Friday, April 30, 2010

Slackk - Eski House Mix

Eski House? WTF? Well I confess I'm a bit in the dark about some of these mutant strains of house happening at the moment, but from what I can tell it's a bit of a clash up w/ UK Funky and Grime. There's a bit of soca riddim (sometimes 2-step), grime stabs/synths, the womp bass, and a few horns blasts. That's Eski House. Don't know if the DJ coined it, or some blogger or what. Don't really car to be honest. I originally found it by stumbling on this blog, so if you are interested in more details check it out, because I probably explained it all ass-backwards: Dot Alt. The mix itself does a good job weaving the funk and the grime into a sweet little piece of ear candy, only occasionally dipping into the top-40 sounding swag.


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Pony (Slackk vs Bok Bok Hands Riddim RMX)- Ginuwine
Crank- Slackk
Carnival- Wiley
Amazon's Night- Mista Bee
Crippled Sublow Assassin- Geo
Fire Flies- Slackk
Master At Work (Lucky Basterd Mix)- Freddy Fuori
Toothache- DJ Oddz & Eastwood
Marching- Slackk
HeartBreaka- Thunder Frix
Roach- Moony
Sea Monk (Slackk's Drum Jam Remix)- Grimbo
Peru- Slackk
Zen On- Paper Boi
Abacus- Slackk
Funky Bit- Doc Daneeka
Untitled- Jam City
Candy Floss- Spooky
Menace (Unfinished)- Slackk

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