Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kraddy - "Black Box" Video

Here's the video for the free Kraddy track I posted up a few months ago, you check out the review here for what I had to say on the tune: To paraphrase I basically said it was a breakbeat strip club grinder. The video pretty much confirms the sexualized intention of this tune.

It's a slow motion hipster party, interrupted by times jitters. There's drunken revelers in goofy party hats drinking out of glass skull sifters, doing coke off a scratched cd. Smoking joints in the hallways of an unassuming house party.

Until she gets there. The crazy platinum blond with a ratted out dye-job sticking out of her knitted hat, looking like a White Zombie roadie. She struts through the party on a mission and finally stumbles into her arch enemy. That bitch with the black hair and red lipstick. BOOM! Throwdown time. These two chicks break into an epic cat fight. Hairs is pulled, bongs are thrown, cocaine is spilled, and tables are knocked over. There is a bunch of shoving, falling down and groping. After they tear through the party in a whirlwind brawl. Meanwhile the beat is grinding, sputtering and throbbing it's way to it's peak. The video climaxes with them somehow landing in the hot tub for a full blown make-out session. It's actually kind of predictable really since you never seen a punch being thrown, or anyone catching an elbow in the eye or a boot to the gut. But there you go.

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