Thursday, March 20, 2008

DJ EVOL / 12th PLANET Split 12" SMOG

Yeah so my brother's split 12" is out and about. If you haven't heard the tune check Plastician's - Wake Up call mix, it's on there. It's a horror epic man, what can I say. Slow and heavy in the right places, and fast and crazy in the lick. It got some LFO bassline action that's not quite a wobble, more like a slow-motion earthquake. Its stalks and creeps like a good slasher flick should. Pure Sickness for sure. I haven't heard the flip, but I know how 12th Planet does, and it's sure to be a dutty rocker. It's being distributed by L.O.A.D. Media and I'm sure it will end up in all the usual online stores. Get on it, promos are all sold out!

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