Friday, May 29, 2009

Skream - Stella Session May 27th - New Skream, Emalkay, Noah D

Skream - Stella Session May 27th You download Skreams Stella Sesh for 1 of 2 reason, either it's chock full of new dubs or he's doing into a deep tight mix (excuse me?). This ones the former. Loads of dubs. Noah D's "That Hardcore Tune" debuts, alongside some Emalkay, Distance and new exclusive Skream soundscape bits. Hip-hop vocal of "Madhouse" (I think it might be a refix).  M.I.A. vocal tune was surprisingly good. Dunno who was working the buttons on it but they killed it. All around well worth the download for some new tunes from the bleeding edge of dubstep.

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