Thursday, August 20, 2009

Excision - SHAMBHALA 2009 MIX

Excision - Shambhala 2009 Mix

Get track list and graphics here>> Excision Tracklist

This a pretty big mix that explores the experimental, broken robot side of dubstep. Expect lots of skidding, stuttering, and sputtering basslines, cyborg soundscapes, and general techstep mayhem. Excision is kind of like the Dieselboy or Bad Company of the dubstep world... and he(?)/they continue to be ambassadors of tech obsessed dubstep. While some of the some of the ultra-dark rah-rah tearout tunes seem a little corny to me, the majority of what they are pushing still sounds fresh and innovative. If you ever wonder what  the bounty hunters of the Star Wars universe brocked out to, you should down load this sucker.

1. Excision - Subsonic* 
2. Excision & Subvert- Darkness* 
3. Rebel Sonix - Ankle Grinder 
4. Datsik - Retreat (Excision Remix)* 
5. Bassnectar - Ready 2 Rage 
6. Excision & Datsik - Swagga* 
7. Dz - Dubstep in Disguise* 
8. Prodigy - Voodoo People (Riskotheque remix) 
9. Riskotheque - Heaven and Hell 
10.Downlink - Station Six* 
11.Excision & Datsik - Calypso
12.Datsik - Mechano* 
13.Stereotype - Shock (Nero Remix) 
14.Excision & Liquid Stranger - Get to the Point* 
15.Vaski - World on Fire* 
16.Stickybuds - Whalestep (acapella) 
17.Excision - Dirty Shoulder* 
18.Reso - Beasts in the Bassment VIP 
19.Proxy - Dance Dark (Ollie & Bare Noize Remix) 
20.Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy VIP 
21.Chase & Status - Mad House 
22.Defstar - Get Down 
23.Excision & Datsik - Sin Side* 
24.Excision & Datsik - Boom* 
25.Spl & Triage - Bushido 
26.Excision - The Village* 
27.Current Value & Dean Rodell - User Error 
28.Mark Instinct - Destroyed* 
29.Pendulum - Ransom 
30.Excision & Bassnectar- Nation 
31.Dimentia & Triage - Payback 
32.Audio - Pandorum 
33.Aeph & Maztek - Changes 
34.Triage - Crimson Glare 
35.Arsenic - Decapitator (Audio Remix) 
36.Tech Itch - Ruckus (Excision Remix) 
37.Excision - Slayed* 
38.Jakes - Rock The Bells VIP 
39.The Widdler - Harrington 1200 
40.The Widdler - Prehistoric World 
41.Datsik - Gizmo 
42.Downlink - Gamma Ray* 
43.Excision & DZ - Round 2* 
44.Excision & Datsik - Invaders* 
45.Datsik - Galvanize 
46.Excision & DZ - Yin Yang* 
47.Excision & Liquid Stranger - One* 
48.Excision - No Escape (Datsik Remix)* 
49.Excision & Noiz - Force (Bassnectar & Excision VIP)* 

* denotes tracks that are, or will be released on an Excision label (Rottun Recordings or EX7 Music)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Reso’s Shower Half-Hour Mix

I'm closing out the week with this one. I was a little late getting, it's been around since early August, but fuck it... better late than never. It's pretty slamming all the way thru.

1. Otacon - Reso
2. Adachigaharas Theme - Shockone
3. Rumble - Reso VS VENT
4. Victim Support - Distance
5. Take You Back - Benny Page
6. Shock (Nero Remix) - CTRL Z
7. Flava - VENT
8. That Girl (Spor Remix) - Two Fingers (Feat SWAY)
9. Mish Mash - Benny Page
10. Beginning of the End - 501
11. Transformer - Reso
12. Omen (Noisia remix) - Prodigy
13. Everybody (Nero remix) - Rudenko
14. Hit that Gash (Itchy Naan Re-rub) - Foreign Beggars
15. Business man (Reso Grotbag mix) - Crookers feat Wiley
16. Correct Steps - Screenager
17. Headcharge (Eskmo remix) - Backdraft
18. As One - Toasty
19. Olsen - Boards of Canada

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plastician & Nomad - 08-10-09 Rinse FM

Plastician & Nomad - 08-10-09 Rinse FM Big thanks to Panty Inspector for the upload... Rinse Podcast links have been jacked up for quite some time.
Finally new tunes! Savor it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Excision updates w/ some new collab tunes..

More robotech inspired dubstep from Excision. Excision's Myspace page, 1st 3 tunes are new. The first one was on a 12th Planet live mix I heard awhile back, and features Datstik, it's called "Invaders". That's the one I was going "oh shit" about in the blog a few weeks ago. Glad to confirm it was Datstik and Excision.... There's one w/ DZ called Round 2... that's a little more on the farty bass side. It's cool don't get me wrong, but I do think it kinda sounds like Devastator has the runs. "Swagga" has Datstik on it again, and it's a real interesting tune. Kinda stuttering processed bass, and skippy distortions... similar to a NumberNin6 "Ribs" but a bit more groove, and less of the harsh blasting noise. They are all worth taking a listen to, and each one kinda pushes the boundaries of dubstep. It's gonna be one of the drill press, headbanging kinda weeks, I can feel it already.

Leadbelly - Hazy Daze Mini Mix

Leadbelly fires off another filthy psychotronic mix, for all you feeling the heavy and trippy side of dubstep. It took me a while to be in the right mood to appreciate this mix, as it's not an everyday kind of listen unless you are total socio-path. This Monday morning it kinda fit. So there ya go, happy to be back at work! Kidding. Anyways the lead off tune "Humble Dinosaur" just creeped me out. Little kids talking about putting on a pretend play called "locked in the dungeon" and saying you get to be the one locked in the dungeon"... man, sent shivers down my spine. D-comm, you little freak, thats a sick tune. The tone is set from there and dives further into depravity and madness. Some highlights include Kyza "Go", Datstik "Nuke 'em" and the closer "Dead Man Walking" by Virus Syndicate (nice War of The Worlds horns on this). But really the whole tracklist is fire.

Leadbelly - Hazy Daze Mini Mix

1. Humble Dinosaur - D-communication (dub) 
2. Loetech - Hardwave (aufect) 
3. Claude von stroke - Who's afraid of detroit? (ILTTI rmx) (dub) 
4. Mistabishi - Printer jam (hospital records) 
5. Gary Jules - Mad world (Bokator rmx) (dub) 
6. Marschmellow - Reel simple (freaks of nature) 
7. Dayn - Party starta' (forthcoming bassclash records) 
8. Coki - Goblin (ringo records) 
9. Kyza - Go (Bar 9 rmx) (dented) 
10. Skism - Rise of the idiots (wicky lindows) 
11. Datsik - Nuke 'em (rottun digital) 
12. 16bit - Cobra (southside dubstars) 
13. Koan sound - Mafia (trill bass records) 
14. Biome - Magic tree (subsonik records) 
15. Raspian - surrender (dub) 
16. Mistabishi - White collar grime (hospital records) 
17. Virus syndicate - dead man walking (planet mu)