Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Got some tunes from AZZXSSS (pronounced like the sinister "Axis" as in Axis vs. Allies) from Japan the other day. Here's a few of the sound cloud tunes one is a bit more on the tribal side (it's even called "Tribe"), like something The Others would drop in their Rinse FM set : Tribe - Azzxsss and the other is more on the garage/ 4/4 tip, I could see D-Bridge or N-type rinsing this : Ishikari - AZZXSSS. I always find it interesting how different countries will interpret the dubstep sound. Anything from Japan of course will bring to mind Goth Trad who blazed trails in the early days, taking complex ideas and presenting them in a simple and hypnotic format. I think Azzxsss carries on this tradition, but leans towards DJ friendly "tracks", while Goth Trad is more a "song"/ soundscape kind of guy. You can hear similarities in their sound palette but the approach is completely different. I found both tracks to be moody enough to take my mind off the day to day grind, and could really work well to take a set deeper into that escapist journey we all crave.

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