Friday, May 29, 2009

Skream - Stella Session May 27th - New Skream, Emalkay, Noah D

Skream - Stella Session May 27th You download Skreams Stella Sesh for 1 of 2 reason, either it's chock full of new dubs or he's doing into a deep tight mix (excuse me?). This ones the former. Loads of dubs. Noah D's "That Hardcore Tune" debuts, alongside some Emalkay, Distance and new exclusive Skream soundscape bits. Hip-hop vocal of "Madhouse" (I think it might be a refix).  M.I.A. vocal tune was surprisingly good. Dunno who was working the buttons on it but they killed it. All around well worth the download for some new tunes from the bleeding edge of dubstep.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dubtroit: The Gaslamp Killer @ Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa

I took the night off from taking photos and only grabbed this quick cell phone one. Man it was a great night for dubstep. We got there kinda early so Brad and I checked out Blackies By The Sea in Newport, which is actually a rad dive bar with all these beer surfboards, hammerhead sharks and assorted crap on the walls. Rolled in to Detroit Bar and Tony K was dropping some tunes. It was really sparse for about an hour or so, then punters started filing in. Tony K got them moving then switched to Pablo Hassan. He started deep and techy, and worked into drawing a nice big block of heaters that straight melted my face off.  Lots of Emalkay tunes... at this point I was pretty rinsed on beer and vodka-7's... my brain was too scrambled for tune IDs. Just enjoyed brocking the fuck out. Pablo was playing like a UK headliner. Just straight sickness. Gaslamp Killer followed Pablo's blazing set. Went more IDM and glitch variety at first, then started dropping some heavy bangers. The place got full-on bumping at this point. I guess he just got back from Europe so he was fully laced up with plates. The Gaslamp Killer was pretty awe inspiring as far as his hot mixing and layering tunes goes... it was cool. Refreshing to hear some double drops and see him headbanging and shit. Although I personally found it annoying when he was screaming "I'm the motherfucking Gaslamp Killer!!!" sporadically through his set. Dude, we know who you are, shut up and spin records. But I guess that's all part of the act. It was a good time none the less and that's all that really counts. Shouts to Drew and John from SMOG for hosting a wicked dubstep night that was fucking free!!! * edit - I would have easily paid $10 for that night.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love LA Party

Took a few photos at I love LA. <<< click to check the flickr. Got there at the tail end, but just in time to see Steady, Pablo Hassan, and 12th Planet absolutely kill it. Saw a bit of Scooba's set as well. Had a real fun time, proper vibes,  got to hang with my bro. Easily one of the coolest events I've been to in a long time. Great way to kick off the vacation. Big ups all responsible for holding it down.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm off to LA for some much needed vacation time. Gonna hang out w/ my brother and his finace', meet my new nephew, attend a dubstep/dnb event or two and grab some surf. Looking forward to it. Total Science @ Respect. The Gaslamp Killer @ Dubtroit. Ez...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DUBTROIT - THE GASLAMP KILLER Tuesday, May 26 - 2009 (Poster Design)

hot off the presses, just finished this poster design for Smog's Dubtroit night featuring The Gaslamp Killer. I'll actually be in LA then and attending this event. Sweet!! Looking forward to this rinseout!!! Bassweight!

Here's the info, the jpeg needs to be kind of small to fit this blog...

Tuesday, May 26 - 2009

Brainfeeder, Low End Theory, Obey Records

SMOG, Pure Filth

Fake Rich, Dubtroit

More on the Floor, Pure Filth

Whiskey Pete, Nick Nice, Julz tha Huntress, Taylor Smith

9PM- 2AM 21+
Free All Night

843 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stenchman - Stinkmix 3 - Salirophilia

Oh Stenchman you dirty stinkin' filth lover, you. According to wikipedia (I'm a nerd) Salirophilia is a sexual fetish or paraphilia that involves deriving erotic pleasure from soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire, usually an attractive person. It may involve tearing or damaging their clothing, covering them in mud or filth, or messing their hair or makeup. The fetish does not involve harming or injuring the subject, only their appearance.

So yeah this mix is the audio equivalent of that. Great fucked intro and lead-off tune. It starts as a straight tear-down-the-walls of your apartment with bass mix. Then is goes deep and even a bit clubbing in spots. Like a bommerang, this shit always comes back to the tear-out... but what I love about Stenchman, is that he's always going for your throat in a new inventive way... bangers that are a bit left of center, V.I.P.'d or refixed. Fresh filthy tearouts... So download it already.

Stenchman - Stinkmix 3 - Salirophilia

1. stenchintro
2. stenchman - gutfucker (vip)
3. lil wayne - a milli (stenchman rmx)
4. cardopusher - gibold
5. skream - aggyface
6. stenchman - licking the envelope
7. benny page - step out (vip)
8. eskmo - harmony
9. outkast - bombs over bagdad (stenchman rmx)
10. marchmellow - real simple
11. justice timberlake - wheres my starship
12. stenchman - cow story
13. emalkay - when i look at you
14. bar 9 - malicious tactics (vip)
15. suspect + switchdubs - rotary
16. flux pavillion - bad dj
17. the streets - blinded by the lights (nero remix)
18. skream - metalick
19. prodigy - breathe (numbernin6 rmx)
20. stenchman - vagitarian meal
21. unitz - the drop (vip)
22. burial - archangel (bootyleg)
23. mrk1 - talk to frank
24. stenchman - coceck
25. mia - galang (dz rmx)
26. stenchman - so beatnik
27. benny page + zero g - ruffneck
28. stenchman - sick bay
29. reso - beasts in the bassment
30. riz mc - radar (sukh knight rmx)
31. nas - made you look (stenchy rmx)
32. j@kes - justice
33. stenchman - distress signal (vip)
34. mark omen ft lupen crook - eyes wide shut
35. stenchman - everything

Whoa-B - Wobble Music

Whoa-b is one of our hometown Chicago DJs, haven't really seen him much out live (can't remember if he played when Caspa or Noah-D was here), but after checking this mix that's gonna change. Nice one man. Funky House, Bassline and Dubstep all rolled into one bubbling package. Fantastic high-energy mix.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


MENTAL!! Absolutely freaking great mix, there's a nice push-pull dynamic happening with bangers, deep tunes, wobblers, and tech influenced tracks. It covers a lot of ground. Fucking big!! Anyone w/ a tracklist, please post up, as I need tune IDs on quite a few burners. (*edit correction) Rod Azlan on the mic–and can I just say he's a freaking great hype MC. No useless jibba-jabba, and knows when to let the tunes speak for themselves. Fucking killer all around. (BTW can't believe I got the MC wrong, I've seen Rod w/ Rusko and he was spot on. Anyways Crazy D is sick too, but yeah my bad, it was Rod this mix).

Monday, May 11, 2009

House of Dub - L.A. June 21st - (DATE CHANGE)

edit: here's the finished flyer I designed for my brother and the event he's throwing w/ Pablo Hassan at House of Blues. Psyched I get to see him in late May, but I'll just be shy of missing this gig. Sure to be a hella good time tho.  not the date got pushed back to Sunday June 21st (not Jun 7th).





House of Blues / Foundation Room
8430 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, Ca 90069

21 and up
9pm -2am

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


banging podcast by Ed Rush and Optical. 


01. Ed Rush & Optical feat Rymetyme - City 17 (Virus)
02. ?? - ?? (??)
03. Ed Rush & Optical - Get Ill /Prolix Remix/ (Virus/dub)
04. Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub (Virus)
05. Noisia - Block Control (Moving Shadow)
06. Cause 4 Concern - World Unknown (C4CUK)
07. ?? - ?? (??)
08. ?? - ?? (??)
09. ?? - ?? (??)
10. Cause 4 Concern - Crash test (C4CUK)
11. Ed Rush & Optical - Shraders Dice (Virus)
12. Gein - Hell /Audio Remix/ (Habit)
13. Ed Rush & Optical - Space Monkey (Virus)
14. The Sect - Axon /Audio Remix/ (dub)
15. ?? - ?? (??)
16. Ed Rush & Optical - Titanium (Virus)
17. Cause 4 Concern feat Rymetyme - Ready For This (dub)
18. Bulletproof & Optiv - Camouflage /The Upbeats Re-Lick/ (Cyanide)
19. Noisia - Alpha Centauri (dub)