Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunchase - One Another

The ever-evolving Alexander Pavlenko (aka Sunchase) keeps it fresh with this slow-burning roller, released on up-and-coming UK label Dubzilla Recordings.

Sunchase's backstory seems like that of many dubstep/dnb heros currently killing the scene: wunderkind producer sits in his bedroom churning out bangers on his Playstation before gaining widespread notoriety with major releases on labels such as Moving Shadow and Citrus. However, unlike Bristol-based Joker or Skrillex coming out of LA, Sunchase grew up in snowy Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. He didn't ride a musical movement or, he was Ukraine's movement. From such humble beginnings, the Ukraine is now home to a blossoming dnb scene which exports almost as many musical heavyweights as it brings into Kiev's clubs.

Here, Sunchase has branched out from his roots in breaks to create an infectiously dance-able masterpiece. A bassline reflecting 2-step influences underpins layers of accelerating synth and a croaking, looped sample of the track's title 'One Another'. It's a genuine slow-burner that will get you out of your seat and throwing shapes in no time...unless you have a swivel chair like me, in which case you'll just spin round, and round, and round.

For obvious reasons, this joyous, playfully-choreographed sequence from the movie 'Breakin'' reminds me of the classic Volkswagen 'Singing in the Rain' advert; it deserves to be watched at least twice. I defy anyone to have more fun with a broomstick than this guy; his broomstick magic puts anything Quidditch-related to shame.

ps. Please support Dubzilla Recordings on the Facebooks, Twitters and record shops so this young label keeps letting tracks like this see the light of day. Big ups to Dubzilla.

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