Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cypress x Rusko - "Roll It, Light It" West Coast Grimestep

What a great collaboration between Cypress Hill, Rusko and director Jodeb. "Roll It, Light It" does what it says on the tin. It's a deep dubstep roller with slightly glitched-out hiccups and Cypress crew spitting slick grimey bars to the riddim. The rhymes are faster than you typical Cypress tune and seem fall into Grime-esque patterns, but that could just be because of the dubstep beats and association with it. Anyways this style doesn't always work, but here it's a freaking home run. Cypress are running ting's all up and down this tune, but they aren't making jibberish and bum-rushing the flow. Quickfire burst, then mellow chorus, let the tune breathe, then back into it. Future MC's take note, that's the way it's done. The video itself is a gorgeous train ride through collapsing monuments, broken glitch loops, Plexus vectors animations and color tearing separations. Newton-fueled down-rezzing and broken pixelization echos the grinding bit-crushed bass, harmonizing into a luscious aural and video landscape. It's edited quick and punchy but you still get a proper look at all the beautiful renders and slow destruction. Fucking aces.

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