocal samples. Sit back, turn it up and take a trip to the edge of audio sanity. Then press repeat and do it all again.

Big up to True Tiger for dropping this high-speed collision of jungle, rave, dubstep and d’n’b on 1xtra and making my day. Their whole 3hr mix (sitting in for UKG soldier DJ Q) can be found here, it's nothing but the truth.

Monday, September 19, 2011

GOLDIE LOC (production by Roksonix) - C’Mon Now

This is a guest review by Michael Oates. He writes way better than I do, so enjoy.

After a summer which saw pre-teen rioters rip cities to shreds and Will.I.Am sampling Dirty Dancing, I thought I’d seen it all. I hadn’t. G-Step has arrived and it’s not going away.

‘C’mon Now’ is the lead track off MistaJam (Radio 1xtra) and Snoop’s forthcoming ‘Throw Ya Dubs Up: Dubstep LA Volume 2’ mixtape. The tape’s predecessor, ‘Dubstep LA: Embrace the Renaissance’, featured some huge highlights like Chae Hawk’s rolling, woozy rant ‘Malt Liquor’ and U-N-I’s relentless ‘Drive By’. However, the album itself was laboured and, in parts, a lazy commercial exercise (yes, I’m talking about ‘Snoop Dogg Millionaire’); listening to it felt like being a fly on the wall at an awful, awkward blind date.

The personnel are nothing if not legit: Goldie Loc, a former Eastsida and veteran of the West Coast game weighs in over this grimey, kicking dub by rising British stars Roksonix (Circus Records). Anyone’s who’s heard the duo’s remix of Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’ will instantly recognize their fingerprints all over this beat; heavy, kicking bass underpins grinding, dissonant wobble to produce an uptempo, thugged out track which suits Goldie Loc’s tales of LBC life and curbside justice to a t.

The accompanying video looks like the bastard offspring of Pill’s phenomenal ‘Trap go ham’ clip and ‘Training Day’. Everyone has a gun, everyone’s swagged out and there’s even a disabled drug dealer - a tribute to Snoop’s character in Training Day? If you asked a 50 year-old from Kentucky to write a list of things and people he'd expect to see 'in the hood', he'd probably write the plot for this ludicrous video.

The whole experience feels like it was put together by a record label consultant: Credible rapper? Check. Solid production? Check. Thugged out video? Check. It would be perfect if consultants made bangers. They don’t. The few triumphs of the 1st mixtape were based on a pairing the tempo of the rappers’ flow perfectly with producers’ rolling bass and synth toplines. Here, Goldie Loc’s flow stumbles over choppy beats and his attempt to go into double time is almost cringe-inducingly poor. The video is such O.G overkill that it diminishes, rather than enhances, the track’s credibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate hip-hop/dubstep as a sub-genre (the Kickdrums’ ‘Trap or Dub’ tape was consistently brilliant) and I’m looking forward with curiosity to getting my hands on Dubstep LA: Volume 2 in October. However, this latest offering is doing little to calm my fears that this is all an exercise to line Snoop’s pockets with Frat Boys’ cash.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Iggy Azalea - PU$$Y Official video

Got this one from my buddy Marco at work, " Oh lord, so we get a new Kreayshawn about once a month now? #disturbing trends". While I somewhat agree, I do think the beats are actually pretty slick. It's a club roller influenced by dubstep and garage, but decidedly hip-hop. And the video, my lord, this thing is visually arresting. I love it and I hate it. I want to punch the D.O.P. in his face and then shake his hand for knocking my socks off. Just look at that kid riding around on that toy mechanical horse, and see if you are not immediately repulsed and sickened. And that close-up of the girl with braces licking her lips.... ugh. Narsty. Just a narsty ghettofabulous video right here. Watch at your own peril. *Update the old version got take down for some reason, here's the new leaked version*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kim Pimmel - Compressed 02

Compressed 02 from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.

I love this video. Made with ferrofluids (fluid that reacts to magnetism), a magnet, soap bubbles, and dye this video tells a simple and energetic story. I'll be fucked if I know what the story is, just an abstract tale really. A life/death cycle? A journey of discovery? A chemical rite of passage? The ambiguity is the charm here. That and the soundscape matches perfectly with the frantic energy of theses macro exploring visuals. What's you're take on it?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Excision - X-Rated LP

Excision - X-Rated LP
It's pretty much crap except for Deviance which is a standard robo-steppa that Datsik help fleshed out. Although 8-bit Superhero shows promise, it ultimately fails during the Pendulum-esque intro. BTW can I say X-rated is the worst title track and name-pun ever. I get it dude, the letter X is in your producer name. No need to show me other cool words that have letter X in it. I liked his Shambhala mixes miles above his production efforts. Excision peaked with Swagger, and has been in derivative decline ever since. Do you agree? Tell me what you think.

16Bit - Dinosaurs Video

Killer little acid trip of violence video for 16-Bit's robo-stompin' dubstep banger "Dinosaurs". 16-bit is an OG hard bro-stepper and I think one of the only producers to have a iPhone game based around him (Lilt-Line I think it was called). Not too keen on his productions, but I love the aggy video.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In

"GOIN'IN" - OFFICIAL VIDEO from Savoir Faire on Vimeo.

Rhythmic chanting, pitched down vocals, and a simple deconstructed, almost beat-less, electronica. I don't where it falls on the music spectrum to be honest. Songs and videos like this are always a pleasant surprise. I wan't to label and categorize it, but I really don't know what to call it, so it sits in limbo to be judged on it's own merits. The video is a weirdo mash up of 2d and 3d computer graphics, some vector, some pixel-pushing and all of it bizarre.