Friday, February 5, 2010

Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy Remix pack review

Bassnectar just dropped the Cozza Frenzy Remix pack, it's ll killer, no filler.If you order through the little shoppe at Bassnectar Labs and you get the exclusive bonus remixes of Cozza Frenzy, Boombox, and West Coast Lo Fi Rides Again by J Boogie, Amp Live, Mexican With Guns, Stylust, and SF’s own Roomate; otherwise it's just re-interpertations of Boombox and Teleport Massive by RJD2, Robot Koch, Son of Kick, DJ Vadim, and Stagga . All versions Boombox and Cozza are straight heaters, but to me, nothing gonna beat the Cozza Frenzy VIP I heard on Excision Shambala 2009 mix, sorry. That tunes just smacks it down, full stop. However there's some really sick mutations on here, well worth checking. I'm fully digging Robot Koch's glitch-hop spin on Teleport Massive, like something you'd hear as the end credit of some retarded show on Adult Swim (and I mean that as I compliment). Amp Live does a sick B-more Club workout on Boombox, that stands out as one of the really only 4 on the floor tune in the pack. For the dubstep heads there's Roommate's hyphy-ized version of Cozza, Noah D's drop bass take on Boombox, Stylust Wooble St. on Cozza, the grinding Teleport Massive Remix Dub and The Churn of the Century by Bassnectar. There's no one that doesn't bring their A-game to this pack; I can honestly say that I would rock any of these on a playlist. Check out the tunes for yourself and see what you think.

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