Friday, March 23, 2012

Roll Deep "Nasty" escapes from the madhouse!

Here's a grimey thump and grind from Roll Deep crew. Drill press bass and crispy beats carry this war anthem. It's a back street battle of megaphones rants and venomous bars, the kind that get's you hyped for an all-out brawl. The spit so fast you never see the sucker punch coming. It's a hard hitting, blood-pumping, get up and break shit kind of tune. The video is no less unsettling. It's like an updated Metallica's "One'. Black and white straight-jacket portraits of Roll Deep losing their shit and giving themselves crappy tattoos with a broken gun inside an asylum. Entertaining.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cypress x Rusko - "Roll It, Light It" West Coast Grimestep

What a great collaboration between Cypress Hill, Rusko and director Jodeb. "Roll It, Light It" does what it says on the tin. It's a deep dubstep roller with slightly glitched-out hiccups and Cypress crew spitting slick grimey bars to the riddim. The rhymes are faster than you typical Cypress tune and seem fall into Grime-esque patterns, but that could just be because of the dubstep beats and association with it. Anyways this style doesn't always work, but here it's a freaking home run. Cypress are running ting's all up and down this tune, but they aren't making jibberish and bum-rushing the flow. Quickfire burst, then mellow chorus, let the tune breathe, then back into it. Future MC's take note, that's the way it's done. The video itself is a gorgeous train ride through collapsing monuments, broken glitch loops, Plexus vectors animations and color tearing separations. Newton-fueled down-rezzing and broken pixelization echos the grinding bit-crushed bass, harmonizing into a luscious aural and video landscape. It's edited quick and punchy but you still get a proper look at all the beautiful renders and slow destruction. Fucking aces.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double Tiger - No Give Up - Mediative Tsunami

Here's a deep one from Double Tiger. The video is just a tease to a a forthcoming EP which in includes some dope remixes by AZZXSSS, J-Kenzo and T-AK. It's a pretty standard in terms of melancholy vocals paired with a measured and creeping beat. Not too speesh on the Medi side of things to be honest, but it's decent enough. However I really like video which uses some clever imagery of preparing sushi in reverse paired with some scary facts about the Japan tsunami that really gave me pause. I think it's worth taking a look at the whole picture, you get more out of the tune that way. And in that way, it's truly mediative.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Filastine (with Nova) - Colony Collapse

"Colony Collapse" is more on the song side of dubstep, and while it may not have the one of most original tear-out bassline ever, it makes up for with vocal melody and atmospheric riddims. This video is dirty and filthy in the literal kind of way. I like the D.I.Y. ethics of this kind of production. Here are some people that pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and made a song focusing on environmental issues.
Colony Collapse is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. We snuck into a gas drilling site gone awry, and performed in the midst of traffic jams in a megacity where those fossil fuels get squandered. We filmed in a landscape of garbage, and in a supermarket where all that discarded packaging originates. This is the slow-motion apocalypse, uncomfortably close and personal.

The audio EP of Colony Collapse drops February 29, 2012, and comes accompanied by some beautiful remixes made by production talent gathered from the four corners of the world: Beats Antique (US), Squeaky Lobster (BE), L'Ouef Raide (FR), and Fletcher in Dub (SA).

Colony Collapse is an early warning for £ooT, Filastine's third album, coming April 2012.
As their kickstarter page states:
...our goal for these videos is not only to make something beautiful, but to confront and indict the catastrophes that are the very fabric of our globalized economic order.