Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian's Dubstep LA: Embrace The Renaissance Vol. 1 Mixed By Plastician

Here's a link to the article on Get Darker. And if you want to skip all that mumbo-jumbo here is a link to the mix: Dubstep LA by Plastician.

Overall this mix is pretty hot. The idea of taking existing dubstep tunes and then having hip-hop MCs spit over them, made me cringe at first. I'm happy to report that most of the tunes on here work pretty well, and Plastician mixes it flawlessly. Granted not every tune is like that, some are dubstep remixes of a hip-hop tune, some just straight dubstep. There's no hot-shot double drops or scratching (thank god), just straight up proper mix n blend, which is exactly appropriate for the maximalist nature of these songs. I do find it ironic that Plastician who has called Dubstep " instrumental grime" is the one behind the wheels. It's seems like a evolutionary step backwards from that perspective. Subtract the grime to get dubstep, then add hip-hop? You're essentially back where you started but with different vocals. Ha ha ha, anyways I guess I have to call "bullshit" on myself, because honestly it's totally inaccurate. This is a different sound all together, and is nothing like grime. It's more just like a highly energized dubstep that sounds even dirtier than usual, with a bit of U.S. spin. All the flavors that we like are intact, some of what is added is icing on the cake, and some is a bit sour. That's what happens in an experiment. I for one, am happy the Cashmere Agency took a chance and made this happen. Anyways here's my breakdown.

Standouts: "Malt Liquor" RX (been destroying floors for some time), 12th Planet Grand Puba sick remix and a crushing 68th VIP, Murs and Chase and Status smacked it down with Mad House, Teflon by Kelly Dean and Steady best new production, Eve and Benga (OMG) brilliant, all Excision production collabs but especially the one with Datsik and Alexander Spit brutalizes, Headshot feat. Werd2Jah with Pawn and Emu on the buttons... kills it.

Lowpoints: Rat-A-Tat-Tat Dynamite MC singing along to the My Pet Monster bassline... it's stupid and rendundant, although his other rhymes are not too terrible on it. Snoop Dog Millionaire is just lame, sorry. Cambo delivers a retarded chorus for Area 101, Virus Syndicate deliver some clumsy lines over Talk to Frank. Sometime just all the MCing is general is just too much... it's a hectic listen. I kind wish there were less MC tracks and a few more straight dubstep tunes.

Summary: Look, there's tons of other tunes on here that are really just solid all around, I don't have the patience to comment on everything, but you know this is a free download, so grab it, give it a whirl, and be thankful all involved in the mix. Whether you dig it or not, it's mixes like this that launch expeditions into new territories, that can really take dubstep to new heights. Embrace the renaissance, indeed.

Here is the full tracklisting.

1. West Coast Rocks (Remix) - Matty G (Prod. Caspa)
2. All The Girls - Jams F. Kennedy (Prod. By Joker & Rustie)
3. Get to the Point - Excision & Liquid Stranger
4. Me N My - Eve (Prod. By Benga)
5. So What - Xzibit Feat. U-N-I (Prod. By D1)
6. 68 - 12th Planet
7. I Know - Dyme Def (Prod. By Starkey)
8. Get It (Remix) - Grand Puba (Prod. By 12th Planet)
9. Headshot - EMU & Pawn (Feat. Werd2Jah)
10. Malt Liquor - RX (Feat. Chae Hawk)
11. Snoop Dogg Millionaire - Snoop Dogg Feat. Tanvi Shah (Prod. By Chase & Status)
12. Back Off - SKisM
13. Mad House - Murs (Prod. By Chase & Status)
14. Area 101 - Cambo (Prod. By Jakes & Joker)
15. Rat-A-Tat-Tat - Caspa (Feat. Dynamite MC)
16. The Story - Type 7 & Youngsta
17. Waves - L7
18. Westcoast Dub - Ras Kass (Prod. By 12th Planet)
19. Teflon - Kelly Dean & Steady
20. I Got That Dy Lan - Alexander Spit (Prod. By Excision)
21. Satellites - Grouch & Eligh (Prod. By Jamie Vex'd )
22. Talk To Frank - Virus Syndicate (Prod. By MRK1)
23. Yin Yang - Excision & DZ
24. Drive By - U-N-I Feat. Theo & Curt@ins (Prod. By Chase & Status)
25. Beatingz - Starkey
26. Let It Spary - Mestizo (Prod. By Rustie)
27. Elixir - Plastician
28. Tonight - Droop-E Feat. Kanobby (Prod. By Silkie)

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