Thursday, April 23, 2009

3RDEYE Triple J Sound Lab Mix

My buddy James, whom I went to school with in Australia, got a dubstep project going and has new mix up. It's of the deep meditation variety, going heavy into dark vibes, but still moving enough to rock at a club. I'm feeling it... granted it less aggro than I'm used to, but it was nice for the bit of a hangover I had today. Big up James, good to hear you're still pushing sick tunes.


3RDEYE Mix for The Soundlab on Triple J


01. Sjöuk - Gemini (unreleased)
02. Jus Wan - Action Potential (Apple Pips)
03. Breakage - Together (Digital Soundboy)
04. Tes La Rok & Desto - Low (Argon Records)
05. 3rdeye & Sjöuk - Apocalypto VIP (20/TWELVE)
06. Claviq - Born Into This (Case Records)
07. Matoa - Sweetness (Case Records)
08. 3rdeye - Irish Wind (forthcoming Sub Continental Dub)
09. 3rdeye & Safire - Embryonics (unreleased)
10. 3rdeye - Aqua (forthcoming Case Records)

Recorded in April 2009 for The Sound Lab on Triple J Radio
Thanks to Fenella @ The Sound Lab and Westernsynthetics

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