Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skream - Glastonbury Live 06-26-10

Courtesy BBC Radio 1 and GetDarker.com Skream tears Glastonbury a new one. Lot's of crowd noise on the recording but it just goes to show you the power of a live gig. Again we see the welcomed blend of dubstep and crack house, which Skream rarely does on Rinse FM. I'm stoked to see this happening on a more regular basis. To me it's all just bass music really, so it's nice to see the border collapse a bit. Anyways this set is a full-on face melter, with several exclusive dubs detonating the dance floor. Crowd is wild, especially on "In for the Kill" LaRoux remix, sent shivers down my spine, wish I was there. No TL.

Monday, June 28, 2010

MRK1 - GetDarkerTV 052

MRK1 - GetDarkerTV 052

This mix is ridiculously off the hook. Straight hot mixed bangers, all the way thru. No TL, but fucking download it. Plenty of dubs mixed in with the hits. Double drops and teases galore, and even dips into some crazy-ass crack house. GetDarker killing it recently.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bassnectar- Massive Attack Bootleg Remix

Bassnectar- Massive Attack Bootleg Remix Check it out, a little bit of west coast nerdcore glitch-hop for you. It's actually not super glitchy, but you know what I mean, it's over processed. Shit gets hot around the 2 minute mark. Gotta love that whiny gangster b-line. Bassnectar come correct as usual.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Skream presents… Freeizm Vol.1

Skream presents… Freeizm Vol.1

1. Pitfall
2. Minimool
3. Robin S – Show Me Love (Skreamix)
4. The Dead Weather – Cut Like A Buffalo (Skreamix)

It's been all over the blogs this morning, Skream releasing a small free EP just before his "Outside The Box" LP comes out. Thanks to You Dun Know, I finally got an actual link that's not an embed. BRAP! The Dead Weather remix is the true win here, but I do like me the grinding bass of Pitfall as well. Swing over the pond of gators and jump over quicksand into 8 bit glory! Robin S remix is purely a down-tuned suicidal dirge (granted the last few minutes get silly). Man, Skream bringing back the big melancholy sounds on this. Minimool is a self described mimimal tune for the chill out room. Anyways big ups to Skream for some quality freebies, the new album looks like it's going to be massive, you all should cop it when it comes out. Tempa will release Skream's Outside the Box on July 26th, 2010.

Redlight feat Roses Gabor - Stupid Video

This one slipped past me, it was posted back up in April. I loved this tune every since I've heard Zinc drop it on Rinse in instrumental form. I'm well feeling the vocal mix as well, which is a rarity I must admit. This video has a african voodoo witch doctor night club vibe, and feature lots of glow-in-the dark body paint. Reminds me of some Hype Williams Busta Rhymes/ Missy Elliot vids, minus the fisheye lens and slightly less cheesy. Anyways good fun, check it out.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dilinja - Breezeblock Mix

It's been a hot minute since i brocked out to some new Dillinja, I'm well over due. This mix is about a week old, and I'm not even the sure if the photo is Dillinja or not, as I ganked it off the VLV site. Anyways, it's mentasms and distorted 808's at their best. For some reason he still likes those light airy vocals, which always leaves me puzzled. But it wouldn't be Dillinja otherwise. Enjoy this quick little 28 minute mix.

Dilinja - Breezeblock Mix

Dillinja – ‘In The Grind VIP’
Dillinja – ‘Hard Noize’
Craggz & Parallel Forces – ‘Fizzy Piglets (TC Vocal VIP)’
Dillinja – ‘All The Things VIP / Remix’
??? – ???
Digital – ‘Sound Killer’
TC – ‘Let’s Go’ (Ft. MC Jakes)
Dillinja – ‘96 Thing’
Dillinja – Basscone

DJ SOLO - Hated in the Nation

Interesting idea from this DJ Solo character from Chicago. IMO too much vocal takeovers on here, I could really do with a bit smaller chunks of that, but this is at very least an interesting listen and a different take on the typical mash-up mixes. Give it a crack:

DJ SOLO - Hated In The Nation by DJ SOLO

01. So Vexed (DJ SOLO Meth Lab Edit) - Funtcase x Crissy Criss
02. Ghost Train (feat. DJ SOLO) - Datsik (Mechano)
03. Inspector Toast Fucking Says Fuck You (DJ SOLO Edit) - Diesel x Lily Allen
04. Lounge Act 2.5 (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Tek-One x Nirvana
05. Shuttin' Down The Sweet Shop (DJ SOLO Mega-Leg):
a) Sweet Box - DJ SOLO
b) Sweet Shop (Moskas Curved Remix)
c) Sweet Shop (Robzords and Damo Remix)
06. Drop It Like B-More Bam Bam (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg x DJ Fashen
07. Chicago Mobster Dance (feat. DJ SOLO) - Doctor P (Rasputin's Gold)
08. Love (That's What She Said feat. DJ SOLO) - Borgore
09. Starman (DJ SOLO Anunnaki Bootleg) - Tek-One x David Bowie
10. High Plains Drifter (Manson Family Remix feat. DJ SOLO x3) - Beastie Boys
11. Sandman Raving On Molly (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Cookie Monsta x Metallica x Beastie Boys
12. Bass Punx! (feat. DJ SOLO) - Steppa & Kitcha (Let's Go Get Em)
13. My Story (Interlude feat. DJ SOLO) - Black Sabbath
14. I Used To Love Her (Fuck Hip-Hop feat. DJ SOLO) - Free The Robots (Orion's Belt Buckle)
15. Gold and A Pager (feat. DJ SOLO) - Cool Kids
16. Punk Rockers At The Circle K (DJ SOLO Bootleg)- Trolley Snatch x Iggy Pop
17. Forgot About Tainted Dreams (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Chrispy x Soft Cell x Eurythmics x Eminem
18. Kiss Me I'm Polish (DJ SOLO Remix)- DJ SOLO x Eddie Blazonczyk


Congrats to Rinse FM on getting an FM License and having their podcasts on iTunes. I found this on their website this morning:
Rinse FM has been awarded an FM radio licence.

Thankyou to all our listeners and supporters past and present.

From the Rinse FM gang — Est. 1994. Online since 2002.

I've only been listening 3 years or so, but congrats!! Definitely educated me on lot of bass driven music. I don't think I'd be as into dubstep, grime, and crack house like am I today if it wasn't for this station.

You can subscribe to the Rinse FM Podcast in iTunes or by visiting the Podcast RSS Feed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've never heard Datsik Dj so this could be cool, or completely wack, kind of a toss-up really. I'm not feeling too much of the bro'ed out noise-step these days but it's cool to see a big electronic event take place at Metro and SmartBar at the same time. Makes it fell like one of the London super clubs that Chicago really never gets to see anymore (since Shelter closed way back in the day). I don't count shit Crobar since they never really played DNB or Dubstep there. Anyways here's the info:


upstairs in metro:

>DATSIK [rottun, bc, canada]

>EPROM [warp, black acre, surefire, sf]

>PHADED [fresh kid, subfix, dubstep.fm]

>JEEKOOS [pts radio, dubfront, wnur]

downstairs in smartbar:

>NOSAJ THING [alpha pup, warp, la]

>LEO123 (of Dark Party) [old tacoma, mush, chicago]
http://www.myspace.com/ leo123music

>CHRIS WIDMAN [abstract science, wluw]

>NAMELOC [fresh kid, brotown, betamorph]


Video (in Metro) by the Chicago Art Department + the machinist
http://www. chicagoartdepartment.org/
http://www.myspace.com/ themachinist


$13 advance
$16 day of

18+ / (21+ to enter Smartbar)
Doors: 10PM / Show: 10PM - 4AM
All attendees will enter through Metro.
If you are 21+ you will receive a wristband good for entry into Smartbar.
No one under 21 will be allowed entry into Smartbar.

Metro & SmartBar
3730 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60613

http://www.smartbarchicago. com/

Monday, June 14, 2010

John B - May 2010 Podcast

Pure summer time DNB vibes from John B. The Gmorosov Remix of Rebel Yell is the big win here. He should remix Billie Idol's whole catalog, it just fits so perfectly with that trance & bass vibe. Of course there's a few tear-out tracks on here as well as some electro dnb that John B is so well known for. Download this for your next boat party or 80's movie marathon.

1. Culture Shock // Surprise [Ram]
2. Die & Interface ft. William Cartwright // Bright Lights [Clear Skyz]
3. Lenzman feat. Riya // Open Page [Metaheadz]
4. Bad Robot // Deep End [Subsonix]
5. Electrosoul System & Cutworks // Milkway Odyssey [Kosmos]
6. Culture Shock // Bad Red [Ram]
7. High Rankin // State Pump [Beta]
8. Pendulum feat. Liam Howlett // Immunize [Earstorm]
9. Lenzman feat. Jo-S // Coincidence [Metalheadz]
10. Funkstar Deluxe // Do You Feel (Metrik Remix)
11. Subsonik // Hold On
12. Noisia // Split the Atom (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) [Vision]
13. Lenzman // Masquerade [Metalheadz]
14. Cube // Night Trip [Beta]
15. Blu Mar Ten // Overwhelm (Seba Remix) [BluMarTen]
16. Netsky // Let's Leave Tomorrow [Hospital]
17. McLean // Finally In Love (Camo & Krooked Remix)
18. Camo & Krooked // Climax [Hospital]
19. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman // Hold On (Subfocus Remix)
20. Rockwell // Full Circle [Shogun]
21. Netsky // Escape [Hospital]
22. Sigma // Stronger [BBK]
23. Billy Idol // Rebel Yell (Gmorosov Remix)
24. D*Minds // T-10 (Gangster Step Remix) [D-Style]
25. Alex Reece // Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz]

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rusko – Do You Wanna Have A Party (Free Download)


This one's a been making the rounds for quite awhile but it's nice of You Dun Know, Rusko, and Mad Decent for the freebie, as it's a banger. Good note to go out on for a Friday, and a Blackhawks Parade!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Menno Fokma - Demo Reel w/ Dubstep

Menno Fokma / Reel 2010 from Menno Fokma on Vimeo.

Wicked motion graphics reels from Menno Fokma, Studio-Tact provided the glitch-step.

Now Timbaland thinks he invented dubstep...WTF?

Check out this article http://www.rwdmag.com/2010/06/just-in-timbaland-i-created-dubstep/

This unbelievable quote is found at the bottom:
And the last part of the press conference was even more insightful. “Well you know; I’m always over here,” Mr Mosely said to the question, ‘What do you think of the UK music scene?’ before continuing with a very debatable statement. “The UK scene… they’re always telling me that I started it. You have Dub-bass…” As he said that, George Lamb of T4 and son of Larry Lamb fame, interjected with ‘Dubstep?’ and Tim schooled him. “Yeah, dubstep but I call it dub-bass [as the room laugh]. It’s the bass that drives the music. It’s funny cos they went back to some of my old music that really created that sound and just, instead of going fast, they went slow with more bass. To me, I like it but they call it dubstep. I like how they dance to it now, it’s cool.”

Um, so you are telling me El-B and Horsepower were influenced by Timbaland? How about Skream, Benga, Mala, Coki? C'mon now, those dudes were clearly on a different tip. That's some arrogant displaced boasting and wishful thinking right there. Timba, shut up and let your music do the talking for you.

Big Ups to James for pointing this out to me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12th Plantet Remixes M.I.A.'s Born Free, FREE MP3

http://www.hardfest.com/mia.php Just need to enter an email address to download. It doesn't even need to be your email address. Before you get all you bedroom DJs get crazy excited, it's only a 3 min track, not super DJ friendly. Decent rolling tune. As always I like the the vibes of MIA vocals of over the dubstep wobbles and snappy snares. Big up to 12th Planet on this one!

Hellfire Machina - Planet Twisted mini mix

Blazing' hot mix from Hellfire Machina, lots of double drops, teases, and tech-flavored rinse out.

Hellfire Machina - Planet Twisted mini mix

Benga - No Bra, No Panties
Distance - Victim Support
> Emalkay - Explicit
Benga & Walsh - Bassface
Deekline - Hand Grenade
(Datsik & Excision remix)
> Depone & Sonwah Fresh -
Oldskool Dub
Noisia - Split The Atom (Bar 9
> Benga & Coki - Night VIP
> Emalkay - Explicit
BoBo Saw - Iceburg (Hellfire
Machina Remix)
Apex - Nowhere to Run
(Datsik & Excision Remix)
> Skream - Midnight Request
Benny Page - Trigger Finger
Mochipet - Godzilla New Year
(Hellfire Machina Remix)
Richie August - Side 2 Side
> P-80 - Seizure Salad
Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit
Koan Sound - New Beginnings
The Qemists - Hurt Less ft
Jenna G (Riskotheque Remix)

> Teaser Tracks and Double Drops


Monday, June 7, 2010

Skream & Benga - Rinse FM June 2nd 2010

Skream & Benga - Rinse FM June 2nd 2010

Fun show with loads and loads of new tracks debuting. Several new Skream, Benga and Magnetic Man dubs. They chat quite a bit so if that annoys you, you might want to hold off, but honestly I find it entertaining. Proper radio show right here. the Skrenga sessions!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Magnetic Man - Mad Free Mp3 Download


Big gangsta step tune from the trio of Skream, Benga, and Artwork, aka Magnetic Man. It's got a groovy west-coast vibe, but still churns out a proper amount of UK Sludge. Good driving-late-at-night tune.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plastician – Sound That Speaks Volumes 2010

This years May Mix drops with a new title for the series: Sound That Speaks Volumes. Those that been following Plasticians show at Rinse will be familiar with the vast majority of the tunes on here. It's leaning towards the grime/pop side of dubstep, but he still manages to work in some dutty wobblers and bangers. Plastician is one of dubstep finest ambassadors so have a listen, the mix is flawless par usual.

Sound That Speaks Volumes 2010 - one file download
Sound That Speaks Volumes 2010 - tracked out separate files


1. Youthman & Luce – Brother Don’t Cry
2. Redlight – MDMA
3. D Double E – Woo Riddim
4. Flux Pavillion – Got To Know
5. Boogaloo Crew – Days Go BY
6. Skream – Raw Dogz
7. Joker – Tron (Kromestar Remix)
8. Chew Lips – Salt Air (Plastician Remix)
9. Trolley Snatcha – We Rock The Forest
10. G Tank – Electronic Era
++ Tempa T – Boy Off Da Ting Acapella
11. Rude Kid – Electric
12. Plastician & 12th Planet – West Croydon
13. 12th Planet Feat. Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)
14. D Double E – Streetfighter
15. Joker & TC – It Aint Got A Name
16. Om Unit – Searching
17. Benga – Transform
18. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R U Ready (Dubstep Mix)
19. Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
20. Doctor P – Sweet Shop
21. P Money – Left The Room (Skreamix)
22. Teddy & G Tank – Ghanaian Fire
23. Distance – No Warning
24. Paul Harris – I Want You (Bar9 Remix)
25. Flux Pavillion – Normalize
26. Stinkahbell – Stalker
27. Mr Virgo – Cinema
28. Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop Lock Remix)
29. Om Unit – The Corridor

Don’t Forget to follow Plastician on Twitter : Twitter.com/djplastician