Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SMOG RADIO 1 year - Knifedreams, DLX and gang

smog radio turns one year old!

Some new Evol and 12th Planet bits on here that are firing. BTW my bro was telling me about hanging out w/ some dude named Knifedreams on the phone and I just about busted a gut. Seriously best producer/dj name I've heard in ages. Fucking brilliant. Many more years to SMOG and crew.


l.d. - swing dat skirt
pinch - angels in the rain
l.v. - takeover (dub)
jakes - 2 steps back
12th planet - ptera patrick
dj evol - god send _ check the Romper Stomper samps!
pwn & emu - gone
trill bass - creepin'
emu - surge (6 blocc remix)
cyrus - corruption
osc - shot like this
12th planet - smokescreen
kion - crosstalk
matty g - street knowledge
hoodz - clash
trill bass - one pill
dj evol - the v's
kuma - dawn stepped outside (horsepower remix)


dlx - 8-bit by a vampire
merlow - robot dance party
dlx - acid rain dance
dlx - extinction
dlx - drum fight
dlx - you wan dead? (vip)
abz - collie budz
merlow - cathode

knyphy vs dlx:

12th planet - so hood
emu & pwn feat. sonic d - bumbaclot rinseout
babylon system - get on up

rob sparks - two faced rasta (reso remix)
12th planet - wonky
dlx - kick push

skream - oskillatoh
d1 - lovin it
trg & selector.dub.u - losing marbles

burial - ghost hardware
boxcutter - brood
martyn - shadowboxing

trill bass feat. dlx - violation sound
cyrus - whispers

thanks for listenin!

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