Friday, February 24, 2012

Noisia & Upbeats - Diplodocus REMIX Smashes You in to Next Week

This is the Upbeats remix of Noisia's classic 'Diplodocus' as featured on BBC Radio as a world exclusive. It will be released on Quarantine. For the total mix, check out
Oh the ridiculous 'Diplodocus', you a sick and filthy beast now aren't you. The Upbeats absolutely smashed it with this remix. Experimental tunes like Diplodocus with beats that sway and swagger like that can be tough to remix. I gotta handed to the Upbeats for taking it further down the rabbit hole. Get lost in this tune.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Video Jacking - Real N!gg@s in Paris

Some clever Parisian vandals straight up destroyed everything in sight just for a stupid Kanye and Jay Z tune. This video is equal parts sickening and fascinating. I can't help but think that some writers are actually doing just this all the time. Get high, listen to the new joint then proceed to trash everything in sight. Bomb with lyrics, tags, paint, and scribbles. A full on attack on public property for no real reason. The point is pure destruction and thuggery. That is pretty much the only thing I see in this angst, rage, and bullshit.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka - There's a Wardance in East London Park

Yes, yes! I can't believe this anthem slipped by me, I must be listening to the wrong DJs. The biggest tune of 2011 is reminds me of the old and proper dubstep. Brings me back to a time you can go out and hear Loaefah's "Goat Stare" and Mala's "Left Leg Out". There's Indian Chiefs in the woods and firedancers prancing in the park. A wardance in East London. Catch this vibe. Get it on vinyl at Exit Records site.
We a kill dem a bloodclaat gain Got the tings on lock down again Them a tek ten shots in again Dem pon a old pan sound dem again Man a gash dem and light them again Becaa me nah hyping again Man are ready fi di war, when it comes on top, ‘ca me nah feel frightened again

DIE ANTWOORD - 'I FINK U FREEKY' Will Molest Your Eyeballs

 Die Antwoord assaults your senses with this big-room techno raver."I Fink U Freeky" is purely id-driven deviant video that looks like it was cast with a bunch of rescued miners and juvie-hall delinquents. People came down from the mountain and crawled out of the trailer park to be an extra in this. It's dirty stanking black and white and seems to be filmed on the abandoned-nuke town from the Hills Have Eyes. I can smell the stain of sweat, drugs, sex and grease-paint from here, and it's not a pleasant combo. The Zef visual style that has emerged from Die Antword videos (think Keith Harring graffiti mixed with prison tattoos and alchemy) appears to be dialed down a bit in favor of a more Joel-Peter Witkin flair. If you could film a transgressive Daguerreotype it would look like this