Tuesday, September 27, 2011

George Lenton - Inform EP

Inform EP by georgelenton

George Lenton's got a new EP out on the glitchier side of house/electro/breaks."Inform" is a bit of a 2-step crack rocker with some fidget stylings, a random piano line, and some gated snippets. Pretty standard "rock-the-club" elements, but mixed up and arranged with a fresh perspective. I find the Brazillian dancehall vibe to be really capitvating on this. The flip side of that coin is "Why Not" which is absolutely loose in the cage. Glitch house disco squelched out of what could easily be some poor DJ's laptop after a beer has been spilled on it. I like it though, it's experimental enough for me get past the disco guitar which is normally hard for me to stomach. It's a bit beat juggle-y and broken-down, and junked-out in the right kind of way. Computer glitch fx and downsampling can get pretty annoying when overused, but restraint and taste are flexed properly in this instance.

"Believe" isn't my steez, so I'm gonna skip. "RDD" wraps this one up with some warm synthy love in a vein similar to Joker or Stinkahbell. It's a more dubstep 4-on-the-floor, than the other house beats on here. DJ's like N-Type and The Others should be all over it.

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