Friday, January 30, 2009

Dieselboy @ Nuestro Son Puerto Rico

Dieselboy recently rolled thru here and played at Smartbar which I missed because of various shit. So here he is in Puerto Rico. A bit of a mixed bag really. Contains some of the kind tunes that I love about about Dieselboy and a handful of the cheesier and way too tech-metalled out tunes that I'm not feeling. I remember back in the day Dieselboy set the standard for DNB mix Cds, and mixes in general. He's evolved alongside the genre, always pushing forward and maintaining his own point of view, so I got to respect that.

Dieselboy @ Nuestro Son Puerto Rico

bit of a dodgy tracklist here:

fuck knows.. maybe the upbeats rmx
>>> concord dawn ft tiki - dont tell me (uprising)
sub focus - timewarp (ram)
gridlok - heatwave 1.5 ver (violence dub)
keaton and hive - the plague vip (renegade hardware)
the upbeats.. cant remember the name..
computer club - load rocket - gridlok rmx (human)
fuck knows
fuck knows.. maybe clipz??..
xample - breathe and stop (freqncy)
fuck knows
xample - lowdown (ram)
)eib( - nine vip
spor - knock u down vip (lifted dub)
hive - neo vip (violence)
>>> violence kru - violent sound (violence)
fear factory - empty vision (???)
the upbeats - sfx (human dub)
techo tune
evol intent ft demo - unexplented souds (evol intent)
fuck knows
ewun - my name is fame (evol intent)
>>> lynx - disco dodo (creative source)
hazard - machete (ganja?)
fuck knows
fuck knows
>>> sub focus - (ram)
baron - turn up the sun
dawn treader
>>> blood money
the upbeats shitt..
kemal and rob data - fucking hostile vip (never to be released)
demo and cease - ladys night rmx (human dub)
>>> photek - age of empires (metalheadz)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hatcha b2b Benga w/ Crazy D - Kiss FM Jan 09

Hatcha b2b Benga - Kiss FM Jan 09 Whoa Whoa WHoa it's dutty show. I'm sure you guys all know what to expect from a Hatcha/Benga sesh. heavy and deep, techno influenced wub.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dub Police - Caspa,The Others, Unitz, Orien and MC Rod Azlan BBC Experimental

Kind of weird hearing the artist in blocks, but bangin' mix none the less. This one's for the laid-off crew. I dodged some bullets today, so I feel for you fallen soldiers out there. Ruff tunes for ruff times.

Dub Police - Caspa,The Others, Unitz, Orien and MC Rod Azlan BBC Experimental

Lennie Di Ice- ‘We Are I.E.’ Caspa & Rustie Remix (Dubplate)
Caspa - ‘Low Blow’ (Dubplate)
Caspa - ‘Louder VIP’ (Dubplate)
Caspa - ‘Marmite’ (Dubplate)
Caspa - ‘My Pet Monster’ (Dubplate)
TC - ‘Where’s My Money’ (Caspa Remix) (DSR)
Rusko - ‘Cockney Thug’ (Caspa Remix) (Sub Soldiers)
Caspa & Rusko - ‘ Power Shower’ (Dubplate)

The Others
The Others - ‘Africa VIP’ (Dub Police)
Subscape - ‘Tomahawk’ (Dub Police)
The Others - ‘ Superskank’ (Dubplate)
The Others - ‘ Bazooka’ (Dubplate)
The Others - ‘Robofunk’ (Dubplate)
The Others - ‘Champagne Cocktails’ (Dub Police)
The Others - ‘Kind of Blue’ (Dub Police)

Unitz - ‘Bass Layers’ (Dub Police)
Unitz - ‘Scary Mary’ (Dub Police)
Unitz - ‘Wait a Minute’ (Dub Police)
Unitz - ‘The Drop’ (Dub Police)
Unitz - ‘Juggler’ (Dubplate)
Unitz - ‘New Years’ (Dubplate)
Unitz - ‘Light In A Distance’ (Dubplate)

Orien - Unsettled Graves (Dubplate)
Orien - ‘Look At My Eyes’ (Dub Police)
Orien - ‘Nickers’ (Dubplate)
Orien - ‘Witch Doctor’ (Dubplate)
Orien - ‘Doomed Soul’ (Dubplate)
Orien - ‘The Demented’ (Dubplate)
Orien - ‘Early Morning Sunrise’ (Dub Police)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lifted Music Show 013 - Spor and Chris Renegade

Lifted Music Show 013 - Spor and Chris Renegade

01. Prolix - Causation
02. Gridlok - Los Angeles
03. Audio & Future Signal - Furyen
04. Spor - Some Other Funk
05. No Money & Identity - Krakatoa
06. Kubrak - Fast Forward
07. Phace & Noisia - Sore Point
08. Spor - Silver Spaceman
09. Cybotron feat. Dillinja - I Wanna Know
10. Noisia - Stigma
11. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

new Gridlok tune is running. big podcast, one of the few DNB crews I still keep tabs on. never disappointed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Skream Stella Session 21-Jan-2009

Loads of new plates on this one. Grievous Angel, Killasound remix, like peanutbutter and jelly, man, nice blend.

Skream Stella Session 21-Jan-2009

01.T Willy And Mr V - Man Cant
02.Rusko feat. Ben Westbeech - Hold on
03.Kito - Don't Wanna Lose You
04.Skream - If You Know
05.Grievous Angel - Loser
06.DJ Zinc feat. Nolay - Killasound (Skream Remix)
07.Skream - Fire Workout
08.Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Count Of Monte Crystal & Sinden Remix)
09.Skream - What Did He Say
10.Skream - Filth (Silkie Remix)
11.Skream - Metal Mouth
12.Benga - Who's The Hardest
13.Noah D feat. Einstein - Killing Time (Skream VIP)
14.Bassnectar - Kingston Town Refix
15.Dutty Ranks - Take Flight
16.Truth - Wednesday
17.Silkie - Headbutt The Deck
18.Rob Sparx - Sludge
19.The Others - Dot to Dot
20.Distance - Twilight
21.Benny Page & Zero G - Take Me Back
22.Skream - Let's Go Fucking Mental
23.Chase & Status - Eastern Jam VIP
24.Marco Del Horno - Samurai (Rusko Remix)
25.Skream - Filth
26.Joker - Psychadelic Runway
27.Silkie - Step Inside
28.Jakes - Rock Tha Bells
29.Skream - Burnin' Up (A Jungle Tribute)
30.La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix)
31.The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Bootleg Remix)
32.Crissy Cris - Kick Snare
33.Skream - ?
34.Skream - Fick
35.Rusko - How Low Can You Go
36.Kito - What If
37.Skream - Rollin'
38.Search & Destroy - Cities
39.Unknown - You Can't Be My Lover
40.Skream - Cold Outside
41.Truth - Stay
42.Silkie - Cyber Dub (Skream Remix)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 01-12-09

Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 01-12-09 Bigs ups Gazzinho on the recording! You know this show is one of my staples. Starts off kinda chill, but bangs one out at the 13 min. mark. SToked to have some many good mixes at the start of this month.

Monday, January 12, 2009

NumberNin6 – A Formal Introduction

whoa. sick terror riddims from numbernin6. DOn't let the name fool ya, There's some straight up harsh noise for the intro, but don't let that scare you away. The rest of the mix is well worth your consideration. Reminiscent of that Excision mix I posted up awhile back. Terrorbyte breaks it down into some Current Values stylings using deconstructed breakbeats. Plus plenty of synthed-out z-plane filtering madness to give Ed Rush and Babylon System a run for their money. Lots of tunes I'm excited about. Gonna be a big year, no doubt.

NumberNin6 – A Formal Introduction
1. NumberNin6 - Ribs
2. Pendulum - Showdown (Excision Remix)
3. Rusko - Mr. Chipz
4. The Prodigy - Breathe (NumberNin6 Remix)
5. NumberNin6 - Mosh
6. Terrorbyte UK - Gag Reflex
7. Sukh Knight - Beneath Your Blouse (NumberNin6's Oldschool Edit)
8. NumberNin6 - I'm Leaving
9. Suspect - Melodic
10. Maniac - Thug
11. Stenchman - Banks of Nile
12. NumberNin6 - Fours
13. Torqux - Relentless (16bit Remix)
14. NumberNin6 - Calcify
15. DZ & Rob Cannon - Back II the Dub
16. Rusko & Judi K - Soundguy is My Target
17. Bar 9 - Sunday Dub
18. Bar 9 - Infiltrate the Mind
19. Reso - Busted Crunk
20. NumberNin6 - Mannequins
21. Excision & Subvert - Darkness
22. NumberNin6 - Not This Time
23. NumberNin6 - The Tempest
24. Reso – Spooky [i][Civil Music][/i]
25. Stenchman - I Get a Rush
26. Excision & Endophyte - Aliens
27. NumberNin6 - Ambush
28. NumberNin6 - She[/quote]

2000F - Jan 09 Mix Get Darker Exclusive

Interesting and diverse mix from Denmark based producer-DJ 2000F. It kinda hits it on all fronts, keeps it running, and doesn't rely on just the heavy wobblers for a change. I dig it. Fresh sounds for the '09.

2000F - Jan 09 Mix Get Darker Exclusive

Obeah - Copenhagen Massive (VIP) - dub
MRK1 - Kill Zone - dub
Djunya feat. Stevie C - Soundbwoy - dub
Eagger & Stunn Gunn - MorderMyrderMorderDem (RUF Remix) - dub FORTHCOMING ON KRAKEN RECORDINGS
Skream - Simple City - dub
Joker & Jakes - 3k Lane (OHOI! special) - dub
Alys Blaze & Mr. Lager - Tell Me - dub
Kromestar vs. Cutty Ranks (OHOI! special) - dub
2000F feat. Riko - Copenhagen Big Murderah - dub FORTHCOMING ON KRAKEN RECORDINGS
RUF - Inside The Crypt - dub
JKenzo - Thai Clinch - dub
Stenchman - Too Much Ket - dub
MRK1 - Counteraction - dub
Zomby - 1 Up - dub
Jakes - Modem - dub
Jaybird - Work Dat Box (OHOI! special) - dub FORTHCOMING ON KRAKEN RECORDINGS
Cotti & Chef - End Of The Road - dub
DJ Kutz - Spaceman VIP - dub
Skream - Calous - dub
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - dub
Natasja vs. Suspekt (2000F Refix) - dub
Natasja - Ildebrand I Byen (2000F Remix VIP) - dub
L.D. - Oh Yeah - dub
Benga & Walsh - The Crowd Song (aka The Darkness) - dub
Quest - The Unknown - dub
2000F & JKamata - You Don't Know What Love Is - dub

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 01-06-09 ft. Tempz & Rage

only got the last half of this which I found on dubstepforum. Gazzinho had the first half on his site, but link is down. Here's a bit anyways, no tracklist yet: Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 01-06-09 ft. Tempz & Rage Dammit, will someone fix the internet already! haha. anyways fun dubstep and grime with spaztic mc craziness

Smog goes Digital

Our friends at Smog just released their SMOG 002 and SMOG 003 digitally, you can get check it yourself here SMOG Digital. Sorry for the slow newsday kind of post, but haven't been able to download any mixes in a bit due to sendspace fucking up. Anyways if you got any hot ones, shoot me the link I'll post em up. In the meantime big ups SMOG, best of luck to your digital adventures.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caspa @ Smartbar Chicago 1/22/09 - early warning

Thursday, January 22
JungleFly in association with Abstract Science, Dubfix + welcome...
Tickets: $10
21 & over
Doors: 10pm / Show: 10pm