Friday, January 30, 2009

Dieselboy @ Nuestro Son Puerto Rico

Dieselboy recently rolled thru here and played at Smartbar which I missed because of various shit. So here he is in Puerto Rico. A bit of a mixed bag really. Contains some of the kind tunes that I love about about Dieselboy and a handful of the cheesier and way too tech-metalled out tunes that I'm not feeling. I remember back in the day Dieselboy set the standard for DNB mix Cds, and mixes in general. He's evolved alongside the genre, always pushing forward and maintaining his own point of view, so I got to respect that.

Dieselboy @ Nuestro Son Puerto Rico

bit of a dodgy tracklist here:

fuck knows.. maybe the upbeats rmx
>>> concord dawn ft tiki - dont tell me (uprising)
sub focus - timewarp (ram)
gridlok - heatwave 1.5 ver (violence dub)
keaton and hive - the plague vip (renegade hardware)
the upbeats.. cant remember the name..
computer club - load rocket - gridlok rmx (human)
fuck knows
fuck knows.. maybe clipz??..
xample - breathe and stop (freqncy)
fuck knows
xample - lowdown (ram)
)eib( - nine vip
spor - knock u down vip (lifted dub)
hive - neo vip (violence)
>>> violence kru - violent sound (violence)
fear factory - empty vision (???)
the upbeats - sfx (human dub)
techo tune
evol intent ft demo - unexplented souds (evol intent)
fuck knows
ewun - my name is fame (evol intent)
>>> lynx - disco dodo (creative source)
hazard - machete (ganja?)
fuck knows
fuck knows
>>> sub focus - (ram)
baron - turn up the sun
dawn treader
>>> blood money
the upbeats shitt..
kemal and rob data - fucking hostile vip (never to be released)
demo and cease - ladys night rmx (human dub)
>>> photek - age of empires (metalheadz)

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