Friday, May 30, 2008

LA - Trip

Going to LA to visit my bro Jun 17-23rd. Going to see Benga & Rusko there. And Twisted and Evol at Respect. Anyone wants to link up for tiki drinks drop me a line

Plastician & Nomad May26th RINSE FM

Plastician & Nomad are back! Big fun dubstep radio is back. Plastician drops the Junior Spesh on this mix about halfway in. Bare jokes as they say. Over all a pretty good one, lots of new bits and some experimental tracks as well. Well looking forward to Plastician's May Mix which should drop anyday now.

DJ Evol interview, UA on the DL Podcast

Evol Interview Hey as always gotta big-ups my brother. Here's Brad aka DJ Evol doing a long ass interview with the one like DJ A-tak 'longside MC DINO. Mr. Syntonik swings by as well. Couple of new DNB tunes from Evol as well. Danger @ 10:47, Hang On @ 28:12, Torture @ 41:50, Slaughterhouse (Dubstep) @ 59:20. Big ups bro!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bit of a dry spell lately, but here we go with a hot one from Hatcha n Caspa compliments of Get No track list tho, sorrys. Some heavy ones, mashed w/ some techy button pushas as to be expected. Fiya.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Gear

Well it's been a long minute since laste posted. This crazy-ass Chicago weather had me down in the dumps for a bit, but its starting to finally feel like spring... Thought I'd post up some gear I've been checking. A few old ones, and some new ones mixed. Big print is still hot, and the old school Jeff Phillips style is coming back, at least in my eyes. Organic artsy shit is still sick when done proper, don't know how long it will hold out for tho. Here's the run down:
Abstraxx- Straxxbot geometric couture $32 Innes Strum Tee for $19-26.
Zero Asylum Tee, a bit crazy and aggro $21.95
Rockett Yucko - old school skate gore $24.95
Artful Dodger - Tiger and Swirl jungle madness $38