Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dubtroit: The Gaslamp Killer @ Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa

I took the night off from taking photos and only grabbed this quick cell phone one. Man it was a great night for dubstep. We got there kinda early so Brad and I checked out Blackies By The Sea in Newport, which is actually a rad dive bar with all these beer surfboards, hammerhead sharks and assorted crap on the walls. Rolled in to Detroit Bar and Tony K was dropping some tunes. It was really sparse for about an hour or so, then punters started filing in. Tony K got them moving then switched to Pablo Hassan. He started deep and techy, and worked into drawing a nice big block of heaters that straight melted my face off.  Lots of Emalkay tunes... at this point I was pretty rinsed on beer and vodka-7's... my brain was too scrambled for tune IDs. Just enjoyed brocking the fuck out. Pablo was playing like a UK headliner. Just straight sickness. Gaslamp Killer followed Pablo's blazing set. Went more IDM and glitch variety at first, then started dropping some heavy bangers. The place got full-on bumping at this point. I guess he just got back from Europe so he was fully laced up with plates. The Gaslamp Killer was pretty awe inspiring as far as his hot mixing and layering tunes goes... it was cool. Refreshing to hear some double drops and see him headbanging and shit. Although I personally found it annoying when he was screaming "I'm the motherfucking Gaslamp Killer!!!" sporadically through his set. Dude, we know who you are, shut up and spin records. But I guess that's all part of the act. It was a good time none the less and that's all that really counts. Shouts to Drew and John from SMOG for hosting a wicked dubstep night that was fucking free!!! * edit - I would have easily paid $10 for that night.

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