Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now Timbaland thinks he invented dubstep...WTF?

Check out this article

This unbelievable quote is found at the bottom:
And the last part of the press conference was even more insightful. “Well you know; I’m always over here,” Mr Mosely said to the question, ‘What do you think of the UK music scene?’ before continuing with a very debatable statement. “The UK scene… they’re always telling me that I started it. You have Dub-bass…” As he said that, George Lamb of T4 and son of Larry Lamb fame, interjected with ‘Dubstep?’ and Tim schooled him. “Yeah, dubstep but I call it dub-bass [as the room laugh]. It’s the bass that drives the music. It’s funny cos they went back to some of my old music that really created that sound and just, instead of going fast, they went slow with more bass. To me, I like it but they call it dubstep. I like how they dance to it now, it’s cool.”

Um, so you are telling me El-B and Horsepower were influenced by Timbaland? How about Skream, Benga, Mala, Coki? C'mon now, those dudes were clearly on a different tip. That's some arrogant displaced boasting and wishful thinking right there. Timba, shut up and let your music do the talking for you.

Big Ups to James for pointing this out to me.

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