Friday, February 11, 2011

John B - Brostepwagon Poos Video

Ah good ol' John B taking the piss out of Brostep, and while I honestly appreciate the sentiment and the humor... should have made the tune more spastic and wobble-noised out. As dubstep tune it's practically rank amateur and as brostep tune, it's weak sauce. And was hoping for a least a dig at Borgore on it. Apparently it's still over a bit of a cat fight with Twisted Individual tho. LOL. Man, I'm kinda lame for criticizing a freakin' piss-take tho, right? Fucking bare jokes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

* Update * DUB MECHANICS - PROPANE - Not a Coki, track after all

Coki Untitled Need TrackID by Bombora

This tune is from Coki, dropped during Hatcha & Coki on Kiss FM Jan 20th 2010, or as you crazy UK kids date things: 200110. I'm just trying to get a track ID, and will be deleted once I get the ID. Please help me out. Update: This not a Coki track after all. I was fooled. It's Dub Mechanics - Propane, check this DJ Foster mix hosted on You Dun Know, he drops it towards the end of the set. Well, it sounded like Coki to me....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EMALKAY - CRUSADER promo video

Old school drum n bass tune doen @140 BPMs from Emalkay on Dub Police. You gotta love those classic hoover basslines matched-up with a two-step beat. It even has some bleeps and a ragga snippet. This video has a very nostaglic kind of local cable channel feel to it. Around the Chicago area we had JBTV and it looks like this would have fit right in during the late 90's. Plenty of standard video tricks, like bee-vision, granular dissolves, and traffic time-laspes gives this that warm old school vibe. And it's in black and white! If you even stayed up late at night watching Friday Night videos, drinking too much coke and eating cheetos, this one's for you.