Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New DJ Evol Tunes

Hey I got some new dubstep tunes from my bro, I can't release any teasers ATM but they are killer. If you are in the LA area you might be able to catch him droppin' them at a SMOG or Pure Filth night. Keeps ears peeled for the arcade bass roller, politically charged Obama (complete with killer MLK samples). Beyond Dis World is freaky sci-fi terror dub. The bassline is basically war of the worlds styled death rays. FInally No Mercy must have been inspired by that BBQ we had at Knifedreams, when we all got drunk and threw chinese stars at guns targets taped to a tree. Flute melody, Kung-fu samples, stomping b-lines, it's like he channeled the RZA circa 36th Chambers era. All quality tunes. Look out for his label Monster Musick, dropping some serious shit.

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