Monday, February 23, 2009

Leadbelly - Machete Mixtape

I found this mix from one of the dubstep forum crew, it's kinda dark and otherworldly so I thought I'd post up. lots of glitchy, buzzed basslines, filtered acid lines and what not. gets to be a little much for around the 6 minute mark, but that passes pretty quick. here's the track list:

Leadbelly - Machete Mixtape

1.Physical - machete dubstep rmx 9 - murda sound vip
3.the count & sinden - stinging nettle vip
>4.mrk1 - big long gun
5.12th planet - how ya feelin
6.pure phase - nap complex
7.kromestar - alien
8.pure phase - complex version cutz - hit that gash rmx
10.skream - simple city - just rolling
12.coki - all of a sudden
13.flux pavilion - take that
14.chimpo - sack of balls
15.dayn - naprapat
16.unknown - monkey mystikz - shake your demons
18.tes la rok - under the dancing feet rmx harp - wieghs a ton rmx
20.unknown - ninja tune

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Anonymous said...

keep a look out on my myspace man, got a new mix practically twice as long as the machete mix and better i think...ez mate