Friday, June 19, 2009

12th Planet - Live @ Banana Split

This photo is actually 12th Planet and DJ Evol @ the I Love LA Party. Figures I'd use one I actually took instead of jacking someone else's photo as usual. Anyways big mix from 12thy. Starts off with the funky house, then dives into heavy dubstep. Later on there's some more funky bits. If you ever seen him Dj a party, you know what it's like, relentless, agressive, and hella fun. This one was his b-day party set... so happy birthday John!! He's a wicked producer, great DJ, and all around nice guy. Hats off to 12th Planet. Download 12th Planet - Live @ Banana Split  (BTW any got a tune ID for the 9 minute mark? I'm guessing it's something by Noiz, Datsik, Excision... but have no idea.) And check out the 12th Planet article @ Media Contender while you're at it. Those guys do solid work.

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