Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alex Clare - Up All Night (Skream's behind closed doors remix)

I'm keeping on a darker, break-heavy dubstep tip for a quick minute to bring you a little bit of Alex Clare this Thursday. Croydon's finest, Skream, has worked his particular brand of bass magic to create a rolling blend of unsettling synth loops and growling bass which evolves into slowed-down breaks (I think it's the Funky Drummer break). The final product is the musical equivalent of a hungover moment of clarity; bringing back memories you'd much rather have lost in the sloppy alcoholic haze of the night before.

If you think you've heard this tune before, you're almost right; it bears more than a passing resemblance to Skream's massive remix of 'In for the Kill' which was #5 in NME's list of 'Best ever remixes'. Alex Clare's plaintive, powerful vocals take this latest tune to places that La Roux, for all her talent, could not go; the guilt in his voice is almost palpable as hints at hungover lies covering a host of drunken sins; the line 'oh no, she don't know what I do in my spare time' reverberates through the track like the artist's unforgiving conscience.

I was lucky enough to watch Alex perform to a crowd of roughly 12 people in Oxford in mid-June, the man is ridiculously gifted and my tip to break out of the whole Ed Sheeran/Jamie Woon pack of young British talent; I expect great things. Check his soundcloud here and make your own minds up.

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