Monday, December 15, 2008

Argon Radio 12-14-08 Matty G, Babylon System, Nick Argon

Argon Radio

Gotta give my support to the Argon crew. Another big one, in what's becoming on of my fave podcasts...

matty g:
1. MC Breed - No Future in Your Frontin'
2. Grandmaster Flash - The Message
3. Run DMC - Sucka MCs
4. Run DMC - Beats to the Rhyme
5. Biz Markie - Make the Music With Your Mouth
6. Mantronix - Get Stupid "Fresh" Pt. 1
7. Rodney O & Joe Cooley - Give Me the Mic
8. Paula Perry - Extra Extra (Inst.)
9. Bounty Killa feat. Masta Killa - Eyes A Bleed - RZA Rmx
10. Cypress Hill - Funk Freakers
11. Dr. Dre - Xxplosive (Inst.)
12. Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
13. KRS One - Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)
14. Notorious BIG - Warning

babylon system:
not available...

nick argon:
1. bisweed - you're in love
2. dutty ranks - dark heart
3. re-sketch - building clouds
4. funk ethics - dub fluid
5. konnek deep - karizma
6. von d - echolow
7. synkro - wasting time
8. konnek deep - backdraft
9. radikal guru - kingston town
10. dubsworth - busted brain (vip mix)
11. f-one - swagga (kromestar remix) - forthcoming dubting
12. cardopusher - more smoke than fire
13. noah d featuring einstein - killing time (argon special)
14. 12th planet - be blatant
15. redemption & twisted - ill dire (mac koall remix)
16. dutty ranks - bury them
17. orrpan101 - onyx
18. syntonics - material (bombaman remix) - forthcoming lodubs
19. bisweed - miesosphere

Rusko - Essential Mix 12-13-08

whoa. lots of mixes popping off in the last few days. first of the bunch is Rusko, with some pure brutal flavors. aggy, wobbles, grimes, and rollers. track list is massive over 2 hour. Eastern Jam VIP is tidal wave of filth. gah, disgusting. get it.Rusko essential mix. That link may not work directly, so you'll have to cruise over to the page and scroll down to click the download. friggin' redirect hidden links drive me nuts.

Rusko feat Clipz - Scareware
Jakes - Rock The Bells
Rusko - Gogogadgetrusko - Sub Soldiers
The Quemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape mix) - Ninja Tune
Stenchman - Prime Time Swine
Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 mix)
Rossib And Luca - Dont Cry Soundboy
12th Planet - 68
Jonny Osbourne - Rudeboy (2008 mix)
Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
Tc - Wheresmy Money (Caspa mix / Jack Beats mix) - D:Style
Skream - Meta-Lick
Skream - Horny - Tempa
Enur and Natasja - Calabria (Bomberman mix)
The Others - Kingpin - Subsoldiers
Redlight and The Voodoos - Superkurl
Stenchman - Run Rabbit Run
Chase and Status feat Kano - Against All Odds (dubstep Mix) - Ram
Rusko - To Da Floor
Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Rusko big trombone mix) - MOS
Rusko feat Crookers - Oy!
Jakes - Modem - Hench
Rusko and Diplo - Major Lazerr
Rusko - Woo Boost - Civil Music
More Fire Crew - Oi - Go!Beat
Skream - Murderer (VIP)
Rusko - Period
Benny Page and Zero G - Majestic
The Others - Bazooka - Dub Police
Unitz - The Drop Vip - Dub Police
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Rusko chapstick mix)
Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Tempa
Skream - Dutchflowers (Rusko Babylon mix) - Tempa
Doctor - Raise He Temperature - Souljazz
Chase and Status - Saxon - Ram
Marcus Visionary - Black Panther Riddim
Distinction and Kromestar - Zappah
Rusko - Lets Go
Rusko feat Lutan Fyah - Soundguy Is My Target - Subsoldiers
Caspa - Louder (VIP) - Subsoldiers
Skream - Woinky
Benny and Vincenzo - Burberry Boy
Chase and Status - Eastern Jam (VIP) - Ram
Rusko - Hammertime - Subsoldiers
Reso - If U Cant Beat Em (Rusko VIP) - Civil Music
Rusko feat Virus Syndicate - Dirtydirty
Dz - Down - Black Acre
Zero G - Ranzom
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko mix) - Island
Skream - Fastlane - Tempa
Rusko - Do U Wanna Have A Party
Giant - Rocker
Kidsister - Pronails (Rusko mix) - Atlantic
Bun vs Ill Bill - Choppa
Kid Sister - Switchboard - Atlantic
Benny Page - Liar Liar
Rusko - Moaners - Subsoldiers
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema mix) - Subsoldiers
Marcus Visionary - Flying Dubs
Benga - Night (Buraka Som Sistema mix)
Rusko - Mr Chips - Subsoldiers
Rusko and Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen
Rusko and Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen (Clipz mix)
Pendulum - Showdown (Clipz mix) - Warner
Clipz - Offline (VIP)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dub Police Show - The Others - Nov. 26th Rinse FM

Dub Police Show Absolutely filthy. 'nuff said.

Zinc - November 26th Bassline/Garage/4x4 biz - Rinse FM

Zinc - Nov. 26th on Rinse FM Throwing down a fun mix here. I don't know if this is even classified as house anymore more, but he seems to throw a bit of everything thats four on the floor in the mix, including a few from back in the acid house days. Nice break from the detuned sorrows of dubstep. I threw this under breaks although its not really.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SMOG on Standard Snowboard Show // 8PM on Fuel TV tonight!


Catch the Standard Snowboard Show on Fuel TV

Featuring music from SMOG artists such as DLX, 12th Planet, and DJ Evol

DLX - 8bit Vampire @ 5:20
12th Planet - 68th @ 8:20
Evol - Invaders @16:40 - dude pops out shoulder

Monday, November 17, 2008

Interweb Dubs

slow on the mixes to start off the week, so I scoured the net for some more dubs to check. I do try to showcase the unsigned stuff but I'm not really sure what is out and making the rounds at shops now. So if it's been out for a longtime don't get huffy, I just think it's a good tune. Anyway here's my reco:
Dub Crookz - Monkey
Dub Crookz - Fungus
Subscape - Badman (in shops now)
Rogue Star - Forsaken
Hostile - Bring The Danger

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 11-10-08

finallay back after what seems like ages. Plastician and Nomad - Rinse FM 11-10-08 No Tracklist ATM, but it's fire. Dunno what's up w/ Rinse FM these days, as there blog hasn't been updated all that frequently and when it does, it's kinda random pods. Maybe the need some more online staff? Anyways enjoy this one, I did.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some dubs you should check

just floated around on Myspace for a bit, and stumbled across a few dubs to check..
Excision - Pendulum Remix
Excision - Force feat. Noise 
Emalkay - 2Fingers WhatUKnowAbout Remix
Emalkay - Explicit (this one is HUGE!!! I beat MotherFuckers!!!)
Emalkay - Heroics  
Noiz - Scorched Humanity feat. Dekode
12th planet - Contril ft. EMU SKREAM rmx
DJ Evol ft. Sintonic - Welcome to Hell

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stand Up

Monster Musick on Myspace Check out DJ Evol's - Stand Up, an Obama/MLK inspired tune. Bit of a funky roller, which I think is kinda rare in d-step, but I dig it. That organ intro is tops. Let me know what you guys think of it, I've dropped it at least everyday since my brother sent it to me. Definitely got me pumped for the election.

Proud of the USA

For getting out to vote with your hearts and minds instead of hate and fear. Finally we can live in the new millennium with our heads held high.

Monday, November 3, 2008


big mix from Excision. A lot of the neurofunk/ tech vibe on this one. Some of it almost industrial at points (check Audio - Warehouse VIP ). Fun, dirty and glitchy in all the right spots. the track list is massive...

1- Excision - System Check
2- Excision & Ultrablack - Bear Trap
3- Ill Bill Bachelor - The Demons
4- Noah D & No Thing - Unknown suspect
5- Roommate & Spl - Gangster
6- Suspicious Stench - Ghost Town
7- Skream - Oskilatah
8- Cotti & Cluekid — The Legacy
9- Bassnectar - Dubble Step
10- Antiserum - Rambo Style
11-12th Planet - 28 Hours Later
12-Ohmwerk - Dubcore
13-Vex'd - Angels
14-Vista - Exit Wound
15-Excision & Noiz - Do it Now
16-Excision & Redline - Square 1
17-Stenchman - Sounds of the Future
18-Trillbass & Bro Safari - Fist Pump
19-DZ - Oooh
20-DZ - The Fireman
21-Ill Bill Bachelor & B.U.N. - Yorkshire Pudding
22-Ultrablack - UBGW
23-12th Planet - Open Your Eyes
24-Excision & Noiz - Force
25-Audio - Warehouse VIP
26-Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix)(Excision Edit)
27-Jackal & Cheshire - Newtown Sounds
28-Bar 9 - Shaolin
29-Nero - This Way
30-12th Planet - C sick (Excision Edit)
31-Babylon System - Our Moment
32-Excision & The Subdivision - Hypothermic
33-SPL - Cobalt
34-Excision & Endophyte - Aliens
35-Ohmwerk - Templar
36-12th Planet - Lighters
37-B.U.N. & Ill Bill Bachelor - Choppa
38-Five Oh One - Get Back
39-DZ - Down
40-Nero - Workout
41-Corrupt Souls - 1138
42-Mistabishi - Pleasures
43-Skream - Sandsnake (Excision Edit)
44-Excision - Serious business
45-Reso - If you Can't Beat 'em
46-Computer Club - Load Rocket
47-Excision - More Obvious
48-Stenchman - What the Future Holds VIP
49-Bar 9 - Pussyhole
50-Excision - Wasted
51-Nero - Night Thunder

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Skream and Kutz - Stella Session 10-29-08

big ups Moonshine on the upload. DJ Robyn on the tracklist.

This mix is a bit all over, and really fun in spots. To be honest some of the more Medi tracks kind of bore me, but there a are few standout dubs that I haven't really caught before that more than make up for it. Check 20.Skream & Cluekid - Sandsnake (Goth Trad Remix) .. that shit is fire.

Skream and Kutz - Mediafire
Skream and Kutz - Sendspace
Skream and Kutz - YouSendit

01.Skream - Memories Of The Third Base
02.Mala - Man In Dub Dread?
03.Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Code 46
04.Kutz - ?
05.Kutz - Welcome Back
07.Skream - If You Know
08.Kutz - Jumanji
10.Joker - Digidesign
11.Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Count Of Monte Crystal & Sinden Remix)
12.Silkie - Sky's The Limit
13.Kutz - Robot 22
14.DJ Zinc feat. Nolay - Killa Sound (Skream Remix)
15.DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Skream Remix)
16.Kutz - Baby
17.Benga & Kutz - I'll Kut Ya
18.Bassnectar - ?
19.Crissy Cris - Counts
20.Skream & Cluekid - Sandsnake (Goth Trad Remix)
21.Kutz - Glitchy Finger
22.Ed Rush & Optical - Musslehead?
23.Skream - Filth
24.Kutz - ?
26.G-Double - ?
27.Kito - What If
28.Skream - I Love The Way
29.Mr Lager - ?
30.Antisocial - ?
31.Babysham - Spider
32.Skream - Meta-lick
33.Coki - ?
34.Kutz - ?
35.Skream - Burnin' Up (A Jungle Tribute)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Grooverider back at Radio 1 w/ Fabio

oi, oi! Big ups Groove!!! Good to have ya back in he saddle, always pushing the new tunes. I think DNB missed you. Here it its, the return of Grooverider on Radio 1 w/ Fabio 10-19-08

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Caspa - Exclusive Get Darker Mix...

Caspa - Exclusive


1. Caspa - My pet Monster - Digital Sound Boy
2. Klaxtons - Its Not Over - Skream Remix
3. Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
4. Caspa - Louder VIP - Sub Soldiers
5. Caspa - Floor Them - Digital Sound Boy
6. Emalkay - Explicit - Dub Police
7. Sub Scape - Transaction - Dub Police
8. The Others - Africa VIP - Dub Police
9. Unitz - Wait A Minute - Dub Police
10. Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
11. Caspa - The Terminator - Sub Soldiers
12. TC - Where's My Money - Caspa Remix - DStyle
13. Skream - Fick - Tempa

Pretty much straight up standard Caspa, at 25 minutes, it's like the perfect amount of time. Superior mix n blends as well. Listen to this everyday. Get it, get it, get it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just when thought Holy Ghost was dead...

This one comes along. Cracks me up everytime. jokes.

Monster Musick updates

Ok Dj Evol's new label finally has a myspace page to call home. Check out Monster Musick on Myspace There's four new tunes up. Slaughterhouse (featured on the new 12th Planet mix) is going to be on the first 12" which should be headed for tests right now. White labels might be out in time for X-mas? Anyways check Load Media U.K. for distro details if you are interested. I'm the goon responsible for the label art and logo design. This is the first time I've really done any art for the dubstep world, so hope you all dig it. Brad likes his 60's grindhouse monster movies, so I just went with that and tried to give it a contemporary feel. If anyone is interested in similar work, hit me up, who knows I might have time.

Also I just want to let you all know I've been working on Evol's "Sickness" video as well. A work in progress will probably be posted in the following weeks. "Sickness" came out on as SMOG L.A. 1st vinyl release, also featuring the "Smokescreen" by 12th Planet.

BTW I'm predicting Out of Breath will be the next big wobble, tune, I'd like to know what you guys think, post some comments and let me know. Show me enough blog love and I could possibly start doing some vinyl give-aways. And everyone likes free records, right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SUBFLO & MC Question Mark

Subflo & MC Question Mark DOA Mix

Nice write up on DOA This pretty dope jump-up mix/ I have heard any good jump-up mixes in a hot minute, so this was refreshing. It's got rollers, some funky/jazzy tunes, and some dubbed out tunes as well, so you know it's not all in your face jump-up ravers. Decent on the MC/hype side as well. Not jibba jabbin.

Subflo & Heavy Hittahz ''Can U Work With That (Remix)'' (Rum Runnerz Dub)
Subfocus ''Time Warp'' (Ram)
Zen ''In Full Effect'' (Flipmode Audio)
Clipz ''Loud & Dirty'' (Audio Zoo)
Distorted Minds ''Ghost Town'' (DSR Dub)
Taxman ''The Circle'' (Ganja)
Interface ''It's A Pity'' (Dub)
DJ Hazard ''Skankers'' (Frontline)
Roni Size ''It's Jazzy (Nu:Tone Remix)'' (V)
Jaydan ''Iron Fist'' (2nd City)
Dub Peddler ''Hit The Deck'' (Dub)
DJ Sly ''You've Got A Nerve'' (Low Down Deep)
DJ Levela ''Minimal Fuss'' (Radical Beats)
Bassface Sacha & The Force ''International Sound'' (Stereotype)
Original Sin ''Ohm'' (Ganja)
Zen ''Jah Colours (Remix)'' (Low Down Deep)
Visionary ''Run For Your Life VIP'' (One Point)
Crissy Criss ''Us'' (Mix & Blen')
TC ''Driver'' (Bootcamp)
Crytical Dub ''Don't Understand (Remix)'' (Co-Lab)
Silver & Subflow ''Worries (Remix)'' (Rmx 003)
DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds ''Mr. Happy'' (Playaz)
DJ Sly ''�Code Of The Samurai''� (Dub)
DJ Panik ''Dread Or Alive (Taxman Remix)'' (Dub Science)
Clipz ''Offline'' (Audio Zoo)
Jaydan ''What U Want'' (Smokers Riddim)
Distorted Minds ''Don't Hold Back (Remix)'' (Universal)
Callide ''Nuclear Warhead'' (Mix & Blen')
Clipz ''Information Dub'' (Audio Zoo)
Aries ''Run Fa Yer Life'' (Dub)
Eddie K ''Stink Box'' (Stereotype)
Taxman ''Original Ninja'' (Ganja)
Prestige ''Breakin' The Wall'' (Nemesis Dub)
Visionary ''Skylarking'' (Dance Rock & Groove)
DJ Zen ''Ravin' Rudeboy (Remix)'' (2nd City)
Silver ''Superstar (Remix)'' (Rmx 003)

Smog 2 year on Media Contender

There's a nice little label profile/ interview with Drew Best on Media Contender. Thought I'd post the video up here as well. Interesting quik read. On a personal note, I got to say that everyone I met from the Smog crew have been nothing but nice to me and my bro, and that goes a long way in my book. Big ups on the 2 years guys!! Cheers!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

SubFM - DJ's Shy,Skeeze & Phazema

interesting sets with some experimental and some extremely aggro tunes, taking to new levels of filth. down like charlie brown.

crazy section starts around 40 mins in...
Duster - Phokus & Mr Boogie
Rock To The Riddim - Ultrablack
Swaggier - Thrillbass & Symbol
Unknown - Unknown
666 - Substep Infrabass
Freeze VIP - Ultrablack
Pipe Addiction - Macabre Unit
Earn Your Keep - Atreus

here's the whole Tracklist

Ghost - Emalkay
What You Wouldn't Do For Love - DZ
I Love Your Visage - Vista
Stick Up - Switch
Run Da Track - Mr Boogie & TKR
Satellites talkin Rubbish - Twisted
Eye Turn Red - Phokus & Mr Boogie
Episode - Bombaman
10/30 - Kromestar
Metamorphus - Not In My Name
My Love - White
The Phunk - Vista
Lady Dub - The Widdler
Duster - Phokus & Mr Boogie
Rock To The Riddim - Ultrablack
Swaggier - Thrillbass & Symbol
Unknown - Unknown
666 - Substep Infrabass
Freeze VIP - Ultrablack
Pipe Addiction - Macabre Unit
Earn Your Keep - Atreus
Nutta - 501
Explicit - Emalkay
Things Glitch - Afterdark
Examination of Time (VIP) - Babylon System
C@nt Face - Afterdark
Blunted - Not In My Name
Gut Fucker - Stenchman
You Know The Future - Tes La Rok
Old Timers - DZ
Heroics - Emalkay
Surge - EMU
Are Ya Feelin - 12th Planet
Forcefield - Vista
Unknown - Kial
Jacobs Ladder - Terrorbyte
Whiplash - Afterdark
No Badness - Afterdark
Fictional Fate - Afterdark
Doesn't Work Like That - Afterdark
Choose Your Record - Afterdark
End Of The Night - EMU & 12th Planet
Put Ya Dirt Inside - 16bit
Lemme Tell Ya - Afterdark
Eastern Jam - Chase & Status

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chase & Status - Clash Up Mini-mix

Chase & Status - Clash Up

track list
01. intro
02. chase & status - dhoom machale mash up
03. chase & status - eastern jam
04. 501 dubz - insanity
05. chase & status - dubsta
06. chase & status - bits (kajra mash up)
07. chase & status - madhouse (dola dubstep mash up)
08. chase & status feat takura - street life
09. chase & status feat plan b - pieces (dhoom machale mash up)

short and dutty!

Street Life is epic.

Best Grime Clip

courtesy of Plastician via myspace.

Monday, October 13, 2008

DSF followup

A little more explanation to the Dubstep forum has been posted, and so for those that care I thought I'd share. IMO seemed to call out too much attention in a negative way, but perhaps it was for the best. Here's the post:

Like the empty space before a drop, the past few days were a dramatic pause for deliberate effect. Reactions have been mixed; positive and negative, public and private, opportunistic and confused. An indefinite timeframe of downtime was specified, yet interpreted by some as final. The questioning call of 'why?' has resounded. We obviously left the finality of it all a little open-ended: for a while we didn't know how long and we didn't want people to know. This wasn't an especially pragmatic move. It was one to instigate a response.

Birthdays are a good time to take stock, evaluate your life and think about the direction you're going in. Closing the forum for a few days has allowed us all to do this. This was the main point of the closure. It was a unanimous decision but all the moderators had their own reasons for going ahead with it as well. We felt the need to do it. Everyone has had the chance to think about what the forum means to them, which we think is a good thing. What if it was the end?

In all honesty, we were getting a headache from the constant noise, so we hit pause in an attempt to try and make people realize what is important to them. Perhaps we failed. Perhaps not. Ending it for good would have been an interesting move but this was never going to be permanent as it's far better to continue, forging the best environment we can for this music to be discussed and disseminated.

The value of any forum is determined by its users. This was always the strength of this forum in the past and perhaps now it is its weakness. This is both a matter of scale and success. Like the sound, 'The Community' has mutated and fragmented and is an entirely different entity today than it was in 2005. This is fine of course; this wasn't an attempt to change this. This wasn't a wheel up to try and take things back. We didn't think it would return things to how they were in the forum's infancy. It wasn't an elitist move. Yes, we would like more decorum and less idiocy but we know this is the internet; a place where currency is information which flows continuously often at the expense of quality. We paused the flow. It was a moment to reflect. All the moderators have and we hope you have too.

We realise that DSF is the online nucleus of the scene and to many away from the more established geographical hubs of the sound, the lifeblood of it. We know it is valued and we just want it to be the best possible place it can be for our users. This forum would not exist without the music or its users. But our users; DJs, producers, promoters and fans are able to shape it by their actions. 3 years in and it's hard to think that this forum has been anything less that catalytic in the music's development. Not specifically its existence but its function; what it has facilitated and what it has fostered - this international community.

So welcome back, make what you will of the past few days and if you haven't already, please download the BunZer0 3rd birthday mix and remember we're all here because of the music.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dubstep Forum Closes!!!????

edit. 10/10/08 : Well apparently this was a false alarm of sorts, but here's what when down a mere four days ago. Dubstep forum is back, maybe it just ducked out for a bit so people can actually appreciate it for what it is, a music forum, not a soap opera. Anyways I'll leave this up, for kicks.

The following press release was posted on dubstep forum front page:


Embargoed until: 6 October 2008, 00.01


On 6 October 2005 Dubway created 3 years on and here we are. A lot has happened in those 3 years. We’ve gone from being a community of just a few hundred to over 20,000. We’ve fostered a co-operative forum label and hosted a few raves, including the bete noire that was the awards. So whether you lurk innocuously, post ferociously, inform and engage debate or simply offer up your very much valued opinion on moderation issues; thank you for being a part of it.

To celebrate, please download and listen to this mix, expertly crafted by the indomitable BunZer0 using artisan ingredients produced by our very own members, highlighting the talent and passion at the heart of this community. It’s interesting to compare it to the 1st birthday mix by N-Type to see how the sound has progressed within 2 years. Check it out. The full tracklist can be found here.

So let’s clear a few things up. To kill the speculation, there will be no awards this year. After last year’s success / jolly good fun / catastrophe / embarrassment (delete as per your opinion), we have decided against doing them again. We’ve always been about putting the music and community first and the awards were merely an attempt to celebrate both these things but it also seems that those two things dictate whether or not the awards are a good idea. And this year they aren’t.

On the flipside, we are going to have a birthday party in November. There will be bass. There will be booze. There will be no Buffalo. November 14th is a date for your diary.

And oh yes, we’re also closing the forum. Indefinitely.

Happy Birthday!



Here was my original response.

In the meantime people have started up another forum called

I'm not a scenester, I'm just a guy that digs some tunes. I'm a bit bummed by the whole thing. I don't really know the behind the scene politics or gossip about the dubstepforum. I went there exclusively for mixes, tune IDs, and some insight on dubstep production and the scene in general. But I did enjoy the fact that big name DJs and producers posted on there, and I can read about there mixes, or know when new albums were dropping and what not. I'm a little sad about the whole thing to be honest, and will gladly spill some beer on the curb for it. RIP for now...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Noah D - Stella Sesh via Skream

Dutty mix here from *edit* Portland's Noah D. Note the file is a .zip. Don't worry no viruses.

1. Noah D - Vibtrationz
2. Satori - Time To Kill
3. Noah D - Twister
(Forthcoming SUBWAY - Noah D EP)
4. Noah D - Stomping Ground (Instrumental)
(Forthcoming BASSHEAD MUSIC)
5. Switch & Freq Nasty Feat. Santo Gold - Creator
6. Noah D & Babylon System - Take That
(Noah D VIP)
7. Matty G - Cuttin & Scratchin
(Forthcoming ARGON LP01 - Matty G - Take You Back LP)
8. Skream - Filth
(Forthcoming TEMPA)
9. Babylon System & Noah D - Examination of Time
(VIP Mix - Forthcoming ARGON)
10. Noah D - Got U Now
11. Breakage - Untitled

courtsey of Skream. (my bad I originally posted he was from SF, which I was under the impression because of a collab w/ SF's Babylon System on Examination of Time, cheers for the correction).

12th Planet - Nibiru Kingdom Mix

got a heavy wobbled out mix by the one and only 12th planet. no tracklist as of yet, but plenty of dubs and some familiar anthems. I noticed him doing crazy mashup of Evol's Slaughtehouse, and another tune, tho I can't think of the name of it right. kinda crazy and kinda fun. download 12th Planet - Nibiru Kingdom Mix

Friday, September 19, 2008

LIVE - Benga, Caspa & Rusko - 10 Days Off, Belgium

from the pages of dubstep forum some crazy big mixes from Rusko, Caspa and Benga. a couple of really fresh new bits, plus the usual wobble and mayhem. Caspa and Rusko Benga Decent enough quality.

update: been listen the fuck outta the Caspa and Rucko mix, just gotta comment on what a fucking stormer that "Making Dirty Music". An absolute guilty pleasure. Anyone got a track ID on that hit me up, or if you can sort out a tracklist, even better. Will post it up if I'm able. cheerz. what a fun party this must have been. check out the video posts at inYourbass for some live footage of the event.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Argon Radio 14 September 2008

Argon Radio 14 September 2008 Man I really dig the sounds coming from SF these days. Always pushing forward but never forgetting the roots of the music. On one hand you got some slamming heavy b-lines processed, wobbled and distorted to fuck and on on the other you have some lush and thoughtful atmospheric samples sprinkled with ragga and hyphy snippets. Steel drums, horns, guitars, and lonely vocals. And somehow it never sounds cheesy or forced. And it always sounds like a shout from the future. Big big ups to Nicky Argon and Babylon System, forever raising the bar. Enough of my waffle, here's the tracklist:

nick argon:
1. floetry - say yes (distinction remix)
2. tes la rok - belong remix
3. konnek deep - honest
4. jack sparrow - general remix
5. l-wiz - lavender wedding
6. stevie wonder - jammin' (6blocc remix)
7. unknown - ghost town remix
8. desto - bounce - forthcoming boombap
9. jack sparrow - shadings
10. l-wiz - disco feeva
11. dj madd - vibez
12. wascal - all i need
13. von d - so many faces (vip mix)
14. liquid stranger - crush groovin
15. liquid wicked - dub war
16. kulture blak & ilodica - highgrade
17. liquid wicked featuring warrior queen - moon eclipse
18. black sun empire - hypersun
19. redemption & twisted - ill dire
20. twisted - robots (j:kenzo remix)
21. dutty ranks - greasy mits
22. unknown - phat planet remix
23. bar 9 - midnight
24. kion and murda - dubman fadeaway remix

babylon system:
25. babylon system ft. candy vox - hyphy (unfinished)
26. ekaj - other worlds
27. emalkay - heroics
28. bar 9 - bakin bred
29. liondub & shaketek feat jahdan - the general (noah d remix)
30. babylon system & antiserum - cali style - forthcoming argon
31. enei - war
32. ruf - raw love
33. ekaj - tetsu
34. chasing shadows - the end
35. emalkay - explicit
36. benny page & zero g - trigger finger
37. benny page - original killa
38. alborosie - police polizia (noah d & roommate remix)
39. matt u - peyote
40. matt u - free me
41. satori - time to kill
42. osc - dreadlock
43. noah d vs roommate - the bassman
44. mayhem & whisperlink - untitled
45. babylon system vs spl - hypnosis
46. babylon system & noah d - examination of time (vip mix) - forthcoming argon
47. reso - onslaught
48. black sun empire - cold crisis
49. damian marley - it was written (chasing shadows remix)
50. dz - break it down
51. babylon system vs spl - on fire

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New DJ Evol Tunes

Hey I got some new dubstep tunes from my bro, I can't release any teasers ATM but they are killer. If you are in the LA area you might be able to catch him droppin' them at a SMOG or Pure Filth night. Keeps ears peeled for the arcade bass roller, politically charged Obama (complete with killer MLK samples). Beyond Dis World is freaky sci-fi terror dub. The bassline is basically war of the worlds styled death rays. FInally No Mercy must have been inspired by that BBQ we had at Knifedreams, when we all got drunk and threw chinese stars at guns targets taped to a tree. Flute melody, Kung-fu samples, stomping b-lines, it's like he channeled the RZA circa 36th Chambers era. All quality tunes. Look out for his label Monster Musick, dropping some serious shit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Take Your Money" M.I.A. "Paper planes" dubstep rmx by The Grizwalds

Pretty much the samples are the only thing that keeps this interesting, as a tune on it's own, it's kinda sub-standard. I actually dread the day dubstep becomes just another dance music format to remix popular songs into, as it can really stand on it's own two feet. Vacation sample is jokes tho.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Crazy DNB Religious Vid - Limewax Zombie vs. Zombie

I think this one has jumped the shark, to be honest, but it's pretty crazy and spooky in the beginning.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Plastician - Rinse Fm 18808

Plastician 18.8.08 on Rinse FM Sorry for the euro dating, but thats how the file is named. Anyways this is a big one, keep a look out for Prime Cut's "Gash" at the 30 minute mark or so. Crazy distorted and liquified bassline. The following track is just as interesting. New sounds... get it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Breakage, Stanza, Rusko & MC Rod Azlan on 1Xtra 15.08.08

Breakage, Stanza, Rusko & MC Rod Azlan on 1Xtra 15.08.08 Well to be honest, I'm not down with alot of this mix. Breakage is boring to me, just not my cup of drum n bass ya know. And Stanza a bit messy and all over the place at times, granted dropping a few slammers. His set picks up towards the end and gets quite aggro. So that leaves Rusko which is obviously the standout and the sole reason for me downloading this. It's a bit of heavy dload, but worth it for the last chunk of that Rusko mix. brawling... straight up fisticuffs, all over this shit, right here. BTW stole the link from B*E over at dubstep forum.

Breakage Mix

Breakage - Clarendon (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage - Come Back (Bassbin)
Breakage - The Shroud (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage - Morning Star V.I.P (Bassbin)
Insight - Transmition
L.V With Dandelion - Takeover (Hyperdub)
Digital Mystikz - Ancient memories (DMZ)
Breakage - Calahan (Digital Soundboy)
Untold - Signal Test (Hessle Audio)
Breakage - Untitled (Digital Soundboy)

Stanza from Scandalous Unlimted/True Tiger

Scandalous Unlimited - Whisper
Reso – Climbing The Walls
Sukh Knight – Jinglist
Jakes – 3K Out
Scandalous Unlimited – The Solution
Sukh Knight – Born Invinsible
Wiley Feat. Frisco – Marijuana (Check Clean)
Caspa – Louder
Unknown – Untitled
Scandalous Unlimited – Dark Horse
Scandalous Unlimited – Half Inch
Sukh Night – Diesel Not Petrol
Rusko – Jah Ova
Scandalous Unlimited – Is This Grimey Enough (Instrumental)
Sukh Knight – Mount Heaven
Scandalous Unlimited – Nasty Love
Rusko – Pint Face
Kosh – Funeral March
Cotti Feat Doctor – Calm Down
Scandalous Unlimited – Too Loud
Purple – Simba Says
J Dubs – Viet Kong
Rusko – Cockney Thug
Ruf – Want Some Crack?
Reso – Spooky
Natasja – Ildebrand I Byen (2000F Remix Vocal)
Scandalous Unlimited – Bareface
Skream – Dutch Flowers (Rusko Remix)
Blue Bear – Closer ToYou

Rusko and MC Rod Azlan Mix (Dub Police Label)

Rusko ft Lutan Fyah - Soundguy Target
Benga & Coki - Night (VIP Remix)
Rusko - Jahova
Skream - Callous
Rusko - Period
Caspa - Mypet Monster
Rusko - Gat Ya C*** out
Rusko - Checkmate
Caspa - Terminator
Rusko - Origional Cut
Rusko - Hammertime
DJ Unitz - The Drop
Skream - Simple City
Rusko - Moanerz
Rusko - Cockney Thug Remix
Skream - Murderer Instrumental
Toddla T - To U Know (Rusko Electro Remix)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chase & Status - Essential Mix 2008.08.09

Large mix from Chase & Status, like how they split a DNB section and a Dub section. All the usual suspects, sprinkled with dubs and hot all the way thru.

09 August 2008
Chase & Status

Chase & Status Ft Plan B - Pieces - Ram
Xample & Lomax - Contra - Ram
Noisia - Diplodocus - Quarantine
Chase & Status - Music Club - Ram
Concept 2 - Cause & Effect - Ram
Jakes (Ft Tc) - Swerve - D Style
Sigma - El Presidente - Dub
Chase & Status - Dumpling Riddim - Ram
TC & Jakes - Haters - D Style
System - Near Miss - Digital Soundboy
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (High Contrast Rmx) - Ministry
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down - Bbk
Break - Submerged Rmx (Calyx & Teebee Vip) - Subtitles
Chase & Status - Take Me Away - Ram
Vicious Circle - Technicolour - Dub
Andy C & Shimon - Quest Vip - Ram
Chase & Status - Hurt You - Ram
Icicle & Nymfo - Franky Mountain - Ram
Chase & Status - Streetlife - Ram
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam - Ram
Breakage - Together - Digital Soundboy
Burial - Untrue - Hyperdub
Lenny Dee Ice - We Ie (Caspa & Rusko Rmx) Dub
Chase & Status - Saxon - Dub
Benny Page & Zero G - Pan Pipes - Digital Soundboy
501 - Insanity - Dubtrade
TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Rmx) - D Style
Cotti & Doctor - Rise The Temperature - Dubtrade
Chase & Status Ft Kano - Against All Odds - Ram
Dizzee Rascal - Old Skool - Xl
Inner City Dwellers - Rudeboy - Dub
Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Pendulum Rmx)
Noisia - Stigma - Vision
Chase & Status - Smash Tv - Ram
Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl - Prototype
Chase & Status - Brazil - Ram
Hazard - Killaz - Playaz
Lomax - Artisan Vip - Dub
Vicious Circle - Peer Pressure - Dub
Dc Breaks - Taken - Frequency
Chase & Status - Judgement - Ram
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows - Ram
Chase & Status - Duppy Man - Bbk
Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status Rmx) - 679
Lomax - Mercia - Dub
Sub Focus - Follow The Light - Ram
Hive & Tech Itch - Detox - Violence
Chase & Status - Havoc - Ram
Breakage - Clarendon Vip - Digital Soundboy
Furney - Jahman - Good Looking
Alix Perez - Stray - Shogun
Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestic
Zero T - Refusal (Calibre Rmx) - Dub

Friday, August 8, 2008

Plastician and Nomad August 4 Rinse FM

Plastician and Nomad August 4 Rinse FM Plastician kills it with some sick mixes and grime accapellas. Check the Crissy Criss tune and grime mash up about quarter of the way in, so big. Plastician is still have a few pops w/ technical diffuculties. serrato acting up and what not. but easily overlooked for such a scorcher of a set.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Messiah Remix goes off!

Lol! I don't normally do the You Tube chainletter kind of post, but ya know this one's kinda funny. Check the double drop near the end.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rusko - Kiss FM


Rusko - Kiss FM
Rusko - To Da Floor - Dub
Stenchman - Hello Anybody There - Dub
Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Dub
Caspa And Rusko - Soulful Geeza - Dubpolice
Rusko - Go Go Gadget - Dub
Rusko - Period - Digital Soundboy
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Asylum
Doctor - Raise The Tempature - Dubtrade Rec
Chase And Status - Saxon - Ram
Bun Vs Ill Bill Bachelor - Choppa - Dub
Caspa - Rubber Chicken (Rusko Remix) - Dub
Rusko - Tough - Subsoldiers
Rusko - Woo - Digital Soundboy
Caspa - Louder Vip - Dubpolice
Rusko - Check Mate - Dub
Blasta - Reach Out For Dub Girl - Dub
Dkay - Fire (Rusko's Fuck Ya Bolloks Off Remix) - Dubpolice
Skream - Fastlane - Dub
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix) - Atlantic
Rusko - Network - Dub
Stenchman - Lets Rock - Dub
Marcus Visionary And Satori - Flying Dubs - Digital Soundboy
Benga And Coki - Night (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dub
Rusko - Let's Go - Dub
Shy Chlid - Noise Won't Stop (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dub
Buraka Som Sistema & Rusko - Luanda Lisboa - Dub
Benny And Vincenzo - Burberry Boy - Dub
Rusko - Terminal3 - Dub
Kid Sister - Switchboard Rusko Vip - Asylum
Rusko - Holdon - Dub

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


OMG, freakin' Stormtrooper mix here. full guns blazing from the SF crew. heavy on the twisted up b-lines. Examination of Time VIP is the shiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!! Badass.


Babylon System & Antiserum - California Style - forthcoming Argon recs
Rumble Junkie - Dope Angel (Antiserum remix)
SPL - Cobalt - forthcoming Hollow Point recs
Noah D & No Thing - Unknown suspect - subway recs
Djunya - Contact (roommate remix) - forthcoming mode recs
Roommate - Youth Promotion - forthcoming + thought recs
Noah D & Roommate - Street Sound - forthcoming + thought recs
Babylon System - Big Up - forthcoming Full Melt recs
Antiserum - Shock wide
Babylon System - Get on UP - forthcoming mode recs
Antiserum - Squatters - forthcoming Hollow Point recs
Noah D & Babylon System - Take That (noah d vip) - forthcoming Heavy load recs
Babylon System & Noah D - Examination of time (VIP!!!) - forthcoming Argon recs
Babylon System - Our Moment - forthcoming Hollow Point recs
Babylon System & SPL - untitled - forthcoming Hollow Point recs
SPL - Storm in my Heart - forthcoming Hollow Point recs
OSC - Evolution - forthcoming full melt recs
Lion Dub Featuring Jah Dan & Sotto bless - Heartbroken (Noah D remix)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lifted Music Podcast - Spor & Chris Renegade

Wow there's actually some decent DNB left in the world that I don't think is canned and old hat. This podcast proves it. Granted there are a few mis-steps. It goes will the territory these days, but overall I fully enjoyed this podcast. tracks and new bits by : Keaton & Hive, Noisia, Apex, Subfocus, Evol Intent + Ewun, Chris Renegade, Influx Datum and more. Exploring the darker side of rawr rawr tech-step smashes with the occasional dip in to funky and liquid flavors. But mostly it's the Lifted standard of mutated and twisted new strains of pulsating raw energy over a bed of broken beats. Beyond neuro-funk, beyond darkside, beyond metal. Good stuff! Download the Lifted Podcast!

Rusko - Cockney Knees Up BBC Radio 1

Hey this ones a few weeks old, but it's been on heavy rotation on my playlist. Haven't been able to locate a tracklist, but it's blazin' to be sure. All the usual suspects and then some. Fire! Rusko - Cockney Knees Up

Orakle Dynasty - Contact

Some hot lesbian kiss imagery render with minimal lines, soft color palette. Perfect for summertime pool party invasions at the Playboy Mansions grotto. There's Bukoskis-esque drawing on the back that nicely rounds out the shirt. You like lesbians and literature. nice one. You can turn some heads with this but just as easily blend in to a crowd if need be. I'm digging it, but again oversized...

Orakle Dynasty - Shanked

Bad ass Ninja Sword Comic Book Action. Oversized tho, so if you like clothes that fit it may not be for you. But rad design. Karma Loop descript as follows: printed with discharged ink and showcases several signature details including blue neck piping which extends to a contrasting shoulder stitch, a stitched red pyramid surrounding the foil inside hit and each tee is longer than a comparable tee.

p.s. sorry for the downtime gang, been enjoying my summer too much. I have tons to post from my LA trip. Will get to that when I can.

Friday, May 30, 2008

LA - Trip

Going to LA to visit my bro Jun 17-23rd. Going to see Benga & Rusko there. And Twisted and Evol at Respect. Anyone wants to link up for tiki drinks drop me a line

Plastician & Nomad May26th RINSE FM

Plastician & Nomad are back! Big fun dubstep radio is back. Plastician drops the Junior Spesh on this mix about halfway in. Bare jokes as they say. Over all a pretty good one, lots of new bits and some experimental tracks as well. Well looking forward to Plastician's May Mix which should drop anyday now.

DJ Evol interview, UA on the DL Podcast

Evol Interview Hey as always gotta big-ups my brother. Here's Brad aka DJ Evol doing a long ass interview with the one like DJ A-tak 'longside MC DINO. Mr. Syntonik swings by as well. Couple of new DNB tunes from Evol as well. Danger @ 10:47, Hang On @ 28:12, Torture @ 41:50, Slaughterhouse (Dubstep) @ 59:20. Big ups bro!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bit of a dry spell lately, but here we go with a hot one from Hatcha n Caspa compliments of Get No track list tho, sorrys. Some heavy ones, mashed w/ some techy button pushas as to be expected. Fiya.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Gear

Well it's been a long minute since laste posted. This crazy-ass Chicago weather had me down in the dumps for a bit, but its starting to finally feel like spring... Thought I'd post up some gear I've been checking. A few old ones, and some new ones mixed. Big print is still hot, and the old school Jeff Phillips style is coming back, at least in my eyes. Organic artsy shit is still sick when done proper, don't know how long it will hold out for tho. Here's the run down:
Abstraxx- Straxxbot geometric couture $32 Innes Strum Tee for $19-26.
Zero Asylum Tee, a bit crazy and aggro $21.95
Rockett Yucko - old school skate gore $24.95
Artful Dodger - Tiger and Swirl jungle madness $38

Friday, April 25, 2008

Say No to Bad Art

I don't normally post anything too negative up on the blog, but I feel compelled to by series of bad art. By now most you have heard via the internet of the emaciated dog displayed as art. It's pretty horrible, be warned. Petition Against bad shock art.

I read on a blog somewhere that the artist fed the dog food and gave him water between showings. He took him from the streets near the art gallery. I'm not saying it's art mind you, its not. It's a statement, sure but not particularly insightful or artistic IMO. (Art does not equal a political statement and a political statement does not equal art.) Something a college student would do to shock and provoke.

Update: now it's rumored to be a hoax. The point being is to see how gullible people are and spread internet petitions and rumors. Wow, how insightful. Still say its bad art... now it's just bad hoax art. Or maybe not. Frankly I don't want to spend anymore energy to find out the truth of the matter. Sorry, but anytime an artist view the audience as a target or enemy, you have to seriously question their integrity and intent. Three words to describe this "piece": Boring, insulting and sophmoric.

The abortion Yale girl is a an absolute hoax... or at least Yale is refusing to display it without the artist labeling it as a work of fiction. Basically a girl artificially insemenated herself a bunch of times and forced a miscarriage on herself multiple times

There's some other horrible performance piece recently as well. I'm not even going to go into the details, its fucking terrible.

Thing is this shit is kinda played out. I mean there were so many terrible and extreme performance artists dating back to the 60's
And all that crap that came out of New York. Ugh...points like this have been made before, It's not new, it's not poignant, interesting, insightful, forward thinking or inspiring... It's just a cheap play for press coming from a frustrated and boring/failed artist(s) that needs to shock because of the lack of skill and imagination to create anything meaningful. Whatever point they are trying to get across is immediately overshadowed by the completely tacky shock methods/proccess, which practically invalidates their statement. All I'm saying is at least GG ALlin had some funny songs to show for it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Clipz - Ugly ft. Hollie G

Pretty dope/crude video exploring projected backgrounds, facepaint and crazy b-lines. It kinda works for me as it drives home the concept of ugly, dunno. I like Clipz on occassional, not a better one of his tunes, but nice still to see it all come together. Snagged it from the Dubplate blog.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Superrisk - SF Sesh 3-29-08

OMG! Large mix. Superrisk, 12th Planet, Antiserum, Roomate, Eskmo, Jsuave, Ripple, Lexxus... like 5 hours of madness. Forefront bizness, done over a laidback BBQ atmosphere. Crucial.

James Jean - serious

I've seen this guys work from the Prada animation movie the debuted a month or so ago and I thought it was really tight, but I kinda just skimmed his work, ya know. Got bored today and delved a little deeper, guy's a serious talent. Flowing lines, esquiste taste in color, and fantasical themes. Reminds me of his cover work for Fables at times, blending fairytale fantasy and horror/sci-fi. Clockwork Orange vs. Grim's. Have a look at James Jean.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Skream - Stella sesh 3.19.08

absolute forefront bizness.

Skream - Stella Sessions 19th of March 2008

02.Skream - Fick
03.Rusko & Lutan Fyah - Soundboy Is My Target
04.Benga & Walsh - Bass Face
05.Benga - E-Trips
06.Kulture - Steppin' Outta Babylon
07.Kulture feat. Doctor - ?
08.Skream - Simple City
09.Skream - Untitled/Unfinished
10.Benga - 26 Basslines VIP
11.Skream - Tracked In A Dark Bubble
12.Distance - Night Vision (Skream Remix)
13.Goth-Trad - Genesis
14.Skream - Filth
15.Magnetic Man - The Clips?
16.Ikonika - Please
17.Geiom - Reminissin' (Skream Remix 2)
18.Skream - 0800 (LD Remix)
19.Kulture - Diesel
20.Kutz - Space Lab
21.? - Fire (Rusko Remix)
22.Skream - Kinky
23.Rusko - Period
24.Skream - Refuel
25.Goth-Trad - Ending Remix
26.Skream - The Shining
27.Skream - Chest Boxing (Benga Remix)
28.Distance - Victim Support
29.Skream - ?
30.? - Touch It
31.Kulture - Lost Emotion
32.Geiom - Reminissin' (Skream Remix 1)
34.Dave Gahan - Saw Something (Skream Remix)
35.Skream - Rinse
36.Skream & Earl 16 - Stay Devoted
37.Klaxons - Not Over Yet (Skream Remix)
38.Coki - Triple 6
39.Skream - Untitled

Thursday, March 20, 2008

DJ EVOL / 12th PLANET Split 12" SMOG

Yeah so my brother's split 12" is out and about. If you haven't heard the tune check Plastician's - Wake Up call mix, it's on there. It's a horror epic man, what can I say. Slow and heavy in the right places, and fast and crazy in the lick. It got some LFO bassline action that's not quite a wobble, more like a slow-motion earthquake. Its stalks and creeps like a good slasher flick should. Pure Sickness for sure. I haven't heard the flip, but I know how 12th Planet does, and it's sure to be a dutty rocker. It's being distributed by L.O.A.D. Media and I'm sure it will end up in all the usual online stores. Get on it, promos are all sold out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SMOG RADIO 1 year - Knifedreams, DLX and gang

smog radio turns one year old!

Some new Evol and 12th Planet bits on here that are firing. BTW my bro was telling me about hanging out w/ some dude named Knifedreams on the phone and I just about busted a gut. Seriously best producer/dj name I've heard in ages. Fucking brilliant. Many more years to SMOG and crew.


l.d. - swing dat skirt
pinch - angels in the rain
l.v. - takeover (dub)
jakes - 2 steps back
12th planet - ptera patrick
dj evol - god send _ check the Romper Stomper samps!
pwn & emu - gone
trill bass - creepin'
emu - surge (6 blocc remix)
cyrus - corruption
osc - shot like this
12th planet - smokescreen
kion - crosstalk
matty g - street knowledge
hoodz - clash
trill bass - one pill
dj evol - the v's
kuma - dawn stepped outside (horsepower remix)


dlx - 8-bit by a vampire
merlow - robot dance party
dlx - acid rain dance
dlx - extinction
dlx - drum fight
dlx - you wan dead? (vip)
abz - collie budz
merlow - cathode

knyphy vs dlx:

12th planet - so hood
emu & pwn feat. sonic d - bumbaclot rinseout
babylon system - get on up

rob sparks - two faced rasta (reso remix)
12th planet - wonky
dlx - kick push

skream - oskillatoh
d1 - lovin it
trg & selector.dub.u - losing marbles

burial - ghost hardware
boxcutter - brood
martyn - shadowboxing

trill bass feat. dlx - violation sound
cyrus - whispers

thanks for listenin!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stanton Warriors - Live @ K4 08.12.2007

Breakbeat, electro, party rock, mash-up, trash, etc... Stanton Warriors, usually not my cup, but this ones got a few heavy b-lines. Nice to take a break from the dubstep and dnb every once and awhile. Stanton Warriors @ K4

Monday, March 10, 2008


Heavyweight mix, lots of fun, with some original mashup stylings. Not for the purists as it's a little bit heavy on the Rap Crunk side, but whatevs. DIG it!!

- Dubstep
- 8bit Nintendo Loops
- Rap

= Nintendub

Squincy Jones - Nintendub

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mario Ds Screwed Intro

Rogue State - Lions Paw (Metroid - Kraid's Hide Edit)

Babylon System - Dancing Shoes (Draped Out Edit)

Walsh & Kromestarr - Panik Room (3 Kings Edit)

Marlow - Road Kill (Goonies Edit)

Benga - Zombie Jig (Wizards & Warriors Kryptonite Edit)

Rusko - Hornz Cru (Diet Kryptonite Edit)

Loefah - Disko Rekah (Goonies Pop Trunk Edit)

Unsolved Mysteries Theme

Chimpo - Lockoff (Freaky Girl Edit)

Nastee Boi - Bangorz (Knuck if you Buck Edit)

Mike Lennon - When Science Fails (Hektagon Remix) (Shorty Swing Edit)

Babylon System - Loaded

Dj Unk - Beatn Down Yo Block

Woogie - End Dub

Rustie - Response

DZ - Just Rolling

Rustie - Jagz The Smack (Zelda Edit)

Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister

Kode 9 - 9 Samurai

Kode 9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hollow Point Podcast

mighty big mix from the one like SPL, labels mates with Babylon System. check the Babylon System interview I did a few weeks ago. and chew on this: SPL Hollow Point

Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink - Noisia Remix [Ninja Tune]
SPL - Quagmire [Dub]
Babylon System - Loaded [Argon]
Headhunter - 7th Curse [Ascension]
Roommate & SPL - Face of Horror [Bassism]
Skynet - Swamp [Argon]
Ekelon - Timewarp - Headhunter Remix [Dub]
SPL - Smelly Garbage [Ascension]
SPL - Road to Salvation [Hollow Point]
Headhunter - Axis [Dub]
Babylon System & SPL - Gangster [Hollow Point]
SPL - Guns [Hollow Point]
Antiserum - Skullfucked [Mode]
Technical Itch - One of Us [Ascension]
SPL - Lust [Hollow Point]
Babylon System - Our Moment [Six6Six]
Roommate & SPL - Foundation [Bassism]
Babylon System & Noah D - Examination of Time [Argon]
Babylon System & Antiserum - We at it [Hollow Point]
SPL - Cobalt [Hollow Point]
SPL - Bullet of Truth [Habit]
Morcheeba - World Looking in - DZ Remix [White]
SPL - Spellbound [Hollow Point]
SPL - Reflection [Lost Soul/Hollow Point]

Grey One - Tournament

Like this hot design from Grey One. Big bold and black. There's a crown/logo in the rib area thats not really shown in this photo. Kinda fresh. Check their online shop, lots of the usual suspects.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Mortician - Crazed for Blood

This is what happens when I get bored at work and have had a bad day. I did the edit, footage is from Dawn of the Dead and the tune is Mortician - Crazed for Blood. NSFW due to violence etc... (well, I guess it depends where you work). Anyways I think this is a fun one.

A larger 640x480 version Mortician - Crazed For Blood can be downloaded as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I had the opportunity to do a quick little email interview with Babylon System, some of Dubsteps big hitters, belting out anthems such as Dancin' Shoes, Loaded, and Examination of Time. For those that don't know, Babylon System is comprised of producers Roommate and No Thing, hailing from San Francisco, killing dancefloors on a global level.

1. First things first, how did a duo from SF get into dubstep? You guys migrate from DNB, Grime, Reggae or just come across it online? What were you into before dubstep?

The first music I (roommate) ever mixed was dub, from there, both Tom and I have been on the dub, reggae, jungle, hip hop, trip hop, dancehall, and dnb tip. For years we both were big in to the dnb/jungle scene, playing out frequently and even running nights. I (room) was introduced to dubstep mildly through internet radio, but mostly got turned on to it from my homies in Salt lake city the Dubscouts. Tom first heard dubstep from a close homie of ours years back, our friend Ronin showed him a Joe Nice mix.

2. Tell me about the SF scene, I hear it's going off big these days. What the nights and who are the players?



3. Ok so Examination of Time, talk to me about that bass sound? Sounds just absolutely filthy, was there a bunch of resampling and processing involved? Probably a trade secret I know, but it's obviously not just a preset with a z-plane filter, right?

Started the bassline with some samples from a virus synth. Manipulated those samps with the NNXT in reason. Then split that up into a couple different layers all playin on top of each other. Made some of the variations by exporting the bass into Sonar and time stretching it. All the final sequencing was done in reason.

4. So do you guys ever have a message in mind when doing a tune? Dancin' Shoes is definitely a war cry to me. That "Stand up" sample and aggro bassline combo reminds me of some Bob Marley shit.

Our basic message is "it's crunk time" We just wanna make people dance.

5. Speaking of which there's a tune by Bob Marley called Babylon System and in it he sings "de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire" and goes on to say it's a bunch of thieves and murderers, "suckin' the blood of the sufferers"... so is that something you can relate to? To me he's kind of singing about "The Man" ? Did that have something to do with guys choosing your moniker?

The Bob tune def gave us the idea for the name. We are trying to bring attention to the fact that we are all part of the Babylon System. We wanted a powerful name for the heavy music we are making.

6. What can we expect from you all in the future? Any label plans? Any tours? More solo projects from Roommate and No thing?

We got alot of stuff on the horizon. Releases scheduled on Argon recordings, Mode recordings, 10bag recs, Full Melt, Six6six, Heavy load as well as Spl and us just starting a label called Hollow Point that is gonna be putting out some knarly shit. We have def been playing shows alot seperately as well as together. We have both been dj's and homies for years and always love rockin parties. There will be alot of solo work this year as well, look out for releases from Roommate, No Thing, and OSC!!

7. Any shouts or last words?


Contact them on MySpace.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bravos - Titles and Logo Build

Well, I'd better post up some work before this turns into a dubstep blog... hahaha. Anyways here's a logo build and some titles I did for a Maytag Bravos online video. Sexy sexy animation, I know. Dig it, there's some nice faux lighting going on.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Justin Lee Williams - Custom Kicks

This dude does some sick ink and pencil drawings... loving the custom kicks he did. Kinda outsider art-esque with hand drawn blocky typography. Some stark imagery for sure. Check out his blog for more work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Skream & Benga - Rinse FM - Stella Session 02.20.08

Two dons of D-step wrecking shop, having fun... killing it. new dubs and silly-ness abound. Originally posted by Skrewface on Dubstep Forum. Music from the frontlines.... Get it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Another new one from Brad. There's a bit of hidden message in this, see if you can spot it. Shaping up to be a bad tune. Digging the heavy sine wave bass. Listen! link up with him on myspace.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So my brother's been running full force with the D-step bangers lately. He's gonna let me post this new one up that he just dropped at the SMOG label party launch. I broke it up into 2 snippets so it doesn't get ganked. Part 1 . Part 2 part 2 is my fave bit, love that subbed out murk. absolutely filthy. Meanwhile, his tune Sickness is still getting massive play and is featured on Plastician's - Wake Up Call mix. Big ups Brad. :) Check his myspace.

Crooks & Castles - meh, no longer?

Crooks & Castles is pretty much straight up thug. Like way too thug even for me. If you watched the current season of the Wire you'll see plenty of young hoppers and bangers sporting this gear. Essentially not for me. I can't roll like that. Well, that's what I thought anyways. A few of their new prints caught my eye at Karma Loop. The Stand Off, as it'a called, remind me of some Freshjive gear from early 2007, but still slick in my minds eye. There's another called the New Bandito that's kinda cool as well, but a little too affiliated for my tastes. Anyways glad to see they are moving beyond crowns, dollar signs and handgrenades.

Grooverider sentenced to 4 years!

So UK Drum N Bass DJ Grooverider (Raymond Bingham) has been sent down for 4 years in Dubai. I remember when the case fist broke they had pinched him for porn and weed. What do you want it's Grooverider for Christsakes! According to Gulf News, "He was arrested at Dubai Airport on November 23, 2007, when a small transparent sack containing 2.16 grams of marijuana was found in his luggage." Apparentlyt he claimed he was unaware that he smuggled it in. Drug possession and porn is a big no-no in Dubai, and he was alledgely warned by the event's promoter that flown him in. Timesonline reported back in December: "Ram Nath, the music promoter who organised the show, said that he warned Mr Bingham of the strict laws of the country before his departure from London.“I sent a fax to him explaining all of our laws, including what he could and could not bring into the country. Unfortunately, he was booked by police before he got out of the airport,” Mr Nath said. More than a thousand fans were left disappointed after paying £25 for a ticket to the show, according to Mr Nath. He plans to sue Mr Bingham’s London management company for losses." Damn that's messed up. I was thought Groove was kind of a tool, but my brother always said he was a nice guy. I only met him once and he was a bit of a grouch. Anyways if you miss hearing Groove's lovely antics on Radio one you can always visit his soundbite site... But seriously someone break him out of jail, this a retarded reason to get locked up.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vanishing Point 2009!

Dodge Challenger 2009
Originally uploaded by jcrash75

2009 Dodge Challenger is sick. They took the best bits of the 1970 Challenger and beefed it up, filled with 2009 muscle goodness, sprayed it Dukes-of-Hazard orange and threw down some racing stripes, Mopar is finally back! To quote : "The Challenger sits on Chrysler's LX platform, best known as the basis of the 300C, and it is fitted with a 6.1-liter Hemi engine, which delivers 425 hp at 6200 rpm and 420 lb-ft of torque at 4800 rpm. The Hemi badge is worth its weight in gold." I'm so getting this car!

The Return of American Muscle

Camaro 2009
Originally uploaded by jcrash75

The Camaro concept car from Chevy was a nice surprise at the auto show. There's some throwback design lines similar to the vintage style that made the Camaro a hot ride in the late sixties and early seventies. I especially like the fact they are emphasizing the wheel well again. My favorite Camaro , the '68, had a nice wide wheel well, and just really looked like a pure America Muscle car. It sat on the road and just dominated. So I'm taken by the new Camaro, and would definitely consider purchasing when/if they come out. Between this and the Dodge Challenger, I'm excited from American Muscle making a comeback. Sick!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comcast - Entertainment Pitch

This piece was part of a pitch-winning bid we did for Comcast. They didn't go in this direction, but still I kind of like the edit. I gather the source footage, did the edit, selected the music and animated the end tag. Super crazy fast deadline, but it was a fun pitch beause we had some cool ideas to work with. Now if only they could hook me up with some free cable!!

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Trapcode Shine

Best use of Trapcode's Shine I've seen used in a long time. Seriously though, this could be a fun movie.

Kai Isselhorst - Facing What Consumes You

Kai's illustration/design looks about a year or two dated, but still executed really well. Deconstruction mixed with bold typography and some late 80's abstract paintings (the kind you'd find hanging at a local McDonald's/ Hotel). I like it. This particular piece caught my eye because the message sort of hits home. Facing What Consume You is The Only Way To be Free. Whatever you are in to, just dive right in, ya know? Not too get too deep or anything but I think everyone can kind of interpret that to find their own direction. Thanks to NetDiver for scraping this guy up. Check more of Kai Isselhorst.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shawn Colvin - Interview Edit

Here's a 20 sec edit for some segements used in a pitch. Don't know if I can reveal the client yet, but we had 90's country singer Shawn Colvin in the studio for and interview/sponsor type thing. I did a light color correction on this as well.

Kinsey's in the new Juxtapoz

Check it out. On the newstands now. Issue #85 Feb 2008. Kinsey's a rad artist that sort of does this half-finished style leaves plenty of construction elements and half rendered figures with a limited black, red, dirty yellow and white color palette. Feels like a mash-up of printmaking, graffiti and figure studies. The one featured above is called Unintended Consequences 60x78 mixed media on canvas.
Not feeling his street art so much, but his paintings are hot.

SUBFM - The Drawl

Pretty cool Dubstep mix on the dark/chill side. Granted a few tunes on here flat out suck, so be forewarned... but there are some diamonds in this ruff. If you are looking for a few future-minded sounds this one may be for you. Picked up from Dubstep Forum, featuring Grommit & Innerlign Feb 11th 2008 broadcast. Tyrant - Section 9 is a stompa.

Download it!

Innerlign 1st segment:
MUNDO - Monterrey
THC - 2degrees remix
SUKH KNIGHT - Jinglist
TYRANT - 1000 Years
BMC - Roots & Culture
SUKH KNIGHT - Eat Bullets

Grommit 1st segment:
ANTISERUM - Dungeon Waltz
HIGH RANKIN' - Whats your user?
TYRANT - Section 9
/reload Section 9/
EMU vs 6BLOCC - The Surge
ANTISERUM & ESKMO - Speaker's Corner
TECH ITCH - untitled

Innerlign 2nd segment:
BMC - Nuff Sound
MUNDO - Come to Me
KOMONAZMUK - Night at the Deluxe
ANTISERUM - Skull Fucked
SUKH KNIGHT - Diesel Not Petrol
SUKH KNIGHT - Tracks of the Trade
ROGUE STAR - Mad at the World

Grommit 2nd segment:
HEADHUNTER - Royal Flush
HEADHUNTER - Don't Fuck with Texas
LOTECH -Scribble
SHIVA & ALIEN PIMP - Persona non Grata

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mono Myth - Wicked Illustrations

Un-Men illustrator Tomer Hanuka has some sick work. A little bit design, a little bit fine-art, and a whole lotta comic book. Slick lines, flowing compositions and dynamic color schemes, what more can you ask for? Portfolio Shop Blog Makes me wanna go out and buy some comics.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Insight - Aussie Fashion

New one and an old one from Insight that I'm feeling. Love the design on their Pop Girl T (Warhol vs. Lichtenstein?), but could never pull off the colors. I'm just a dark color kind of guy, what can I say. Anyways maybe I'll give it a shot when I can throw $40 dollar bill out the window.

This old Insight (from Winter 2007 - which is our summer), The Unlovers - Days of The Strange is where it's at. I had to special order it straight from their US warehouse, as the design originated in their Austrailian branch, not a ton got distributed over here. Hocky Masks, bugs, and a crytpic pulp tagline, how can you go wrong. Love this one.

Insight also has a surf/skate/mayhem movie coming out called Good Morning Pluto, I think. I'm not entirely sure to be honest because their site is always cryptic and hard to navigate. The US blog version is here: The main base

Ok guys, I plugged you, now give me free gear.

CTA Photo Day

The Train Passes
Originally uploaded by jcrash75

Select from my photostream on the CTA Photo Day. Let me tell you something, doing this photo project made the commute fly-by and a million times more interesting. I have something like 12 decent shots from it, but still so worth it. I reccomend everyone giving it a go, even if your public transportation isn't in jeopardy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Epic - End Title/ Logo Build

Well this is just a soundless little snippet of an end tag logo build for Maytag's Epic Module. They wanted the logo to emerge from the grating of the washing machine, so here it is. I also did the basic motion design for main titles throughout the vid, but I don't have that footage ATM.

Catfight - Soap Opera Banner Titles

Here some hilariously cheesy titles I did a long time ago for P&G and their Guiding Light & As The World Turns Banner Campaigns. I belive it ended up being imbedded in some kind of flash video player. I did some light color correction on the video to help match a bit better. I selected the music and edited the tune to it as well. I think it really sells the over-the-top soap opera dramatics of it all. As cheesy as it is, still puts a smile on my face.

Blackberry - Mo Rocca - Lower 3rd Aniamtion

This is lower 3rd I did for some Blackberry ad campaign where Mo Rocca was a reporter on the street asking people why they love their Blackberry. It was used in several of the segments, I'm assuming it appeared online, but some may have made it to theatres for a cinema-pre roll ad. Wooo! Anyways not my design, but a fun animation to work on.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Whitehorse - Black Panther V-Neck

I'm a big fan of the any kind of Panther designs, but this one really really struck me as it's in a forward facing stalking pose, which you rarely see. A sick design for sure. Too bad about the yellow shirt, bit loud for my taste. Could look hot under a black hoody tho. You can snag this at for a paltry $60.

Benga - Essential Mix BBC1

Benga is a don in the realm of heavy dubstep. Judge Jooles gets a but mouthy on this, but otherwise big mix. Got this one off the Dubstep Forum. Thanks guys!!

Benga – ‘B4 The Dual’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Urban Fox’
Benga & Ld – ‘Ld Project’
Seven – ‘Siren’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Crunked Up’)(TEMPA)
Skream – ‘Filth’
Benga – ‘Twister’ (TEMPA)
Jakes – ‘2 Steps Backwards’ (Benga Vip)
Benga- ‘Drums West’ (TEMPA)
Coki – ‘Luxor’
Magnetic Man – ‘Eclipse’
Benga – ‘Assumptions Remix’ (Ringo)
Skream – ‘Oi Come Here Soon’
Benga – ‘26 Basslines’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Trips’ (TEMPA)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Addicts’
Benga Feat. Dynamite Mc – ‘True Sound’
Skream – ‘Untitled’
Benga – ‘The Cut’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Out Of Phaze’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Technology’
Benga & Coki – ‘Night‘ (TEMPA)
Benga & Coki – ‘Night Artwork Refix’
Benga – ‘Mixed Signals’
Benga – ‘Industrial Problem’
Benga – ‘Pleasure’ (TEMPA)
Distance – ‘Victim Support’
Benga – ‘Musto’
Benga – ‘Feel No Better’
Skream – ‘Wionky’
Faithless – ‘Insomnia’ [Benga Remix]
Skream - Late For Holland
Benga & Walsh – ‘Bassface’
Benga – ‘Serial Numbers’
Coki – ‘Roadrage’
Benga – ‘80's Electro’
Skream – ‘Kinky’
Skream – ‘Tek A Pill’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Benga's Off His Head’
Benga – ‘Creational’
Skream – ‘Wobble That Gut’ (TEMPA)
Benga – ‘Mind The Gap’
Skream – ‘Simple City’
Benga – ‘New Tone’
Coki – ‘Triple 6‘
Benga – ‘Air’ (TEMPA)
Geiom – ‘Remenissin' You’ [Skream Remix]
Skream – ‘Chestboxing Remix’ [Benga Remix]
Klaxons – ‘It Aint Over Yet’ [Skream Remix]
Benga – ‘Back To Singles’
Magnetic Man – ‘Is Everything Cool’
Magnetic Man – ‘Glitches’

Main mirror linked in the title.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Disney - Greenscreen Composite

This is one of many Disney Park Character greenscreens we did for their site. We ran it through an After Effects green screen plug-in (Ultimatte or Keylight I forget which), then ended up taking up too much out, had to dupe the comp several times to fill in the hole from an agressive key, and render a rough. Then proceded to roto all the garbage out. Used a null to move some photoshopped clouds around, and a camera to fake the zoom. This job was split up between like 2 compositiors for a tight deadline. Anyways Disney, don't kill me for posting this, think of it as free advertising.

Got lots of good tips for greenscreen on check their tutorials section if you are interested. That site is a goldmine if you know how to search properly. The video edit was done by our good friend Logan who was freelancing for us. She's now in LA enjoying the sun out there.

Plastician Dubstep mix- Jan. Wake-up Call

A heavy, heavy mix from Plastician. It's got a tune by my brother on there, Dj Evol - Sickness. It's completely brutal muck. My fave tho, has gotta be Babylon Soundsytems - Examination of Time. Big big tune, hits me in the gut everytime. Here's the info:

Download it!


Plastician - Dubstep Mashup
Babylon System - Examination Of Time
The Black Ghosts - Someway Thru This [Plastician & Skream Remix]
Benga - The Cut
Benga & Coki - Night
Skream - Callous
Benny Page - Swagger
Benny Page & Zero G - Time To Kill
++ Gangster No Acapella
Jakes & Joker - 3K Lane
Skream vs Plastician - Chest Boxing vs Real Things
++ Real Things Acapella
Skream - Ruffed Up
Tes La Rok feat. Unkle Sam - Around The World Girls
++ Around The World Girls Acapella
Skream - Oskillator
Coki - Untitled
Skream - Tek A Pill
Skream - Guru
Magnetic Man - Eclipse
Sukh Knight - The Jinglist
12th Planet - Tonka
DJ Evol - Sickness
Magnetic Man - Everything Kool?
++ Shizzle Freestyle Acapella
Timbaland - Ayo Technology Instrumental

Ed Rush @ World of Drum N Bass Moscow

Got another blazer for ya. My fave Drum N Bass mix at the moment...not track list, and there is a bit of shit MCing going over it... but man, it's blinding. Ed Rush take all the good bits of new tech-step, neurofunk and ilk and blends with a bit of darkside classics. Virus crew still runnin' t'ings. Check it...

Download it!