Thursday, November 12, 2009

HULK - Gamma Bomb

Some strange and funny ass shit has been going on in the dubstep world, Brostep. Apparently some Dubstep Forum members  have been seriously slagging the heavy mid-range dubstep out there, the noisy floor-clearing stuff and called it Brostep... and some jokers founded Brostep Forum. Brostep Forum is a celebration of the heavier side of dubstep, tongue placed firmly in cheek. The forum itself is a hysterical read, even tho the mods are claiming it's a serious forum... like it or not, it's a community rife with silly shit. Anyways so I found this mix on there, in their mix section and even tho everything is sort of a pisstake on the forum, this mix is certainly not. I guess I like Brostep, 'cos I'm feeling this mix. 'sup Bros, pass me a brew! lol. It was bound happen. Well at least it's a better term than Clownstep. And this forum seems like a fun way of embracing the heavy shit, without taking it so seriously. They flipped the script on DSF Haters and are taking "Brostep" back. BROFL.

1. Excision - system check (Hulk edit)
2. Hulk - AngelDust
3. Downlink & Datsik - Against the machines
4. Borgore - Ambient dub shit
5. Mistabishi - White collar grime
6. Spl - Movie boof
7. Richie August - Wot
8. Hulk - See you (King Rmx)
9. Reid Speed & Dino - Fangbanger
10. Datsik & Excision - Calypso
11. Rogue Star - Forsaken
12. Chasing Shadows - ill
13. Hulk - AngelDust (King Rmx)
14. Emalkay - When I look at you
15. Raffertie - Eyes closed
16. Borgore - Icecream (Claw Von Tiestofold Vip)
17. TRiLLBASS - Fucking Heater Vip
18. Symbl & Mark Instinct - Bitch slap
19. Austin Speed - Blood bath
20. Hulk - See you

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"Hulk raise the very definition of brodom to new heights. They're like a brogle, soaring to the farthest reaches of the atbrosphere. Seriously. If they didnt hook bro's and bro-ho's up with the sickness when it is most croosh, you'd have been stuck bumpin some bitch-ass shit, with a bunch of bitch-asses, bro." 
-random bro

BROP DEM! I just got add that this BLOG here is pretty goddamn cool and funny too...

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