Monday, September 26, 2011

Lioness - Don't Tell Me

Great little grime-step number by Lioness. The video is boring club crap, and I hate the trancey breakdown, but the meat of this tune is something I can deal with. That's what counts anyways right? Lioness roars some fierce bars on top of a thick dubstep bed. The mechanics are all Rusko spare parts, circa 2009 with a random wobble thrown in for good measure.Actually not sure who is on the buttons to be honest,if anyone can ID please comment below. But I like the vibe. There's a certain unity to the delivery that makes sense, neither the dubstep nor the lyrics are an afterthought. It's thoughtful, aggressively independent and almost kind of feminist. Not in a long armpit hair kind of way, but just in the strong female sense. Lioness isn't objectifying herself, sexualizing or trying to make an "ism" out of some bullshit. It's kind of refreshing.

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