Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unitz - Get Darker Exclusive Mix

Gotta give credit to Get Darker for making their exclusives mixes more and more crucial. Here's a link to the full article: Unitz

This mix is slowed down from the manic club tempos you may be used to hearing. I kind of like it this slower style of mixing every once and awhile. It doesn't pump the heart as much but it treats your ears to some of the more subtle textures that are going on in dubstep.

Unitz - Get Darker Exlcusive
01. Silkie - Sky's The Limit (Deep Medi)
02. Rusko - Jester (Dub)
03. Joker - Digidesign (Hyperdub)
04. Unitz - Break The Limit (Dub)
05. Unitz - Town Of Drunk (Dub)
06. Skream - Dutch Flowers (Rusko's Trial Inna Babylon Mix)
07. Caspa - Marmite (Dub)
08. Unitz - The Drop VIP
09. Giant - Rocker (Dub Police)
10. Subscape - Lion Skank (Dub Police)
11. Caspa - Louder VIP (Dub)
12. Rusko - Go Go Gadget (Sub Soldiers)
13. Unitz - Distorted Life (Dub)
14. Skream - Filth (Tempa)
15. Benton - Have It Your Way (Dub)
16. Unitz - Darkstep (Dub)
17. Bush Chemists - Exodus (Conscious Sounds)
18. Optimum Design - This Love (Dub)
19. Unitz Feat Komo - Lickdown (Dub)
20. Unitz - Visitors Dub (Dub)

Unitz on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/untizdubstep

This mix features some exclusive tracks from several Epsom based producers, including Benton and Komo (live guitar - http://www.myspace.com/chriskomo)

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