Monday, August 3, 2009

Excision updates w/ some new collab tunes..

More robotech inspired dubstep from Excision. Excision's Myspace page, 1st 3 tunes are new. The first one was on a 12th Planet live mix I heard awhile back, and features Datstik, it's called "Invaders". That's the one I was going "oh shit" about in the blog a few weeks ago. Glad to confirm it was Datstik and Excision.... There's one w/ DZ called Round 2... that's a little more on the farty bass side. It's cool don't get me wrong, but I do think it kinda sounds like Devastator has the runs. "Swagga" has Datstik on it again, and it's a real interesting tune. Kinda stuttering processed bass, and skippy distortions... similar to a NumberNin6 "Ribs" but a bit more groove, and less of the harsh blasting noise. They are all worth taking a listen to, and each one kinda pushes the boundaries of dubstep. It's gonna be one of the drill press, headbanging kinda weeks, I can feel it already.

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