Monday, October 6, 2008

Dubstep Forum Closes!!!????

edit. 10/10/08 : Well apparently this was a false alarm of sorts, but here's what when down a mere four days ago. Dubstep forum is back, maybe it just ducked out for a bit so people can actually appreciate it for what it is, a music forum, not a soap opera. Anyways I'll leave this up, for kicks.

The following press release was posted on dubstep forum front page:


Embargoed until: 6 October 2008, 00.01


On 6 October 2005 Dubway created 3 years on and here we are. A lot has happened in those 3 years. We’ve gone from being a community of just a few hundred to over 20,000. We’ve fostered a co-operative forum label and hosted a few raves, including the bete noire that was the awards. So whether you lurk innocuously, post ferociously, inform and engage debate or simply offer up your very much valued opinion on moderation issues; thank you for being a part of it.

To celebrate, please download and listen to this mix, expertly crafted by the indomitable BunZer0 using artisan ingredients produced by our very own members, highlighting the talent and passion at the heart of this community. It’s interesting to compare it to the 1st birthday mix by N-Type to see how the sound has progressed within 2 years. Check it out. The full tracklist can be found here.

So let’s clear a few things up. To kill the speculation, there will be no awards this year. After last year’s success / jolly good fun / catastrophe / embarrassment (delete as per your opinion), we have decided against doing them again. We’ve always been about putting the music and community first and the awards were merely an attempt to celebrate both these things but it also seems that those two things dictate whether or not the awards are a good idea. And this year they aren’t.

On the flipside, we are going to have a birthday party in November. There will be bass. There will be booze. There will be no Buffalo. November 14th is a date for your diary.

And oh yes, we’re also closing the forum. Indefinitely.

Happy Birthday!



Here was my original response.

In the meantime people have started up another forum called

I'm not a scenester, I'm just a guy that digs some tunes. I'm a bit bummed by the whole thing. I don't really know the behind the scene politics or gossip about the dubstepforum. I went there exclusively for mixes, tune IDs, and some insight on dubstep production and the scene in general. But I did enjoy the fact that big name DJs and producers posted on there, and I can read about there mixes, or know when new albums were dropping and what not. I'm a little sad about the whole thing to be honest, and will gladly spill some beer on the curb for it. RIP for now...

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