Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tons of free shit.

I can barely keep up with all the free releases happening right now. YouDunKnow has been on the pulse for several exclusive dubstep freebies this week. The following is ganked straight from their blog. You all should be reading that on the regular anyways:

First up SKREAM!

So after the success of volumes 1 and 2, featuring tracks from Skreams vault of riddims, Skream asked Dubstep Forum & Twitter what they wanted to hear on volume 3 and this time he delivered big time.

:: Skream Presents Freeizm Vol.3 ::

Skream Presents Freeizm Vol.3 ( 9 Track Zip File)

1. Skream – Meta-Lick
2. Skream – Rollin
3. Skream – Pick Ya knees Up
4. Skream – Metal Mouth
5. Skream – Lets Go Fucking Mental
6. Skream – Behind The Curtain
7. Geiom – Reminissin (Skreams Tribal 44 mix)
8. Geeneus – Now Is The Time (Skreamix)
9. Dr.Blue and The Time Travellers – Dr.Who Dub (Skreamix)

Don’t Forget to Pre-Order Skreams debut album, Outside the Box, NOW! Release date is 09/08/10

You can grab Volume 1 & 2 below
Skream presents Freeizm Vol.2
Skream presents Freeizm Vol.1

:: Rusko – The 2005 Lost Dubs Pt.1 ::

Rusko – The Lost Dubs Zip

1. Rusko – Japes Yeah
2. Rusko – Jump Up
3. Rusko – Gully Flute
4. Rusko – Redeye (Live Mix)
5. Rusko – Snes Dub 2
6. Rusko – Gyal-Dem Inna Codiene Style

Dubstep heavy weight, Benga. His last EP featured a track called, No Bra No Panties, but for some reason or another, the released version contained no main drums. To make up for this Benga has uploaded the full track for free. Thanks to Benga for this, the free downloads from the leading artists are stacking up nicely.

Benga – No Bra, No Panties (Mp3 File) - Benga – No Bra, No Panties
Benga – No Bra, No Panties (AIF file) – Benga – No Bra, No Panties

Datsik - Mellow Step EP

Track 1 : Coldplay – Fix You (Datsik Remix)
Track 2 : M83 – We Own the Sky (Datsik Remix).mp3
Track 3 : MGMT – Kids (Datsik Remix)

Download all 3 tracks together (Right Click Save as) :
Datsik – Mellow Step EP (3 tracks)

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