Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lifted Music Podcast - Spor & Chris Renegade

Wow there's actually some decent DNB left in the world that I don't think is canned and old hat. This podcast proves it. Granted there are a few mis-steps. It goes will the territory these days, but overall I fully enjoyed this podcast. tracks and new bits by : Keaton & Hive, Noisia, Apex, Subfocus, Evol Intent + Ewun, Chris Renegade, Influx Datum and more. Exploring the darker side of rawr rawr tech-step smashes with the occasional dip in to funky and liquid flavors. But mostly it's the Lifted standard of mutated and twisted new strains of pulsating raw energy over a bed of broken beats. Beyond neuro-funk, beyond darkside, beyond metal. Good stuff! Download the Lifted Podcast!

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