Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SUBFLO & MC Question Mark

Subflo & MC Question Mark DOA Mix

Nice write up on DOA This pretty dope jump-up mix/ I have heard any good jump-up mixes in a hot minute, so this was refreshing. It's got rollers, some funky/jazzy tunes, and some dubbed out tunes as well, so you know it's not all in your face jump-up ravers. Decent on the MC/hype side as well. Not jibba jabbin.

Subflo & Heavy Hittahz ''Can U Work With That (Remix)'' (Rum Runnerz Dub)
Subfocus ''Time Warp'' (Ram)
Zen ''In Full Effect'' (Flipmode Audio)
Clipz ''Loud & Dirty'' (Audio Zoo)
Distorted Minds ''Ghost Town'' (DSR Dub)
Taxman ''The Circle'' (Ganja)
Interface ''It's A Pity'' (Dub)
DJ Hazard ''Skankers'' (Frontline)
Roni Size ''It's Jazzy (Nu:Tone Remix)'' (V)
Jaydan ''Iron Fist'' (2nd City)
Dub Peddler ''Hit The Deck'' (Dub)
DJ Sly ''You've Got A Nerve'' (Low Down Deep)
DJ Levela ''Minimal Fuss'' (Radical Beats)
Bassface Sacha & The Force ''International Sound'' (Stereotype)
Original Sin ''Ohm'' (Ganja)
Zen ''Jah Colours (Remix)'' (Low Down Deep)
Visionary ''Run For Your Life VIP'' (One Point)
Crissy Criss ''Us'' (Mix & Blen')
TC ''Driver'' (Bootcamp)
Crytical Dub ''Don't Understand (Remix)'' (Co-Lab)
Silver & Subflow ''Worries (Remix)'' (Rmx 003)
DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds ''Mr. Happy'' (Playaz)
DJ Sly ''�Code Of The Samurai''� (Dub)
DJ Panik ''Dread Or Alive (Taxman Remix)'' (Dub Science)
Clipz ''Offline'' (Audio Zoo)
Jaydan ''What U Want'' (Smokers Riddim)
Distorted Minds ''Don't Hold Back (Remix)'' (Universal)
Callide ''Nuclear Warhead'' (Mix & Blen')
Clipz ''Information Dub'' (Audio Zoo)
Aries ''Run Fa Yer Life'' (Dub)
Eddie K ''Stink Box'' (Stereotype)
Taxman ''Original Ninja'' (Ganja)
Prestige ''Breakin' The Wall'' (Nemesis Dub)
Visionary ''Skylarking'' (Dance Rock & Groove)
DJ Zen ''Ravin' Rudeboy (Remix)'' (2nd City)
Silver ''Superstar (Remix)'' (Rmx 003)

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