Monday, February 11, 2008

Insight - Aussie Fashion

New one and an old one from Insight that I'm feeling. Love the design on their Pop Girl T (Warhol vs. Lichtenstein?), but could never pull off the colors. I'm just a dark color kind of guy, what can I say. Anyways maybe I'll give it a shot when I can throw $40 dollar bill out the window.

This old Insight (from Winter 2007 - which is our summer), The Unlovers - Days of The Strange is where it's at. I had to special order it straight from their US warehouse, as the design originated in their Austrailian branch, not a ton got distributed over here. Hocky Masks, bugs, and a crytpic pulp tagline, how can you go wrong. Love this one.

Insight also has a surf/skate/mayhem movie coming out called Good Morning Pluto, I think. I'm not entirely sure to be honest because their site is always cryptic and hard to navigate. The US blog version is here: The main base

Ok guys, I plugged you, now give me free gear.

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