Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Massive – Under The Big Top


For those of you on the east coast, be sure to check out this event. Not only is the website a completely ridiculous clown-step pisstake (seems people are finally lightening up and embracing that "word", I'm guessing in a Brostep FOrum kind of way), but there's some serious class acts that will be running through. Teebee is an amazing DJ and anyone that is a fan of good drum n bass would be a fool to miss him. Plus you got Dara & DB who are absolute stateside legends. And if that weren't enough they threw in Datsik and Numbernin6 for some mid-range dubstep terror. Icing on the cake is Simon Bassline Smith and Glitch Mob. Um, someone fly me out there for that, pretty please? I'll make you some art or something. Anyways you east coast heads shouldn't miss out on this.

May 8th 2010 – 4pm until 2am

Bourbon Street – 316 Guilford Ave Baltimore MD 21202

This year’s event will feature...

Kill The Noise - Treasure Fingers - Glitch Mob

Donald Glaude - Datsik - Simon Bassline Smith

Dara & DB - The American Dream Team

Teebee - B.Rich - Garbage (Numbernin6 & Smash Gordon)

Vaski - Free the Robots - Lenny D - Jen Lasher

Jon Bas - Delirium - Deru - Starkiss - Trigga Happy

Marm0set - Monsterz Under the Bed - Leko

MF Parm - 2 Rip - Headhunterz - MC Hi IQ - Neumann

Soohan - LJMTX - Mob Barley - DJ Treachery - Don Vega

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