Monday, October 5, 2009

MISHKA presents Keep Watch: VOL XII - RUSKO

Very versatile and party rocking mix from the one like Rusko. It is bit of a departure from what you might usually suspect from him. Don't worry there's plenty of bass tearing madness inside, but it's not just strictly bangers... or even strictly dubstep. He drops "Stupid" by Redlight (* I think, as the tracklist is all over the place) which falls on the house-y side of the spectrum (if you remember it's on Zinc's last Crack House mix, I said it sounded like Dillinja doing house). There's some tune that obvious out of the box, wacky and slightly B-more like the Dire Straights- Money For Nothing blending, and Jaded Heart - Easy Lover edit, and some remixes of Prodigy songs for good measure. It's actually a pretty cool mix, only sometimes feeling disjointed. I like the party rocking vibe that he's aiming for though, so it will be on heavy rotation for me.

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