Monday, September 26, 2011

What happened to You Dun Know?

You Dun Know was a great little blog/music 'zine site that covered dubstep, UKG and grime. They gave away freebies, hosted mixes, did interviews, held contests and generally did everything they could to promote the sounds and style of bass culture. The hosted up lot's of exclusive mp3's, I think I got wind of Skream's first Freeism release here as well as Rusko's lost dubs. I re-posted quite a few things from them. And now it's gone. I'm not sure what happened, but a really on-the-spot blog, went and disappeared and now links to some god awful UK fashion blog called Look I'll be honest, I haven't check You Dun Know in a minute, and so my finger may not exactly be on the pulse the corpse seems pretty cold on this, but what the fuck? Trading bass for Fashion just seems, I dunno, kinda wack. Sorry, I realize this is not much of a eulogy, but pour one out for You Dun Know, R.I.P. And remember to comment on the blogs you like so they don't all wither up and die like You Dun Know, give back some love. BTW If anyone knows the full scoop, please feel free to share and comment on this post.

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